Monday, May 16, 2011

David Barrett Looking for COG Related Photo's

GTA at BING (Bing Crosby's TV Special)

Gavin has a post up today soliciting photographs for author David Barrett that have been taken by individuals of HWA, GTA and other Church leaders over the decades.  Requests to GCI/WCG have been refused.

I find it really strange that GCI/WCG is refusing to assist Barrett in this endeavor.  His first book, The New Believers was a well written book on various sects and cults active today.  He had a lengthy chapter on the WCG that was not a hatchet job or negative, but laid the facts out plainly.  It is also quite ironic that GCI won't assist him in any way considering how they have sold all kinds of WCG related materials to every moonbat out there that wants to continue to promote Herb's teachings.

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Are you a former WCG member? There's a new book in the offing. David V. Barrett, author of The New Believers, has studied the COG movement, and made it the topic of his PhD thesis. That thesis has been reworked for general publication. But David needs your help.

I've been hunting high and low for photos of HWA, GTA, RCM and others that I can use in my book.  The Churches themselves (with the exception of Restored for a pic of Pack) have been unhelpful; WCG/GCI won't even allow me to use a pic of the first edition of Plain Truth, let alone any pics of HWA.  Apart from Pack I've been able to track down privately-taken photos of Flurry and Hoeh -- but not yet of the really big names.

Do you have -- or know anyone who might have -- any copyright-free photos of any of the Great and the Good?

If I can't get HWA himself -- and there must be thousands of pics of him in AC graduates' photo albums around the world -- I may have to scrap the idea of having any photos at all in the book.
This is a book that many of us want to see in print. Can you help? David adds:
What I most need are copyright-free high-res photos of HWA, GTA, RCM, David Hulme and, if possible, the United council of elders to show the contrast.  And it would be good to have pics of the Pasadena HQ/AC to show the splendour of the site.  Ideally I'd like a similar pic of the Philadelphia HQ (or the swans taking off) to show the similarity, but I doubt if anyone has those.

The photos must belong to the photographer who is willing for me to use them in the book with a suitable credit line...
David Barrett's email is


Anonymous said...

Is that GTA pointing to a young virgin coed he wants?

Steve said...

That's GTA's way of saying that he already had her. Those money-grabbing whore-mongering bastards had a good life, didn't they?

Anonymous said...

Herbert Armstrong was a public figure. His picture in any PT can be used without copyright infringement.

Limit it to a few for the book, go to family members for more.