Friday, December 21, 2018

Dead Babies, Nimrod's Testicles, Satan's Snake and Christmas

NOTE: It's that time of year again in Church of God land and the anti-Christmas crowd is spewing its hilarious venom.  For some reason, it has been more vicious this year.  

So, it's time for a rerun:

It's getting close to Christmas and the anti-Christmas crowd in Armstrongism is starting to spit and slobber on how demonic Christmas is.

Typical Armstrongite comments on Facebook are aimed to demean those who keep Christmas:

Christmas Trees symbolize Nimrod sprouting from the grave:
Nimrod the mighty hunter against God!!! Nimrod married his Mother. Nimrod was killed. The evergrowing tree sprouted from his grave. The first Christmas tree.

Have some angels on your tree?  If you do, you are hanging dead babies on your tree in honor of Nimrod
Nimrod was shown as a baby. With the pine tree representing Nimrod. Babies were burnt alive as gifts to Nimrod. Angels on trees represent dead babies -  MURDERED Babies.

Have some tinsel on that tree?  You are decorating it with Satan's snake.  I won't even venture to think what they mean by "snake".  :-)  Knowing the preoccupation of so many Armstrongites with sex, it could mean a couple of things.

The strings of tensile on the tree symbolize the snake/satan.

Did you know that hanging ball ornaments on trees symbolizes testicles?
The balls on the tree are Nimrods Testicles.
I do not recall how the founder of all of this worlds religions died. I remember that he was cut up and they could not find his balls which is why they put balls on the trees, An evergreen tree was supposed to have sprouted from his grave which is why an evergreen tree is used.

 Nimrod certainly had some big balls!

Did you have a picture of your child on Santa's lap?

 To celebrate Nimrods birthday they used to feed babies to the fire. All those angels on the tree represent dead babies that were murdered for Nimrod. Why he wears a red suit- it represents fire so any one putting a baby on a fat mans lap wearing a red suit is making their baby pass threw the fire!!!!
And of course, how can we forget Santa!
Santa is an anagram for Satan

The ironic thing is when these Armstrongites start spitting this stupidity it brings no one to the god they claim to follow.  It turns people off.  They are not performing a witness, they are not drawing anyone to Jesus Christ.  They are doing nothing other than making themselves look stupid.  But, maybe that is normal.....?


Douglas Becker said...

And yet... at the end every year at least one church of God makes a BIG deal about their winter... uh, year end... uh, seasonal... uh, oh, well... family activities with tournaments and games, dances, dinners, get togethers between roughly Xmas and New Years -- a convenient time, since the kids and people who work for Boeing are off.

But for heaven's sake, IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS!!!

NO2HWA said...

Rom Dart was at one time having the congregations at his Feast sites sing Christmas carols in September. They were "doing" Christmas then as they think that was when Jesus was born.

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff!

I guess it makes them feel better about themselves if they believe their neighbors with Christmas trees are celebrating the murder of babies, while they're all kindsa godly.

But yep, those Armstrongites do love to celebrate the pagan stuff and pretend they're not doing it.
Some like to have costume parties, as long as it's not too close to October 31.

My parents have what us siblings have dubbed, "Thanksgiving Christmas"- They give gifts, but do it at Thanksgiving.

And they give the grandkids plush stuffed animals(even bunnies!) and chocolates(including egg-shaped chocolates!) at Passover instead of Easter.



Anonymous said...

The article is 100% True.
Quit being a Coward when you visit a Church of God site.

Frank said...

Anyone who thinks that article is true is delusional! Only a legalistic Armstrongite that is filled with hate would defend such a stupid article that is without basis. Surely Russ you can do better than that!

Lester304 said...

Sorry it was Not Russ, It was My post. I do not know why you changed it.

Anonymous said...

Whether we here at NO2HWA like it or not, the ONLY way to find out if a pine tree is ticklish is to give it a test tickle


M.T. Scrotum

Anonymous said...

Mike Feazell said, in an article, the ornaments represented the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Please clarify which it really is. I am about to put up a tree or not. I look to this blog for the truth of most matters

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is this......heard a sermon this month about how christians think Santa is satan! Yes, in a COG Sabbath. I was appalled. Known christians all my life and this was the first I heard this. So, I believe the article. In fact, go check it out.

Steve Kisack said...

Dear Fickled,

Put up the tree, and stop worrying about testicles and dead babies.

Ann Landers

Douglas Becker said...

Hey, hey!

If the Armstrongists wait about 21,000 years and still keep the postponements, the Feast of Tabernacles (because Hillel II's calendar was off, what was it, 14 minutes a year) will begin on Christmas Day and continue through January 1st for 8 days!

Won't that be convenient?

Don't get too excited... in just a 1,000 years or so, it will be fully in January (that's really something for a fall feast), so enjoy it while you can.

That's what you get for letting the Jews keep the calendar for you, like they have some sort of magical access to God through the Holy Spirit or something.

Not too different from Sabbath keeping Scientology, but hey, if you really want to have fun, learn stuff, go to a convention center, meet a lot of people, have lots of stuff for the kids to do, eat, drink and be merry, go to a Linux Convention. In 2001, the Linux Convention in San Francisco had 21,000 people, which is a lot more than all the Armstrongist churches combined.

And who knows?

If you go to one (remembering that when you do it makes no difference whatsoever because the Jewish Calendar is so wrong and they know it, but can't do anything about it), you might even see old friends from your WCG days: Go for drinks, have dinner together, see the sights.

Trust me, it's more fun.

Especially if you like Linux.

Byker Bob said...

To me, up to a certain point, anything that spurs interest in Jesus Christ is a good thing.

In the 35 years since I left Armstrongism, there have been years when I've had trees, and have given presents, and there have been years when I have not. I don't know anyone outside of perhaps an eclectic group amongst historians, or past and present Armstrongites who would even recognize the name "Nimrod", let alone associate him with Christmas. Jesus Christ came to reconcile mankind to Father God. The fact that most associate Christmas automatically with Jesus means that for all intents and purposes, whatever vestments of paganism might be implied or extrapolated have been sublimated and purified, sanctified and now used to glorify God.

It boggles the mind that a group of people understand that sinful humans can be redeemed, sanctified, and reborn to suit God's purposes, untainted by past sins, but historic events from ancient times (largely unknown today) can continue to taint and pervert traditions long ago set aside to the glorification of God and His Son today. What a powerless God they worship! Paul said as much when he stated, "we know that idols are nothing".

Another erroneous teaching of Armstrongism that Christmas tends to depower Jesus and make Him into a baby totally misses the point. Christians around the world marvel that the Son of God chose the ultimate symbol of humility (a helpless baby) as His entry into the world to complete His mission to save humanity. How blind we all were as Armstrongites!


Retired Prof said...

Absolutely right, BB. The fear that one could lose one's salvation on a technicality by uttering the wrong magic word or displaying the wrong symbol or feasting on the wrong day is magical thinking. Magic is illusion, whether the illusion is induced for entertainment by sleight of hand or foisted off on followers by witch doctors or priests.

Even if Nimrod started Christmas (and there's no evidence for that), it is beyond ridiculous to charge that people hanging ornaments on a tree are worshipping any god other than the one they claim. The meaning of symbols is not determined by their origins. It arises from shared conventions among members of the community using the symbols.

Examples from vocabulary will illustrate, since words are symbols we use every day. The history of a word, interesting as it is, makes a very poor guide to its current meaning. "Lord" no longer refers to the person who guards the bread, nor "steward" to the guy in charge of the pigsty. "Dike" and "ditch" developed in different dialects from the same root word, but it would be foolish to maintain that people who think they are digging a ditch are really creating a dike, or vice versa. Ritual symbols work the same way. They mean what communities understand them to mean. The fact that outsiders may understand them in a different way does not mean outsiders should be believed when they impute their own meanings.

Anonymous said...

People around the world marvel about Christianity- that Mr God sent his "ringer" son to save all of mankind....

As if Jesus wouldn't have been a total jerk if he wouldn't have done it, lol!

And God seems to have the worst of human tendencies, like the need to be worshiped or he'll kill you.

He was TOTALLY created in man's image, by sleazy salesmen!

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked at how people set out and burn their energy to speak against a group instead of coming with biblical facts for or against. To me it just sounds like most people that have commented on this page have a person vendetta and have fallen from the Truth. Just as prophesied in 1 Timothy 4:1, 2. Let's stop speaking against the Church of God, lest you be found to fight against God's work! (By the way, I don't attend the Armstrong congregations)

Anonymous said...

How do you find out if a Christmas Tree ticklish?

You give it a test ticle!

Byker Bob said...

Re: Anonymous 1:46 AM

1). It always amazes me when someone responds to a two year old post, and anonymously, of course.

2). Why would any of us quote Bible verses about Christmas, when the only ones we know of were misapplied by HWA, and have been proven to have no connection to Christmas?

3). So you don't attend the Armstrong congregations?
Yet you trash us for trashing a movement known for trashing other sincere Christians. Sorry, others have already spoiled it for you. There are literally thousands of people who believe 99% of Armstrong doctrine, yet consider themselves independent and do not attend splinter group congregations. Some consistently make pro-HWA comments as if they are simple, fair, objective and uninvolved folk, all the while knowing that their entire life and line of thinking are totally committed to what HWA taught.

4). You may want to do a little more research. Don't single source your information, and go deeper this time!


Anonymous said...

But if Nimrod was identified with Osiris, he would have lost his penis, not his testicles!

Anonymous said...

Where in the Bible does it say Nimrod started Christmas? That he lost his testicles? That he married his mother? NOWHERE.

You guys asking about biblical evidence are barking in wrong direction.

Corky said...

"biblical facts"
bahahahahahahahaha ha...anonymous, you crack me up...

Anonymous said...

Nimrod is just barely recognisable in history and that controversially. How come these people know all about who he married, what he did, how he died, how he killed babies blah blah blah. Why don't they quote any original sources? Because they haven't got any. It's all made up!

Anonymous said...

Christmas trees as a symbol arose in Germany where they were used to represent the tree of life during Mystery (i.e. Biblical) plays. The evergreen tree was symbolic of the tree of life, the baubles represented the fruits of the spirit and the small wrapped parcels were communion wafers representing the way to salvation. To twist this into Nimrod's penis and dead babies is a repugnant and baseless slander that borders on blaspheming the symbolism.

Anonymous said...

"I'm shocked at how people set out and burn their energy to speak against a group instead of coming with biblical facts for or against. To me it just sounds like most people that have commented on this page have a person vendetta and have fallen from the Truth. Just as prophesied in 1 Timothy 4:1, 2. Let's stop speaking against the Church of God, lest you be found to fight against God's work! (By the way, I don't attend the Armstrong congregations)"

LOL. What a patchwork quilt of Armstrongist catchphrases. I just love it when people find ways to string oxymorons like "biblical facts," "church of god," and "god's work," together with clichés like "fallen from 'THE TRUTH'". Oh yeah, and by the way, I almost forgot to mention how (I'm not an ArMsTrOnGiTe) but just love setting out and burning my energy looking for any way I can find to be an apologist for them...right! Stop it! Leave Herbert alone!

James said...

The bible fact is that the holy days the cog's keep are in themselves pagan in origin. Karen Armstrong explains in "A History of God" how this came to be celebrated by the Israelites.

"In fact, the word “pagan” is itself related to this last sense. It comes from the Latin word “pagani,” which referred to the farmers or country-dwellers in Roman society. The worship of nature that we associate with paganism was typical of the farming populations. They were the ones whose livelihood especially depended on the cooperation of the land, crops, and weather. Accordingly, many of the ancient pagan feast days corresponded with seasonal and agricultural events. The pagan year had a rhythm to it consisting of a harmony between the natural and religious spheres of life."

The term “pagan” is always used as something evil. It is not. The medicine that kept Herbie yakking and shaking those jowls for a few more years, came from the pagans who developed life saving drugs. Herb conveniently ditched his medical doctrine when he grew ill. Many adults and their children did not fare as well as the apostle did. They died for lack of medical treatment.

RSK said...

Well, there's nothing in the Bible about Nimrod being born on 12/25, coming back to life after death, losing his penis/testicles, having babies sacrificed to him or marrying someone (much less someone named Semiramis, who appears to have lived in a completely different era).

In fact, the Bible says next to nothing about Nimrod.

I find it perfectly valid to dislike Christmas without resorting to wild speculations. Its the internet age, people. Information is everywhere. In just a few seconds you can research better sources than writers in previous generations ever had access to. USE IT.

Byker Bob said...

This testicle thing, and the stuff about dead babies were things the Germans were supposed to do to the Manassites, Ephraimites, and Laodeceans during the tribulation, but I don't recall this being invoked in the name of Nimrod and referring to Christmas. Must be from the new amplified version of Armstrongism that came into play following "back on track". Seems like it's yet another recurring theme that is part of the general group sickness.


Britain W. Stevenson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Why not just forget all the goofy stuff and just have a merry Christmas as most people celebrate it- as a nice festive holiday and opportunity to get together with friends and family, and giving to those less fortunate?

Don't like the craziness of Black Friday and all the crass commercialism? Then don't do that stuff! I don't.

It's amazing how some people get off on literally demonizing what can be a very nice holiday.


Assistant Coffee Maker said...

Deck the halls with Nimrod’s gonads
Hang-em hang-em hang, em on a tree.
Spread the tinsel for the devil
Hark hark hark hark hark, Adam and Eve.

See the blazing young before us
Santa Clause’s lap, is hot hot hot.
String roasted kids upon branches
Crispy offerings for all the gods.

Saturnalia blood is flowing
All through Ambassa, dor’s sacred halls.
H, D’ble-u A is turning
Over over over, in his grave.

Scorn the prophets and you’ll burn too
Pack, Rod, The Drunk, all lord over you.
Have your parties on the wrong day
Just as long as boss man dost approve.

Anonymous said...

It is faster, easier, and more convincing to just explain that one does not believe in that Santa Claus nonsense and that one is not into all the commercialism that the stores are pushing for their own profit.

Byker Bob said...

That is a better approach, 4:37. WCG way over reacted to nearly everything that did not agree with their doctrinal approach, and this post is yet another example.


Anonymous said...

its' called mixing the true with the false, and it's explicitly condemned in Scripture, BOTH "Testaments". (Isaiah, Jeremiah, 1,2 Corinthians). And it's just desperation to say (as the Roman Catholic Church has said) and others on here, that somehow these pagan, un-Biblcial, idolatrous vestiges and items and emblems and customs and trappings that PERMEATE the Christmas celebration are somehow "purified" by God for His glory. Fail. You don't find any of that nonsense thinking in the Bible. What you read is "be ye SEPARATE" and "touch NOT the unclean thing", and "what does Christ have to do with idols?" and "a little leaven ferments the whole loaf" and "do not be partaking of the cup of Jehovah and the cup of demons". And also "the heart is desperate." The human heart LOOKS for rationalizations and justifications, desperately and pathetically, for the idolatrous TRADITIONAL cockeyed nonsense it wants to selfishly engage in, to try to ease conscience. The Bible calls REAL HOLY Christian living a "narrow road" for a reason. Christmas is SO worldly, so pagan, so bogus, so ANTI-Biblical (not just "un-Biblical" even), that's it's like not funny. And even if people are not "knowingly" worshipping Nimrod or Sun-gods etc, the mixture is still there, and they have no excuse WHEN INFORMED about the facts and background of pagan Christmas. And to the person who said how could God care that much etc, that shows that he doesn't know the God of the Bible. He can be VERY STRICT, and even killing Uzzah for merely touching something he wasn't supposed to. And slaughtering Isrealites in the wilderness, for what a lot of people would consider not so serious. Idolatry is in man's heart. Which is why Jeremiah 10 exists (condemning pagan tree decorations and "customs of the nations" as just "hot air" and "vanity") and Jeremiah 17, and Paul's words to the Corinthians. People keep Christmas despite the blatant greed, commercialism, paganism, idolatry, worldliness, pressure, higher suicide and depression rate, higher drunk-driving rate, and theft rate, and craziness, and getting broke, and all the vain PRESSURE, and phoniness, because of "the kids", and "tradition", and not really caring that the Bible CONDEMNS that sort of thing, from start to finish...all for "heart is desperate" tradition and selfish corny EMOTIONAL reasons. Real Biblical Christians DON'T celebrate worldly pagan un-Biblical holidays. Period.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Old Covenant view! I bet you have also separated yourself from helping tsunami victims or anyone else who is unconverted, too.

Read your gospels. Jesus and the disciples constantly risked becoming unclean in virtually everything they did.

Byker Bob said...

To anon 2:40: Why, Mr. Malm, Somehow I always knew you lurked here! It's ok with us if you use your regular name.


Anonymous said...

There goes Jeremiah 10 again. Read the whole chapter. Who worships a Christmas tree? Never met anybody who did (even though I personally don't bother with Xmas myself). Have you? Verse 11 makes it quite clear that whatever is being described is supposed to represent gods, not a "pagan tree decoration". Again, do you know anyone who worships a Christmas tree?

The passage appears to be describing the common wood-gilded-with-gold statues that were popular in the Levant at the time. We have multiple examples of these from Tutankhamen's tomb.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:40 AM,

I can't believe you didn't mention Krampus!

Here's the good news regarding Krampus-
In Austria, under the fascist Christian Social Party and Fatherland's Front regime, celebration of Krampus traditions were prohibited.
There were even "HWA-style" booklets distributed to citizens, telling the "TRUTH about Krampus"-(Krampus is really the Devil).

Here's the bad news regarding Krampus-
After the fall of the Christian Social Party and Fatherland's Front regime, celebrations incorporating Krampus had a resurgence.
Even Krampus parades have now become popular!

If only we could send those citizens more "HWA-style" anti-Krampus booklets, the world might realize the error of their ways.


Anonymous said...

"For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths" (II Timothy 4:3-4, NIV).

Sure enough, people turned away from God's true festivals mentioned in Leviticus 23:1-44 and turned aside to Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Great Pumpkin, and other myths.

Anonymous said...

It makes Baby Jesus cry when people don't celebrate the UN-biblical HWA-style FOT at a Motel 6(or other classy place) as Herbert ordered.

RSK said...

Well, if its myths you like, Hislop's badly-researched book is certainly full of myths of his own making, that's for sure. One can very deftly and properly avoid Christmas without repeating that kind of silliness.

Anonymous said...

I halfheartedly agree with the person who feels the symbolization of the Xmas tree, is nimrod. I heard this story many many years ago, although I can't find any evidence of it in the bible. I heard it said that his grave was a tree which the people decorated in honor of him. I think we should all go to the part in the bible that tells his story before we post statements that we are unsure of.

Anonymous said...

Don't symbols mean whatever one wants them to mean, either something good or something evil? I imagine that bread and wine, important symbols in Christianity, have one time or another been used by "pagan" religions or have some "evil" meaning attached to them. Can't the same be said for wedding rings,etc?

Sweetblood777 said...

I fully realize that most on this blog are totally against HWA and his cohorts that abuse and take advantage of people. For this you deserve credit.

BUT every now and then, your mission jumps off the track. This happens when you attack historical truth, basing your comments on emotion instead of rational thinking.

As a bible believing person I strive to base my judgement on what the Word says. In this case, Yahweh tells us not to ask others how they observe their religion, or if we can take beliefs from other religions and make it our own by changing this and that.

We all have to decide what we would do. Everyone has the right to chose.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Nimrod was the 'mighty hunter before the Lord'.

Gee, I can't find the word 'Christmas' in the Bible (I also can't find 'cat' or 'cats' either, for that matter).

I certainly can't see a relationship between Nimrod and Christmas tree in the Bible.

Am I missing out on something here?

Byker Bob said...

Ah, where do the years go? It seems like just yesterday that KRLA was playing Christmas Boogie by Canned Heat, featuring Alvin and the Chipmunks as special guests. It was funny listening to the confrontation between Bob the Big Bear Hite and Alvin between verses. Bear called the chipmunks "mice" and reminded them that this was 1966, not 1956.


Anonymous said...

"NOTE: It's that time of year again in Church of God land and the anti-Christmas crowd is spewing its hilarious venom. So, it's time for a rerun:"

Well, I don't have any "hilarious venom" to spew at the moment, but all the Christmas, Easter, and Halloween nonsense and commercialism that the stores are pushing all year round for the money could just about make me puke.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, the stuff these COG people come up with to make Christmas look as bad as possible.
Spattered blood and testicles and dead babies, oh my! Oddly, though, those things seem eerily familiar- something from their Biblegod. (And not just the Old Testament one, either- Jesus is coming back wearing a blood-drenched robe and a sword in his mouth to chop up people and the rivers of blood will run deep, lol!)
Many Biblical stories and characters were compiled from pagan historical figures and folklore, so why should the COG people let Santa get their dander up? After all, Santa and Jesus have much in common-
A Christian icon who many believe in? Check! Similarity to both pagan historical figures and folklore myth? Check! Otherworldly character with supernatural powers? Check! Says, "Ho, ho"? Check! Fiery or bloody red suit? Check! Knows everyone's name? Check! Wants children to come to him? Check! Get people's wish-lists? Check! Comes from the north with his helpers? Check! Keeps tabs on who's been naughty or nice? Check! Rewards the 'nice', and punishes the 'naughty'? Check!

It's not too late to embrace Christmas and Santa Claus, COGers. Spend some of your second tithe on Christmas presents for your grand kids, for a change!

Anonymous said...

Tell those bozos to get it right.
Christmas Eve is the date for human
sacrifices for various Satanic groups.
Thousands of people go missing all over the world. Most of them are not found.

old EXPCG hag said...

Dear Santa Gerald,

I have been good this year,(as far as I know), how bout you??...So I hope I get that SIXTIE THOUSAND DOLLARS >AT LEAST< you scammed me and baby Heyseuss out of!

Warm Regards,

Byker Bob said...

What amazes me is that there are very few words spent on Nimrod in the OT, or Simon Magus in the NT. The Bible is perhaps deliberately sparse in its description. But, Armstrongites have wildly extrapolated and have written volumes, and volumes of detailed materials on both!


Chuckles said...

Byker Bob; What you said at 11:36 is probably very true. Actually I can see one man show Malm in a couple of places.

Unknown said...

Read the whole of Genesis!!! You will get your answers

Liv said...

Where in the bible do you see the word Christmas except in diff church books??? Christmas is a pagan celebration read the whole of Genesis! Nimrod married his mother who then claimed after his death that Nimrod is a God who sprung to life through an evergreen tree!! Came back as Tammuz and left Xmas gifts around the tree so who really is Santa?????? Ever read him in the bible! Pple get real the time is not on your side and read the scriptures yourself without condemning the truth! You do not need anyone to tell you that Nimrod was born on the 25th of December so was the Egytian Queen of Heaven also bore to Nimrod's mother and wife! Read the bill let do not just argue the scriptures are there!!!!

When was Jesus born????? We're there any celebrations every 25th of December way before Jesus was born??? Yes !!!!!!! Big yes!!!! So how can Christmas be a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus !

If you are a true Christian who reads the bible and truly a believer who loves God this should be common knowledge and you should know that Christmas is a pagan celebration and its satanic ! Where have you seen Santa I. The bible or the word Christmas or Easter ????? Easter was mentioned once in the New King James Version where they mistook the word Pascha for Easter but that has soon been corrected! Please Christians have a personal relationship with the saviour and leave the worldly celebrations to the world!

If you find a verse in the bible that talks about Christmas or Easter kindly share otherwise seek the face of the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Funny, your entire first paragraph about Nimrod... none of those are in the Bible either!

Anonymous said...

Unless, of course, your bible is "The Plain Truth About Christmas", because you're reciting from that.

Unknown said...

Good idea! What a load of bullshit all this is! I can not believe people believe all this rubbish or the person who wrote all this!! Wow I'm just shocked!

U NO HOO said...

BB, Not bad, you only have 7 comments for this article, so far that is, but try to remember before slamming others that there are more points of view than just yours, you comment on theirs as if only yours is correct, but that doesn't make it so. Also, you say someone commented and used anonymous, what's the difference between that and Byker Bob or BB or even if someone uses their real name, no one cares or knows them anyway except someone who might in a rare time recognize them, but who knows whom on here whether they use their real name or not, who cares?

Ed said...

The Hebrew holy days that the COG's keep do not look ahead but look back on the days that God lead the Isrealites out of captivity. They have nothing to do with Gods plan of salvation. The argument is that Christmas is not sanctioned by God for Christians to keep and so it is. But neither are the Hebrew holy days kept by the COG's.

Miller Jones said...

Want some scriptures and historical evidence? Try this:

Anonymous said...

During Christ's coming one thousand year rule, Christmas will not be kept. It will be difficult for resurrected Christians to forbid Christmas if they themselves kept the feast. No one likes a hypocrite.
So todays Christians do not keep Christmas.

BB is right, 2.40AM is Malm.
Hi Malm. I disagree with your claim that people during the millennium will be resurrected to eternal life (if they qualify) immediately at the end of their human life. Herbie wrote the same, but he was mistaken. They will be resurrected at the end end of the millennium (plus one hundred years) like everyone else.
Basically you give no scriptures (just one from memory) to back up your claim. The scripture that the bride of Christ is blessed by ruling with Christ for one thousand years, points away from this.
You are also mistaken when you mock Psychology Today. This and other sources often do a very good job of magnifying Gods law. Something you basically ignore. My bible does say to acquire wisdom, and that it's more precious than rubies, remember?

DennisCDiehl said...

The only way to actually find out if a Pine Tree is even ticklish is to give it a test-tickle. There is no other way.

Anonymous said...

You think the COG have anything against Festivus?

Anonymous said...

Don't know why you all have an issue with the COGs bringing to light the facts of actual history, LOL.

Hoss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hoss said...

437 wrote: one is not into all the commercialism

That's good enough for me.

To appeal to our (US) historical roots, the Pilgrims didn't celebrate Christmas, and it wasn't, at first, considered a holiday after independence from Britain.

And for Protestants, it's a Catholic holiday, and I'm not Catholic anymore, and I don't like children thinking presents are brought by a Catholic saint.

The Christmas tree was made popular in Victorian times, when it was brought to England by Prince Albert. I'm surprised the old WCG didn't use that in their anti-German rants.

Anonymous said...

Not true. The christmas carols you alleged that were sung were hymns from hymnal. To claim Ron Dart was doing christmas at the feast is ludicrous to anyone who knew him. The was only one feast site anyway. You have put much spin on the belief that Christ was born during the feast.

Anonymous said...

Ed on December 23, 2016 at 3:45 AM said...“The Hebrew holy days that the COG's keep do not look ahead but look back on the days that God lead the Isrealites out of captivity. They have nothing to do with Gods plan of salvation. The argument is that Christmas is not sanctioned by God for Christians to keep and so it is. But neither are the Hebrew holy days kept by the COG's.”

The appointed feasts of the LORD (see Leviticus 23:1-44) that he gave to his chosen people the Israelites in Old Testament times were observed by Jesus in New Testament times (see Luke 2:41-50, Luke 4:16-21, Luke 22:8, Luke 22:15-16).

Remember that Jesus was crucified on the very day of Passover as our Passover lamb (see Mathew 26:1-2 and I Corinthians 5:7-8). Remember also that the Holy Spirit came later on the very day of Pentecost (see Acts 2:1-12). These were very important events in God's plan of salvation. Herbert W. Armstrong had therefore speculated that the second coming of Jesus might occur on the very Day of Trumpets in whatever year Jesus returns. Following this thinking, soon after the second coming of Jesus, Satan might be put away in storage in a very deep, dark hole on the very Day of Atonement. Everyone will then have a great Feast of Tabernacles without Satan around to spoil the party. For the Closing Assembly, all old matters will be brought up and taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Religious people today are like the religious people in the first century. Jesus said:

“Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written: 'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me; their teachings are but rules taught be men'” (Mark 7:6-7, NIV).

“You have let go of the commands of God (see Leviticus 23:1-44) and are holding on to the traditions of men (see X-mass, Easter, Halloween, etc.)” (Mark 7:8, NIV).

“You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God (see again Leviticus 23:1-44) in order to observe your own traditions! (see again X-mass, Easter, Halloween, etc.)” (Mark 7:9, NIV).

Anonymous said...

The balls on the tree are Nimrods Testicles - WHO SAID THAT? HAHAHAHAHA

Hoss said...

You have put much spin on the belief that Christ was born during the feast

So much that there are COGs that dispute whether it was the on Rosh Hashana (Trumpets) or the first day of Sukkot (Tabernacles).

Byker Bob said...

Merry Christmas everybody!


Anonymous said...

My 1 year I spent attending WCG at no time did I observe the Jewish feast days. I kept Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and my kids did the whole Halloween thing. To all my family & friends I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

RSK said...

Be ye touched by Nimrods Testicles!

Anonymous said...

Happy test-tickling!!

Anonymous said...

the advocates and purveyors of christmass do keep their holy day, and upon its conclusion they do rise up and resume fornicating, molesting children, discriminating against blacks, watching the porn theyve collected on their computers, enslaving people of color, hating immigrants, making war in the lands of black and brown peoples (and stealing their natural resources), worshipping the dead, committing genocide, and, of course, scoffing at the True Word of God (to name a few of their favorite activities)...

you know, just doing what christmass keepers do because its the holy day of the evil doers...

Anonymous said...

Well their off for their winter family weekend or should I say winter solstice weekend It does seem strange that it is at the same time the world is celebrating xmas. I would say they are the biggest bunch of hypocrites, Cogwa and united are the worse. The leadership of cogwa is bunch of liars Franks and kilough are at the top deceivers but the rest are slimy snakes. They have in their own way have denied the power of the Father and the Messiah. They just resign and crawl back under their rocks

Anonymous said...

Why is Santa dressed in red if he is not the devil?

Anonymous said...

None of you people have a clue. You are just spouting off your clued-out opinions. None of you know how to do any real research on anything.

Anonymous said...

"My 1 year I spent attending WCG at no time did I observe the Jewish feast days. I kept Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and my kids did the whole Halloween thing. To all my family & friends I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

So what were you? A spy? A phony? A hypocrite? A liar?

Blue Balls said...

Happy Nimrod Day!

Anonymous said...

"Why he wears a red suit- it represents fire"

I think the cog needs to get their facts straight. Santa's red and white suit was invented by Coca Cola back in 1931.


Byker Bob said...

4:02 ~ 3 fingers backatcha, Dude.


RSK said...

Be ye strong and of good courage, that ye may tickle the testes of Nimrod!

RSK said...

Don't forget, depending on which hysterical writer you read, sometimes Nimrod's penis was memorialized as an obelisk, too! Hislop and his admirers just seem to have had a thing about dicking around. Of course, at WCG, the phallic steeple was discarded in favor of keeping the dickheads inside the building, but I digress. ;)

RSK said...

That didn't come along until the late 1800s. Thomas Nast first colored his suit that way.

Anonymous said...

i notice u people still censor they what would be critical of the habits christmass keepers; why is that?

nck said...

Oh please.

The british nobility would not for a minute have contemplated bringing a forest into ones estate for Christmas.

Until the beloved Albert (Vickys lover) made it the fashionable thing to do.

During the civil war this other person got hooked at morfine. In his search for an alternative he made a drink from coca to alleviate the pain.

Today the pain of the world (lacrimae mundi) is relieved through the dream communicated by the current makers of said drink. The little red man was part of the spreading of that dream as we dream of a white christmas brought about by the benign gi's of the empire and their amulets and bards like bing crosby.


Anonymous said...

Aweome response BB

So glad to be freed from WCG cultic mess.

Merry Christmas

nck said...

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

Issued the following intelligence and is monitoring the situation closely........


Anonymous said...

It was meant as sarcasm! Don't hurt yourself trying to over think it!

nck said...
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Anonymous said...

Don we now our gay apparel, fa la la, la la la, la la la!

Mickey said...

Adding this link in case anyone would like to read some research articles about various topics by former wwcg members. Includes some well written and thought out pieces on Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Why is Santa dressed in red if he is not the devil?
December 23, 2017 at 4:00 PM
My your logic, the rose is the flower of the devil because it is red. Our blood is read because we are possessed by Satan.

FFS said...

Well, if that’s how they want to think, let them. I don’t think that way. Anybody can put any meaning they want on anything they want. That doesn't make it rue. God looks on the heart of each individual, and my heart certainly isn’t what this nonsense article portends. I love my Lord and my Lord is not nimrod simply because I happen to celebrate Jesus’ birth. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

Anonymous said...

I guess the only real way to see if a Christmas Tree is ticklish is to give it a Test-Tickle

Connie Schmidt said...

" FECES" Navidad to you all!

Anonymous said...

Santa is an anagram for Satan

Gerald Weston is an anagram for:


FFS said...

“Santa is an anagram for Satan”

So what? God spelled backward is Dog. Does that mean God is a dog? Of course not.

Rod McQueen said...

It's time you guys got woke. You're so obsessed with the cornered rat you fail to see the elephants in the room. Time to channel your copious brain power into exposing the real threats to mankind's future — globalism, the UN, open borders, islamophilia, climate change, atheism, Antifa, etc. In a word, sinfulness.

Byker Bob said...

Speaking of elephants in the room, are you a militia member, Rod??? The ones I’ve known in the past were certainly preoccupied with all of the things on your list. Now that they have their guy in the White House they are channeling their efforts into supporting the government, even sending members down to the border to assist Border Patrol and the military. Mercy sakes, I wonder what Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh would think if suddenly they were alive again to witness this.


Questeruk said...

So Rod, being against racists, white supremacists, and neo-nazi groups (Antifa) is sinfulness is it?

Believing climate change exits, and is a problem is sinful?

I could list a few more.

Maybe you should check out what an elephant actually is?

Retired Prof said...

No, wait. Rod might have a point.

Remember the way Jacob treated Esau? Classic "Art of the Deal," just like our president. Exploit whatever weakness the other guy has, even a raging but temporary hunger for red lentil soup. If the deal struck is manifestly unfair, don't sweat it. A deal's a deal.

Then when time comes to sign the closing papers or receive the official blessing, don't hesitate to backdate a document, use a fake ID, or forge a signature. On an oral agreement you can put on an animal skin if necessary to make your arm feel hairy and fool the blind guy certifying the agreement.

God seems to have looked on Jacob's shenanigans with approval. Why wouldn't he do the same with Trump's?

In summary, the principle that allows Christians to approve of Trump is "Fraudulence is next to Godliness."

Anonymous said...

I use to make similar comments until I saw the light. The thing is that this blog, like many other specialized blogs, is dedicated to your cornered rats. It's not about your elephants. It you want people to discuss elephants, you should go to such blogs, or start your own. People have a multitudes of interests and needs, which specific blogs address, They should not be reprimanded for this. Or as Ecclesiastes puts it, there's a time for everything, including such blogs.
I hope you understand now.

Anonymous said...

Retired Prof
Have you read your bible? It seems you missed the part about Jacobs father in law constantly robbing him blind, and if it wasn't for Gods intervention, would have left him destitute. So no, God did not look with approval on Jacobs shenanigans, but rather burnt them out of Jacob by making him the victim of his own evils.
For a Prof, your education is lacking.

RSK said...

Oh yeah, that bit about how making ewes look at speckled twigs would produce spotted offspring. Funny story.

Retired Prof said...

Anonymous 9:51, thanks for the perspective. I need to go back and review the whole story arc and notice how all the parts fit together.