Friday, March 9, 2012

Apostle Malm on Apostate Jews

The apostle Malm is delivering his latest screed on the Passover and how apostate Jews perverted the correct day it was to be kept and other anti-Jewish comments.

It was only later that apostate Jews began to move Passover to be actually ON the 15th day in direct opposition to scripture.

It's all the fault of those damned Hellenized Greek Jews:

Later after the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple; the Mosaic Pharisees were destroyed and the Hellenized  Jews sought to place the sacrifice at the start of the 15th, blending Passover with the Feast of Unleavened Bread; to discredit the preaching of the Messiah-ship of Jesus Christ by the scattered saints.
 Now it's the fault of modern Jews who are all kabballists.

Modern Judaism is apostate from Moses and is Kaballah or Babylonian Mysteries.  That is why it is so wrong to rely on them for the calendar or any religious teachings.  Their very purpose is to discredit the messiah-ship and high Priesthood of Jesus Christ as the ONLY Mediator between men and God, juts like Catholicism and Islam.   We are to rely on the scriptures alone and not on Jewish Commentaries.

This is clearly and indelibly stamped on modern Judaism for those who can see.  The biblical symbol of Judah is the LION;  the so called six pointed “Jewish Star” is the symbol of the occult Kaballah; the Mystery Religion.  It has nothing to do with David and that explanation is to hide the truth from the “Christian” world.  I shall do a post on this sometime in the future.

Now it's the fault of unconverted Jewish minds.  Only truly converted people can by Church of God members.

It is those people who study and rely on the traditions of the Jews and the commentaries of Modern Judaism, who fall into confusion on this matter.  We are NOT to trust in unconverted minds which cannot discern and seek to deliberately pervert the things of God; for our Doctrine.

 We are NOT to trust those who have rejected Christ and who have deliberately changed Pentecost; deliberately changed the Calendar; and deliberately changed the Passover; for our doctrine!

Pagan Jews used honey in their occult worship so you are not supposed to used honey in Passover food today:

[Honey gets into symbolism as the bee is the symbol of occult satanic wisdom].  It is perfectly alright to eat honey, just not as part of any spiritual symbolism of Christ.

Who and what is there left on earth that Apostle Malm does not hate or despise?

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Andrew said...

Malm's doctrines are Jewish as all get out. He's such a hypocrite he might as well have studied at the feet of Gamaliel himself. Everything he frets over is minutia about physical purity and symbolic ritual.
He never mentions anything about becoming a better person on the inside. That's not even on his radar. He's the proverbial sepulchre of dead men's bones. When Jesus said about the Pharisees that they turn their disciples into twice the sons of hell that they are, he might as well have been talking about Malm's blog.