Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dave Pack Asks: Do You Hear The Pounding Hooves Just Over the Horizon?

Get ready to be amazed!  Be astounded at the magnificence of the knowledge brought forth.  Only the worlds most super-duper Church of God is capable do doing this.  Only a Church of God who has the worlds best web site and produces the most mind-boggling books ever can do this. Only a Church of God who has poached the best ministers the Church had to offer is able to do this.  Only the Restored Church of God can produce such stunning material!  Those pussy guys in LCG and PCG cant even compare to God's most  holy anointed end time apostle and his larger than life wanna-be significant Church.

Of course this takes the "worlds most foremost authority on biblical agriculture" to pull this off.  It seems Dale Schurter is in from the corn field!  Welcome back Dale!  Has Dave depleted your retirement fund and savings on his new building so you now have to resort to writing books again?  Beware Dale, Dave will take any money you raise from this book for himself.

A completed new book, Mounting Worldwide Crisis in Agriculture, by Dale L. Schurter, trumpets a truly dire warning of the severe damage that man has inflicted on Earth’s soil—the ultimate source of all food.

Sadly, everything in Armstrongism is a "dire warning."   Of course many will now want this book because Dale Schurter wrote it.  To some this man can do no wrong.  He has a reputation from Big Sandy as being a guru on agriculture.  People stood in awe of him as he walked by.  His books were second behind HWA's.

Its been several decades that the COG droned on about fertilizers and pesticides.  It's time to amp up the gears for major fear factor.  That is all Armstrongism cares about.  Scaring the shit out of people while doing NOTHING to alleviate that fear.

This absolutely fascinating and thoroughly researched and documented volume introduces and carefully explains the devastating cumulative worldwide effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. It exposes the truth behind Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), monoculture farming and other manmade techniques used, as well as revealing the sobering implications now confronting all nations. But the book also brings to light the wonderful good news of how our planet’s ecosystem can and will be renewed by God—not men.

 The the restored Church of God's PR Department kicks into full gear letting the other COG's know that they now have the "world's foremost authority of biblical agriculture" in it's employ.  Only a COG member can come up with this kind of hidden  knowledge in order to make the world tremble.  though all Schurter has done is repackage old news into a new book for Dave.

Mr. Schurter, the world’s foremost authority on biblical agriculture, has traveled to dozens of nations teaching sustainable husbandry based on God’s laws. As an ordained minister of The Restored Church of God, he directs the Agriculture Education and Research Institute (AERI), a program of the Church’s educational arm, Ambassador Center. He also served as Director of Agricultural Education, Research and Production at Ambassador College in Big Sandy, Texas, a liberal arts college founded by Worldwide Church of God Pastor General Herbert W. Armstrong.

Fear, fear, fear! Famine and pestilence are galloping across the United States this very moment!  Do you hear the pounding hooves just over the horizon?  Fear, fear, fear!

Filled with many, many shocking facts, Mounting Worldwide Crisis in Agriculture conclusively PROVES that the Revelation 6 Black Horse of famine and Pale Horse of pestilence are BOTH galloping full-speed toward civilization. In fact, the book’s power will make you hear their pounding “hooves” just over the horizon.

I guess this is a good opportunity for Dave to focus his mind on something else bedsides his two sons deserting him and his "ministry."


Anonymous said...

Why did son 2 abandon?

Anonymous said...

Awesome...Dale is the world's foremost authority on Bronze Age Agriculture and Dave of Bronze Age theology. I hope he covers the bottom of his stairways in his awesome building in Bronze Leaf.


Anonymous said...

I knew that one of his sons came back to RCG, but I don't know about the other. He was on the fast-track to be a "leader". Maybe, this has something to do with Pack getting re-married within a year of his 1st wife's death?

Velvet said...

I have no idea who this Dale Schurter guy is, nor why "agriculture" is so important to him; are you sure this wasn't just a local variation to the Texas area, Gary? Because, I mean, it's....Texas.....

Though I will say, when I was growing up, the secular book they encouraged us to read was "Late Great Planet Earth." (That book sucks, by the way.)

"poached the best ministers the Church had to offer"

His latest "catch" is one of Weinland's "evangelists." I leave that fact to speak for itself.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Yes and we should all go back and read "Silent Spring" which didn't happen and the author died.

But hey, we can go for the Granddady of the all, 1975 in Propecy (out on for your convenience).

If you believe Harold Camping, the world ended in 2011 or was that in 2010?

Jesus will surely return while Ronald Weinland is still in prison.

Oh, well, since I don't have the book and don't plan to get it, I don't suppose he's going to expose organic farming for concentrating toxic heavy metals over the years from the animal waste -- it's a problem known to organic farmers and they don't know what to do about it. Does he offer solutions or just hyperbole?

And if soil provides all the world's food, what are we to make of all those oceans with all those edible fish?

Oh, I know: They don't exist!

Unknown said...

Well, keep that Dale Schurter dude out of Big Horn county around Cody, WY where I live.

Darn local kids around here have been caught growing "weed" up in the canyons and they don't need any more help growing that crap.

Schurter and his "natural growing techniques" would only help these delinquents in their growing of this very unnatural substance , the demonic "Mary Jane".

Why in the heck cant kids these days get high the way you are suppose to, the way we did it back in the good ole days, the righteous way, ... with a bottle of Jack Daniels, in the back of a pickup truck , out on the frontier.

No, we have to have nuts like this Schurter guy and others teaching and messing with the minds of our precious young people to be "horticulturalists" and to be able to grow a better "bud".

Bring on the pesticides, paraquat, spray agents, DDT, nitrates, Black Flag, Raid, or whatever it takes to spare us the scourge and social dysfunction of the addictive, psycho-halleucingenic, gateway drug of POT !

We are making a last stand here for a marijuana free, God, Country and Virginity, in Wyoming. My Remmington 88 is loaded and ready!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, the RCG poached a brown nosed mud dove of a "minister" named Jake Towes from the PCG. Can't wait until the little snitch takes his big stab at Pack-tard. Hopefully, he has been biding his time, and this time around it'll be more of a deep thrust, than the pussy-poke he delivered to Six Pack McFlurry.

Unknown said...

As I understand it, Pack ended up marrying a very young woman, who had actually been a live in nurse who was there for Pack's dying first wife.

Pack even claims that in some of his wifes last dying words, that she gave him permission for him to go ahead and marry this girl. The girl was actually a non-member at the beginning of all this. It is all out there in Packs online autobiography (which can also be titled "Everyone has always been against me with baseless lies for decades")

Pack ended up marrying her just a matter of a few months after his wife died.

Don't know about you, but this strikes me as very freaky and weird. Aint something not adding up right here, Id reckon!

Im sure such a situation has had a bad impact on the Pack family overall.

David Hulme, after his first wife died, ended up marrying a girl younger than one of his own daughters, who was something like 23 years old. I guess some of these guys view all this stuff like "the rights of Kings" or what not, and the dumb girls are "marrying up" , not too different than Anna Nicole Smith did by marrying that 90 year old millionaire.

I do give Flurry his due... he has not remarried, and that is smart. Armstrong played this game too, marrying someone more than 40 years younger than himself, and it came back to bite him. Poor women in the church had to put up with the makeup reversal , for HWA thought that this would be a good doctrine to use as an excuse to divorce his wife (as he thought she would not give up makeup).

My wife is still ticked off about this, and she is an attractive woman. We had our WCG wedding, many years ago now, (performed by Denny Luker btw), with her at age 23 and she and all of her bridesmaids , look "washed out" in all the photos and what not , on the big day, thanks to HWAs personal wedge agenda to use in his own personal divorce hang up.

So who is going to make a screenplay for all of this stuff? The movie "Church of God" is more freaky, unbelievable and curious than anything that I see Hollywood coming out with these days.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Would have to obtain the official two witnesses as historical advisors, before the 'Church of God' movie could be greenlighted.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the pounding of hoofbeats, but I hear the plopping of cow pies...

Corky said...

Well, just like the man said, "the end of all things is at hand". So let's get busy and build something - quick! What else are you going to spend your money on, trivial stuff like food, clothing, shelter and utility bills? Send it in! Invest in "God's headquarters". You can always take care of your family later - in the kingdom.

Byker Bob said...

Remember when scientists informed us that Haley's Comet was about to enter the portion of its regular cycle in which it was visible to inhabitants of planet Earth? Suddenly, Nostradamus' verses regarding the "bearded" star were being recalled and quoted by people who had never in their lifetimes heard of the pseudoprophet Nostradamus.

Seems like these days, since the retirement of Pope Benedict, not only is everyone quoting St. Malachy, but also there is much interest in the book of Revelation.
There is a lot of street buzz on this, and it would seem to have gotten a major push on Friday on the Hugh Hewitt show.

It's funny, because the Adventist movement starting with William Miller, and to a lesser extent, Armstrongism and its splinters, have all believed that they were in reality the ones who were commissioned to warn the world about the endtimes, and to collect and assemble a small elect group to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.

This must feel very surreal to many of the people who were exposed to the teachings of HWA. Following the incidents of 911, a military man who had once been a WCG member nearly suffered a relapse, thought the end was upon us, and got on the internet to see where he could contact the WCG or HWA. Fortunately, in his search, he came upon the Painful Truth, where he received some real help and a renewed perspective. Based on that, I would say we may have an opportunity to tangibly help some pretty desparate folks in the coming months. Stay tuned!


Velvet said...

"This must feel very surreal to many of the people who were exposed to the teachings of HWA."

It does, actually! I don't know if I would feel the same way if I were still an agnostic, or the bitter atheist Jeff Miller brainwashed me into being, but I'll give you one example:

A recent "Local Events" listing in the city newspaper had Brigadier-General-Somethingorother from the Sally Ann, promoting his (wait for it) "Prophecy Presentation." Not to mention the SDA flyers some poor sap keeps cramming in my door (they haven't caught me at home...yet...) with the picture of their latest Korean prophet on the front...right beside the Great Image from Daniel.

And all I can think is, "But they called us a CULT when we said these exact same things!"

Then again, prophecy does say, that because of our hard-heartedness and idolatries (I fully believe you can make an idol of the Law as much as you can make an idol of anything else), our name will be changed (check) and the truth will be given to strangers (and this is what I see happening).

Velvet said...

Oh, and Bob? If your "help" was anything like what the group of you provided on the Shadows of WCG forum (even though you personally weren't involved with what went on via the private messages) just bear in mind that that "help" was what God used to turn me BACK to the truth, not away from it, to worshipping foreign gods. So just bear that in mind, if you've plans to try and start proselytizing heavily again.

Also? I absolutely do NOT believe "the end is nigh" in fact I think Herbert Armstrong was wrong for saying some of things he said in the past. Because that is what Herbert Armstrong said himself, when I was growing up. There is a plethora of text, video,and audio evidence to back me up on this and I WILL provide links for those who beed solid proof.

Velvet said...

*need solid proof

On that note I need coffee. Later!

Church Trek said...

Actually (disclaimer: I have not yet read the Schurter book) I think the emphasis on things like old-fashioned nutrition and agriculture may be the one useful thing the hardcore xCGs have to offer.

Douglas Becker remarked about heavy metals in some organic soils. Of course -- heavy metals are part of the earth, and so are humans. Check your daily multivitamin: Iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc, are all heavy metals, but if you don't have them (in trace amounts), you get sick and/or die. The important thing is the dose. I'm pretty sure the amounts of heavy metals -- not to mention other toxins -- from conventional poison-based agriculture are far greater, not to mention the harm from what is actually removed from the soil and never replaced! I'll take the non-chemically-poisoned food any day, thanks. I'm sorry if Mr. Becker is in the conventional agribusiness, but people have to look out for their health and the health of the soil.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the new booklet called Mounting Worldwide Crisis in Agriculture, by Dale L. Schurter:

I just went to the RCG's website tonight and read the booklet online. It was actually very interesting. I would recommend it.

Velvet said...

"the RCG's website tonight and read the booklet online."

Consider the source, that's all I have to say. The Packatollah is the same guy who gave the "Clarion Call" sermon in 2008. This is the same guy who says HE'S training the two witnesses (but he doesn't know who they are yet--how convenient). Charming.

Byker Bob said...


I was never one of the insiders at Shadows, or even part of a dominant voice or groupspeak. Never partied with any of them, and never knowingly attended any local church with them. Fact is, most of the people there were probably the same age range as my kids. I know this for a fact, because one of the people asked me if I knew his dad, and his dad turned out to be one of my fave old college buds.

What I found amazing about Shadows was that it seemed to start out as a non-believer blog, and by the time it closed down, some of the principals and regular participants actually rediscovered God. There were some participants who were clearly hurting, needed help, and it seems many (including yourself) actually found that help.
Yeah, there was some pretty heated rhetoric, and even downright rancor, but overall I see that blog as having been a fairly positive event. They never convinced me of anything, however, or diverted me from my path.

Hope that helps.


Velvet said...

"it seemed to start out as a non-believer blog,"

You weren't hip to the "revelations" that came out at the end? It was NEVER a "non-believer blog" Jeff Miller was lying through his teeth; he was/is a Baptist hireling of two congregations, all the way through. Even as he mocked and decried what he referred to as "Christian social clubs" he was running two of them himself!

It was a shell game from day one. His only goal was to turn everyone around him into as much of a son of hell as he clearly was.

Of course, as soon as he "confessed" that, he deleted the blog and took it down (and my IP address was still blocked, so a friend sent me a copy of the post anyway).

Frankly, I'm rather surprised he hasn't popped up again, to make another attempt. Amy day now, I expect him to try it again.

Velvet said...

*Any day trying to type and eat at the same time sorry

Velvet said...

And, no, I didn't "receive help" from Shadows, all I got was a persistent stream of nasty private messages on the forum, telling me I was "being offensive to Christians and Christianity" (as if that arrogant Baptist hireling had the first bit of authority to declare such a thing in the first place) while PUBLICLY presenting a different face entirely, and lying that "all perspectives were welcome." Where every single conversation was twisted into a poor attempt to convert people to their pagan idols and false gods.

On the end of it, the only thing I was "helped" towards, was becoming a truly bitter atheist. (I was agnostic, before I encountered the forum.)

It just goes to show you, how afraid they were of being caught out in their lies, that when I tagged a post on the Purple Hymnal blog "I know who J is" (which I didn't at the time, it was a snarky untruth of my own, a warning shot, as it were), the Miller brothers then proceeded to hit the berserk button, and tried to smear me and spread (what they thought was -- by the grace of God alone they got 50% of it wrong) my personal information all over the Internet, including Facebook (which I have never, and will never, have an account on).

And if you think Russell was acting alone, with absolutely no input or direction from his hireling brother, clearly YOU fail to remember the attitude problems certain (unconverted) ministers in the Church had. Because Jeff Miller had exactly the same self-righteous, arrogant, authoritarian spirit of evil, that is eventually what ended up sending the Church into captivity -- not BECAUSE of the Church's beliefs, but because the ministry and members had turned AWAY from Church's beliefs, and from God. Even long before the changes.

G.G. said...

Anxiety (aka fear) motivates much of human behavior. Unlike other animals, we humans can contemplate our death and other dreadful future possibilities). Humans turn to several things to assuage their anxiety and give themselves temporary peace of mind. (Drugs, alcohol, relationships, sex, power, amusements, riches, other distractions all give temporary relief.) Religion and the promise of eternal life in a wonderful place with lost loved ones and a powerful Father Figure (Big Daddy in the Sky) is perhaps the most powerful drug of all to relieve that darned fear. The COG's have thrived on and stoked up that anxiety for about 80 years now. They aren't the only ones of, of course, but they had it down to a science for a long, long time. They seem to be crumbling but how many more generations can they damage people before they die out? G.G.

Anonymous said...

hey paki: your head is up your ass.