Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eric King Has A New Revelation: Large Migrations of Americans To Another Place Soon To Happen

Eric King's feast site is off and running.  His god is soooooooooooooo impressed by the newly restored Worldwide Church of God that he is now sending telepathic mind transfers to Eric.

While talking with Elder Scott Wilson at the beginning of this 2013 Feast of Tabernacles,  Mr. E.W.King gave an insight that very soon the United States would see a large movement of people, U.S. citizens, from one area to another location due to an unforeseen event which is to take place very soon. This was a "prophetic instinctive" prediction.


Byker Bob said...

It has been my experience that there will periodically be influential people who enter your life. It happens one at a time, that person is present for a relatively short time, and you usually will hit it off very well with them, due to their intelligence, integrity, and charisma. They might have been a teacher, a particular boss or friend at work, a person of the opposite sex, or a short term neighbor. The thing is you won't always recognize the fact that that person has been disproportunately influential until months or even years later. Only In retrospect will you realize that they had been a special friend.

I have been fortunate enough to have had a handful of these people enter and leave my life. None of them has ever been any sort of authority figure from the strange world of Armstrongism. That is because the basic message is wrong, and it doesn't matter how it is expressed or repackaged. The message bearers are what we would classify as bullshit artists. Seriously, Eric needs to find a more honorable profession. Large migrations of people? Revelation? Sounds like the "work" of the same ol' Germans to me.


Unknown said...

King has misinterpreted his feelings. He is actually going thru "Pon Farr"!

Joe Moeller

Anonymous said...

He must be reading Investment Watch, Rense or Before It's News. lol. Internet roaming prophet. I want the kind of prophet where they start everything with "thus saith the Lord," or "In a night vision it came to me." None of this Internet Bull Shit

Anonymous said...

It is quite obvious, they will be moving in with Mr. Pack.