Wednesday, October 2, 2013

COG Chief Pharisee Says Abomination of Desolation to be Set Up on September, 25, 2014

James Malm, the Church of God's Chief Pharisee, has declared that the abomination of desolation will be set up in Jerusalem on Thursday, September 25, 2014......IF...... he is correct in his calculations.

In 2018 the sixth day of ULB will be on April seventh.  Counting back by 1,290 days comes to the setting up of the abomination on  Thursday, September 25, 2014:  IF IF IF 2014 should be the year, and if my count is correct.

Every year I post this calculation and every year people misunderstand and think I am setting dates.  I am not setting dates, I am only posting possibilities based on the scriptures.  The trib will NOT begin until the biblical signs are fulfilled.  This is only the next biblical possibility.

However it is interesting to note that IF the abomination were to begin to do miracles in mid Sep; the Feast of Tabernacles would come several weeks AFTER the abomination is set up. 

This potential is a beautiful set up for a final intense warning at the Feast of Tabernacles.  

We shall have to wait and see and follow the trends and news in the COG Groups and in the world. 
The Chief Pharisee thinks that his message is soooooooooooooo important that thousands will be flocking to his new Feast site that he will be setting up in Texas next year.  With the abomination in place, people will be scared shitless and will come to him for guidance and comfort.

However with this year’s strong interest, if these trends continue and the abomination is set up and a New Europe is coming together BEFORE the Feast next year; the interest in events and our message will be intense, and it will be a grand opportunity to reach the multitudes in the COG with a strong and final warning as the two prophets are set up. 

In the meantime, regardless of whether the abomination is set up in 2014 or not; we are already working on next year’s Feast! 

In 2014 we hope to have a central location complete with message streaming, reaching out to all the COG Groups and brethren with a powerful message of biblical content.

Should I start packing my bags to attend this earth shattering Feast?


Anonymous said...

"In 2018 the sixth day of ULB will be on April seventh. "

but what if it's cloudy and the new year gets pushed back a day?

Corky said...

There would have to be a temple before an abomination can be set up to make the temple desolate. Is that too hard to figure out?

The temple and the priesthood were both destroyed in 70 AD. There are no longer any temple priests. There are Jewish Rabbis now - not the same thing.

Besides that, the priesthood has changed hands, according to the New Testament book of Hebrews.

Head Usher said...

Apostle Malm loves "doing." He thinks that is what appeases his god these days. It used to be physical blood, but now, it's physical bodies in motion. "Blessed is he who when Je– um, CHRIST comes will find him 'doing.'" Oh yeah, baby. The more physical "doing" you're doing, the more happier your god must be with you. And NOTHING makes your god more happier with you than doing physical stuff that doesn't need to be done. Except on the sabbath, when he's made supremely happiest by you NOT "doing" even the physical stuff you really should be doing. Like eating a balanced meal. Did I say "physical"?

So, Malm loves to set dates without "setting dates." There could not be a more beautiful example of "doing" something physical that doesn't need to be done, than "doing" something without doing it? Malm loves to calculate his calendar without "calculating" it. Oh yeah, baby. It's a lot more time-consuming and takes a lot more physical effort, BTW, to do something without doing it than if you just went ahead and did it. That part must make his god the most incredibly supremely happiest of all. That sweet, sweet "doing." Did I say "physical"?

"This potential is a beautiful set up for a final intense warning at the Feast of Tabernacles...the interest in events and our message will be intense, and it will be a grand opportunity to reach the multitudes in the COG with a strong and final warning as the two prophets are set up."

And Apostle Malm loves "intensity." As I've said before, if there were one word that described James Malm, it would be "intense."

But here's my question, how do you know if your shit is "intense" or not? Let's say that the world did end on the date that Apostle Malm did not set? Would his warning message be "intense"? It might seem "intense" to him, but I don't think many notice him particularly, or pay him any heed, besides the fascination paid to a train wreck in slow motion. If you're like me, you track him to see how fast his descent into madness is going. How's that descent going? Faster? Slower? Any sign of a discontinuous psychotic break? Not yet? We'll check back later.

And here's where he makes his second biggest mistake. (His biggest mistake is in thinking that god is so impressed with all his physical "doing.") Just because he feels like he's so "intense," and his message is so "intense," that he imagines that's attractive to other people the way it's attractive to him, and the way he imagines it's attractive to his god. But it's not. It's very off-putting. The more "intense" he becomes, the less likely he is to "reach" people. He must think that everyone else is as "intense" as he is. He must imagine that we all value "intensity" the way he does. But we don't. Normal people see it as the sign of encroaching mental illness. He thinks we're all just like him. He thinks that the more "intense" he becomes, the more "intense" our "interest" in him grows. In fact, it's just the opposite, unless he's referring to the morbid curiosity kind of "interest."

And if he imagines that people come to him for "guidance and comfort," then he's no better than an astrologist, palm reader, or tarot card reader. If I wanted false hope, I wouldn't look to such a dismal character as the Apostle Malm. Easier and just as reliable to open up the paper to the astrology column.

Byker Bob said...

Where is it written that God has committed to limiting Himself to certain dates, constructs, or time frames? This is preposterous. Dave Pack, in attempting to orchestrate his hostile takeover of the ACOGs, limited God to Elul. These dudes seem to have similarities in their inspirations. Could it be Satan?