Monday, March 17, 2014

The Messianic-Kabbalist Pastor General Lope Columna Says Voyager 1 Spacecraft is Signalling a New Beginning of Revelations From God

Recently Voyager 1 moved into interstellar space on its endless journey to worlds beyond.  While it has many fascinating scientific discoveries yet to reveal, it has revealed a religions least in the mind of a former Armstrongite.


As the entry of Voyager 1 spacecraft to the Interstellar Space of the Universe signals a New Beginning of Space Exploration, so the entry (revelation) of the TRUE RELIGION with its TRUE GOSPEL to Earth signals the NEW BEGINNING OF GOD'S WONDERFUL WORK. The TRUE RELIGION, which is the religion of Jesus Christ, is never known by Man since his ejection from the Garden of Eden, until now!

In other words, the New Era of God's Heavenly Work on Earth, has just begun; in preparation for the glorious return of the King Messiah (Jesus Christ) to rule the whole Earth and the Universe!

So, God's Work in Heaven and on Earth, is now to function at Full Power! This is the "OUTPOURING" of God's Messianic Kabbalah revelations about His deep and high Secrets and Mysteries of His Kingdom, and all Creation as prophesied by the Prophet Joel (Joel 2:28-30)! 

This NEW BEGINNING OF GOD'S NEW WONDERFUL WORK is of much grandeur and significance than the physical (scientific) achievement of NASA and all of Mankind! But these two realms (Heaven and Earth) are now converging into one, and into one environment -- the Interstellar Space of God's Heavens!

Similar to the exit of Voyager 1 from the Solar System, this Greatest Revelation from Heaven started several years ago, but was finally made clear and completed only this September 2013, when the Great Mystery of God's Messianic Kabbalah Wisdom and the Great Mystery of Marriage were fused into one.

 And Church of God folk still claim that the Church of God is the most sane church on earth.


old EXPCG hag said...

In the mean time, the Greys are running the planet. This is why you are crazy! THE END.

Byker Bob said...

Wonder what he makes of the disappearance of the Maylasian jet? People are having tons of fun specualtaing about that! I bet some of the COGlodytes think that God made it supernaturally disappear so that it can be used later to transport people to Petra.


Anonymous said...

WHAT??? The the disappearance of the Maylasian jet isn't mentioned in the Book of Mormon, the Urantia Book, the Koran, or the Bible???

If not, we can be sure some people will place it in those and other sacred places, in short order!

(Sort of like when people find a replacement carburetor for their old chain saw online, and think God was involved- even though God seems to be a slacker when it comes to answering prayers for things like putting the brakes on political regimes bent on murdering en masse.)

The better Jesus protects what's in my personal garage, and is totally awesome for doing so!