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Dr. Germano and Living Church of God "University" Seek Accreditation

About three decades ago Ambassador College sought to be accredited as a University so that its graduates would have a diploma that was actually worth something.  Things were clicking along for it to happen until HWA went into apoplectic fits over it.  HWA felt that he would loose control of the Board and worldly teachers would enter and destroy the "work" he had started.

Throughout most of its history, Ambassador operated under state approval or its international equivalent. Regional accreditation was not sought, primarily because it required that the college have a functioning board that was separate and distinct from the church's administration.[1] Armstrong resisted this requirement, apparently concerned that such a separation would result in the truth of God, as he believed and taught it to be, being watered down at an Ambassador that would become increasingly secular. He held this opinion despite the fact that numerous accredited colleges and universities around the country were operated by the Catholic Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other Christian denominations, without those organizations being required to alter church teachings.  Wikipedia
A thorough rundown on the accreditation process is written about here and includes recommendations of the Accreditation Board, all of which were actually needed.

Through this process Michale Germano was actually helping push for accreditation.  As soon as HWA spoke out against it, he too was against it.  Jump forward to the early 1990's when the college was trying to get accredited again.  Germano actively worked for it to happen as did many others.  Then as soon as they got the accreditation through, the church shut the colleges down.  You can read more about Germano's accreditation work here.

The shut down of the colleges happened when all the changes started coming down the pipeline in the Worldwide Church of God.  Germano jumped on that band wagon too and praised the changes up one side and down the other.  Here is what the Germano's said in 1995

It was not long after that that the Germano's jumped ship and joined up with Rod Meredith's personalty cult.  The Germano's knew the fallacies of Armstrongism, they suffered under its harshness and also dished out a lot of that same harshness onto others.

They were overjoyed to have "...the veil spiritual renewal was being worked out in  powerful and wonderful way..."  If they were so overjoyed by the Spirit working in the renewal of the church then whey did they leave and join up with Rod Meredith were they once more became mired in the pig slop of Armstrongism?  Does that sound harsh?  It is meant to be.  Why give up freedom and grace for Moses?  They know better!

Now Germano has went full circle and is working to get Living Church of God's "University" accredited as a university.  In the latest LCG Weekly Update they have this:

Here in Charlotte, Mr. Meredith has conducted a number of meetings and is planning a co-worker letter. Mr. and Mrs. Ames left today to spend the Sabbath in Indianapolis, Indiana and then observe the Passover and first Day of Unleavened Bread in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Germano and Dr. Scott Winnail were in Florida this week attending a conference related to accreditation for Living University.
Rod Merdith stood beside HWA's side as he shouted and spit on how evil accreditation was to the college and church. Now Meredith has changed his mind, like he has on several other things HWA taught him, and has also rejected HWA's truth on this matter too.   Each time the accreditation process started in the WCG era major church upheavals happened.  Is LCG setting itself up for another church upheaval?   Who will the Germano's jump to next?  Will they soon be leading Dave Pack's "University" or head on over to Edmond and whip Gerald Flurry's monstrosity into shape?


Connie Schmidt said...

Sing A Long Time...

Sing along with Bobby Darin's hit tune...

I was takin' a check...
Preaching about Sabbaths off... yeah!
Just relaxin' with the club...
Thinkin' everything was all right.

Well... I stepped out on the club...
Threw the Sabbath on the floor
I wrapped Tkach around me
And I opened the door.

And... then-a... FLIP FLOP
I jumped back with the ROD
Well... how was I to know
There was a politics going on?


Byker Bob said...

At the Living Armstrongism blog, Redfox has a post describing David Robinson's reaction to Raymond McNair's "adjustments" to Stanley Rader and the receivership situation faced by the church. Robinson expected strength of principle and integrity to be exemplified by the ministry of WCG, and was appalled by McNair's behavior.

The point is, we've read so many corporate survival stories regarding HWA's hand chosen men, so many tales of flip flop, and disingenuousness, that the reality is Buffy McNair pretty much exemplified typical behavioral patterns for the people closest to HWA. He was a microcosm for the entire ministry (with perhaps a few notable exceptions)

Prior to the internet, it was possible to get away with much more, because any written records were not so readily accessible. Eyewitness exchange was not possible back then, but the internet has made this a great and powerful factor as well.


Anonymous said...

Superb takedown! I have never seen so many hypocritical ministers as I have in the COG. For a group that claims to be TRUE it is filled with the most incredibly corrupt and two faced men that I ever seen.

old EXPCG hag said...

... Is LCG setting itself up for another church upheaval? Who will the Germano's jump to next? Will they soon be leading Dave Pack's "University" or head on over to Edmond and whip Gerald Flurry's monstrosity into shape?

...whip Gerald Flurry's monstrosity into shape?

Never gonna happen...believe you me.

How would ol "what's his face" pull that one off?

Who is he to come against >THAT PROPHET, not THE PROPHET, but >THAT PROPHET

I'm tellin ya, only maybe when hell freezes over ~ and not then either!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Germano didn't get in bed with Meredith until 2007. Gavin chronicles it here: University in a Broom Closet. Germano surely didn't write his diatribes against the Sabbath, against British Israelism, and in favor of the trinity while in Meredith's embrace. It was funny how LCG was caught with their pants down when Germano's supposedly-deleted articles on those subjects popped up on web archives.

Black Ops Mikey said...

At one point, Dr. Germano did indeed refute British Israelism based on DNA evidence.

Here is an opportunity for Roderick Meredith to grow in grace and in knowledge to follow in the steps of Herbert Armstrong when he said,

"Prove us wrong and we will change!"

Except with Herbert Armstrong there were probably more !!! and capital letters in the statement, given his penchant for hyperbole.

Is Roddie up for the challenge?

Or is he too old....

Anonymous said...

You say, "Why give up freedom and grace for Moses?" Perhaps he didn't give up freedom and grace for Moses, perhaps he gave up freedom and grace for a steady paycheck.

Anonymous said...

There is no hope for the human race. People are just too full of it. Prime examples are the media, the COG "leaders", and even some people on this blog. It's everywhere, and there is no escaping the relentless onslaught of stupidity, pigheadedness, and lies.

Byker Bob said...

Alright, Mr. I Wanna be a Guru, what is your solution?
Surely you have better things to do than sit around complaining that "Everybody's totally screwed except me, and nobody will listen to me."

Have you considered therapy, there, for your paranoia, 10:32?


old EXPCG hag said...

Anonymous said...

There is no hope for the human race. People are just too full of it. Prime examples are the media, the COG "leaders", and even some people on this blog. It's everywhere, and there is no escaping the relentless onslaught of stupidity, pigheadedness, and lies.
April 12, 2014 at 10:32 AM

...LOLLL, but your soooo important that you just HAD to make a comment right Anon?

RSK said...

I think I heard this talk before.

Then he went and wrote out a bitchfest over not liking the makeup doctrine being reversed after HWA's death and pretty much everything else he could think of, and then years later claimed an angel delivered it to him...

Byker Bob said...

They ought to have "pimp and ho" ladies night at Spokesman's Club, just to give the people who object to modest usage of cosmetics a realistic example of the actual wrong use. Hopefully, witnessing the extreme would bring them a sense of reality.


Anonymous said...

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old EXPCG hag said...

"Jesus come Back!"