Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stephen Gilbreath Disfellowships and Marks the Kitchen Family

The silliness in Armstrongism continues to roll on like a freight train with no brakes.  Just when you think the silliness cannot get any sillier along comes Stephen Gilbreath barreling past the station.

Gilbreath has one of the most pathetic COG sites out there today.  Even Bob Thiel, with his crooked bookcases and laptops in front of his face are no match for Gilbreath's incredibly BAD videos.  Gilbreath sits at a small desk and has someone insert video to his side as if he is sitting in a major studio. It's bad beyond measure.
Gilbreath claims he was "ordained" by Robert Collins, a COG "minister" who was on his death bed.

Gilbreath seems to think he is an authority on everything that is happening in the world today.  Below you can see a quote from his web site about how his incredible training at Ambassador College helps him counteract the liberalism at the BBC news  From what I have been told he never graduated from the college but took classes.  That is why he states he"attended" Ambassador.

Lest you think I am picking on god's anointed, just check out one of his videos.  At the 9 minute mark he warns all those who ridicule him.  Gilbreath  thinks he speaks with God's authority.  Its one hour of the dumbest speaking you will ever witness.  Fast forward through the video to any location and you will be rewarded.

He cannot remain on topic, jumps around continually, looses his train of thought, keeps looking to his left to his lap top and even has a person read from HWA's book on baptism.  Pathetic!
1) A Nightly News Program is produced that features video clips of the day's current world news related to the Bible and Prophecy.  The initial host for this program who named the program
''Night-Cast .TV,'' was James Robert Collins -- a fifty-year minister of the Philadelphia-era of the Church of God.  After the death of Mr. Collins, the program has been continued by its new host Stephen Lloyd Gilbreath, an initial co-producer of the program.  The program features video of the day's current world news events under a license from the BBC News -- an organization of the British government which is renowned for producing the best in worldwide news coverage.  Any liberal reporting that may exist in the video clips is balanced out by the host's Ambassador College training and continued counsel and guidance from the former director of World Watch.

Now lets get to the Gilbreath/Kitchen flap.

Kitchen caught Gilbreath plagiarizing one of HWA's charts from his book, "Who and What is the Prophetic Beast."  Not only did he plagiarize it, Gilbreath added to it with his own commentary which sent the Kitchens into a frenzy that God's inspired words of HWA had been "corrected" and changed.  According to the Kitchen's HWA never made a mistake theologically.

Gilbreath lashed back and threatened to disfellowship and mark the Kitchen's putting their salvation in jeopardy.  What incensed the Kitchens most of all with Gilbreath is that they were not even apart of Gilbreaths silly "ministry."

Recently, a woman went onto my brothers account and mentioned that Stephen Gilbreath has mentioned us favorably on his "webcast" and was saying he was parallel to Mr. Armstrong's message. We looked into it some, but not like before. God was behind this, because it wouldn't have been revealed like it was if we did do the research beforehand. So he 'assumed" we were on page with him and his fellowship/group. So he befriended us on Facebook, clung to us with flattery, until we confronted him with his edit of "Who and What is the Prophetic Beast?" Chart. He has from that point on twisted and distorted the facts to blur the lines in the eyes of the public. We just said we will not support someone who changes God's Apostle's writings and books. He (like any carnal human would do) take that as a personal attack on him. Now, we have been "Marked" from this group also.

Gilbreath sent several women to post on the Kitchen's Facebook pages.  This did not sit to well with the Kitchen's either.

And to you “infiltrators” that are going on all these forums, sites and chat rooms “Pretending” to agree with God’s “True Believers” and through lies and flatteries (deception), seduce God’s people only to ferret them out and attack and deceive them. To him or her that does this “undercover” work (Behind the veil). Read Ezek 13:17-23. (vs 18) “Thus says the Lord God: “Woe to the women (a good deal of these infiltrators must be women) who sew magic charms on their sleeves (to make themselves appear spiritually attractive, and make veils for the heads of people(something to hide your face or “identity”: (perhaps like on facebook , in other words, they are deceivers!)) of every height to hunt souls! Notice here the purpose of these people “You hunt souls”! They prey on God’s People! 
The only persecution that is going on the Churches of God is coming from within.  The world now sits and laughs at their stupidity.  Those worldly people that have any inkling as to who HWA was, know for certain that even he would be appalled at the comedy club Armstrongism has turned into.


Connie Schmidt said...

I think we should obey both Galbreath and Kitchen. They have marked and disfellowshipped each other.

The ramification to us should be that we should never pay attention to either one of these nut jobs EVER AGAIN!

Assistant Deacon said...

I watched for a few minutes and have absolutely no idea what he was talking about, or why.

Anonymous said...

I know this deviate dipshit and there is no way in hell I would believe a single thing he says!

Anonymous said...

You can tell the ones who've always desperately wanted to be "ministerial," and will find any excuse to claim that they now are, even if it's accidental, and can't wait to look like the fools they are with their own "ministry"...

Byker Bob said...

Sometimes you can try something and you discover you have a natural flair for it. If it turns out that one is not able to do a thing well, most will either take lessons, or walk away. These buffoons don't know enough to come in out of the rain!

However, they are really accomplishing monumental good without even knowing it. They make Armstrongism appear to be absolutely ridiculous, and totally without merit.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't be more annoying to watch with those hand gestures, body language and weird eye movements. Did he learn that at the school of bad used car salesmen?

old EXPCG hag said...

This is none other than a demon counterfeiting as God's minister.

Look at him...I kid you not, he's a Shapeshifter!

Anonymous said...

One family gets marked and this is news?

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

On behalf of the Lake of Fire Church of God for which I am the Pastor General, Apostle and Grand Poo Bah, I would like to publicly mark and dis-fellowship MYSELF for conduct unbecoming of an Armstrongite! For example, rather than tithing 10% to make little Joey Tkach an even bigger multi-millionaire, or give money to idiots like the felon Ron Weinland, I tithe to myself!

I don't mean to boast, but marking and dis-fellowshipping myself is a NEW FIRST among the Worldwide Church of God and its 700+ splinter groups of which the Lake of Fire Church of God can be counted among them!


Black Ops Mikey said...

If you can't stand the heat, get the Kitchens out.

Byker Bob said...

He sure butchered the old saying. Apparently his version is, "If you can't stand the heat, get the Kitchens out!"