Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guess Who Set The Infamous 1975 in Prophecy Date....

All of you hate filled miscreants out there that still claim that HWA set the 1975 date, I am here to tell you, YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!  According to Tim Kitchen, Science and Industry set that date, NOT Herb!!!!!

Did Mr. Herbert W Armstrong Set a Date? Did He set the date 1975? Many people took what he wrote in the book "1975 in prophecy" as him setting the date "1975", but is that TRUE? NOTICE these words which will explain WHO made that prediction! IT is in the beginning of the booklet.
"Feverishly, science, technology and industry are working to produce a fantastic, push-button world of leisure by 1975. The emphasis today is on “saving steps.” Everything is to be done for us, by machines. Just push the magic button, and your work will be done automatically."

If you read the Booklet(not many of these accusers have really read it) it explains that SCIENCE and INDUSTRY set the date of 1975! And Mr. Armstrong goes on to explain, IF THAT DATE WAS TRUE, then this is to happen BECAUSE the BIBLE says it will! Is this "setting a date"?


It is science setting a date. But do they get the blame? No. This is how you know Mr. Herbert W Armstrong was a man of God. They'll attach ANYTHING to discredit God's Chosen.


Corky said...

Nope...HWA used the 7 times (2520 years) prophecy in Daniel to come up with 1972 as the beginning of the tribulation and 1975 as the return of Jesus. I reckon some folks just don't want to remember all that but I do.

Allen C. Dexter said...

So do I, Corky. It was the real reason behing the WCG and JW madness.

James said...

I would say Corky has it right. Kitchen was probable still bouncing ball to ball in his old man when 1975 came around and left unfulfilled.

Assistant Deacon said...

A child in kindergarten could make more sense than this guy.

Byker Bob said...

First, at the time the booklet was published, the media, based on science and technology, was using dates in the 1960s, not the '70s.

Also, in addition to the prophecies Corky and Allen confirmed, HWA was saying that like the Apostle Paul, he woukd have two 19 year time cycles to do his work. On top of that, WCG was citing a date theorized by Ussher for creation, and was subtracting that from 6,000 based on the theory HWA had about God having a 7,000 year plan. All of these were used to support 1972-75.

We were taught these things at Ambassador College so that if we got sent to the field, and people asked questions about the dates we would be able to respond in depth, supporting the official church position. And it all sounded pretty good right up until about mid-1972.

These revisionist apologists clearly do not know what they are talking about.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Ditto to what Corky, Allen and Byker Bob have said and confirm. It was the 2520 years prophecy and the 19 year time cycles from 1934 to 1953 to 1972 that HWA and the WCG concluded the Great Tribulation was to start in January, 1972 and Christ's return was to be in 1975.

I remember it well.


Anonymous said...

Your own personal tribulation began the day you started attending.

Anonymous said...

I recall that in the basement of the auditorium there was a bronze "graven image" of the Pervert. I wonder where that thing wound up? I'll bet it's in a shrine belonging to somebody like Tim Kitchen. Every day they bow down to it and pray to it. Lighting some votive candles and incense would be a nice touch too.

old EXPCG hag said...

Anonymous said...

Your own personal tribulation began the day you started attending.

April 10, 2014 at 6:36 PM

L O L L L!...(L A U G H I N G O U T L O U D L I K E L U C I F E R!) me I'm possessed!

Byker Bob said...

We've got a problem.

Using actual facts from eyewitnesses, you can correct an Armstrongite on a point such as this. You can debunk British Israelism through DNA and other well researched methods. You can cite the passages from history books that the WCG research team conveniently left out in compiling their so-called true history of the true church. If you happen to be a member of the Armstrong family, you can even come forward to corroborate the incest. Know what happens as a result? Not a damned thing! To people like the Kitchens, Bob Thiel, or other outspoken apologists for Armstrongism, they act as if such facts had never become available, and they continue unfazed to repeat the same misinformation over, and over, and over.

I wonder what is going to happen when we're all gone. Just as many students in school today neither know or care about the Constitution, many in the ACOGs neither know or care about the actual facts surrounding HWA and the WCG. The deceived and the nutcases are going to revise and rewrite the history, and to make this appear as a legitimate religious philosophy. Just as many consider William Miller to be one of the respected early Adventist fathers, HWA's legacy will probably end up being sanitized, and people will revere him. It's enough to make one ill! At least we can take solace in the fact that we know the truth and have been freed from the lies and manipulation.


Anonymous said...

If HWA was just using a date expressed by scientists, why did he do such an intricate song and dance to convince us that HE hadn't set any dates? He could of just hidden behind said scientists, but he did no such thing. And yes I was there in the AC Pasadena gym during the relevant Friday night Bible study. There was a lot of BS being slung around, but scientists were not mentioned. If that's what he meant when he wrote the book, wouldn't he have used that excuse? The Kitchens don't know what they're talking about. This apologia is a pathetic reach.

Connie Schmidt said...


William Miller was never a Seventh Day Adventist or Sabbath Keeper. He was a Baptist, and advocated the Second Coming (falsely) for 1844. He can only be termed an "Adventist" in the sense that we promoted the "Advent of Christ". In all other senses he was a Baptist.

Given enough time, many religious leaders "rough edges" or "craziness" get sanitized , like Martin Luther, or Ellen G. White. This goes on with American myths as well, in regards to men like Andrew Jackson, or even Lincoln and Washington, all of which had some episodes that would shock people in regards to their decisions and behaviors.

Even with the lifetime of many of you, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton are now "pardoned" and their reigns are viewed even fondly. It seems to be the nature of all of us, even history, to want to only view the past with rose colored glasses.

James said...

Bob said:
" If you happen to be a member of the Armstrong family, you can even come forward to corroborate the incest. Know what happens as a result? Not a damned thing! "

That is because some people don't have a moral compass.

Byker Bob said...


I hope my observations do not cause people to quit sharing. All of our eye witness testimony has tremendous value, and I am grateful especially to Larry and Deborah for their courage and insights. The problem is with the willfully ignorant, the ones who need to hear, but turn a deaf ear. They have made themselves impervious to truth, imagining that this is "spiritual". Awful error could be admitted, and corrected, but they choose instead to perpetuate it. As you say, that virtually defines a faulty moral compass.