Friday, April 11, 2014

What Is The UCG Afraid Of On Facebook?

The United Church of God cannot stand anyone that thinks differently than they do.  Of course that has been the typical COG stance for generations, at least through the Armstrong version of it.

Several people are reporting that UCG went through and deleted comments by readers on the Good News Facebook page.  The few times I have checked it I have seen friendly conversations by people from differing view points, but that is no longer the case. Now it  is silencing anyone that thinks differently. 

So much for a "new and improved" United Church of God.  Legalistic thuggery still is the game of the day.


Assistant Deacon said...


If you really want to recycle your dinner, go over to and peruse the comments after any of the articles.

My opia hurts, just reading them.

old EXPCG hag said...

You've probably heard me tell this one before...Yes, I was called up by a PCG (Philadelphia Church of God, Edmond, OK.) minister Andrew Hessong and his brother-in-law Brian Davis a few years back >surprise attack<. Andrew Hessong was LOLLL LAUGHING OUT LOUD LIKE LUCIFER (this is when I began using this phrase), and accusing me of posting on my mother's facebook page and using a younger pic...LOLLL. Now isn't that just HILARIOUS? Obviously Uncle Andy and Butthole Brian Davis thought so LOLLL. He was just laughing his ass off. They thought they were sooooooo smart to catch me LOLLL. You see, we were ORDERED by Gerald Flurry of the PCG not to post on Facebook.
I knew a couple in the PCG (that just so happens to be the in-laws of Jeremy and Cassie Cocomise)>namely Dee and John Zoellner< that were posting for years and still did after this LOLLL. Well right after my fall out with the TWO STOOGES>(Uncle Andy and Brian Davis)It was announced by GF that everyone can NOW post on Facebook because GF wanted to put up a site. Most already had been LOLLL.
By the way isn't any pic older than now considered an older pic...yes, uncle And was GUILTY OF THE CRIME HIMSELF because that is what he had posted on his page,(a younger pic of himself after this)...LOLLL! LOLLL! LOLLL! LOLLL!

Anonymous said...

The United Church of God cannot stand anyone that thinks differently than they do.

Neither can this blog or many of the regulars on it, which proves they still have the cult mindset and are cutting themselves off from the truth.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Oh well, the only thing the UCG is afraid of is the truth.

They're really comfortable with lies.

Connie Schmidt said...

There is probably not a blog or Facebook Page out there that does not have trouble with trolls, nut jobs, rude people, or bullies.

Even BANNED has had to remove comments on occasion, and is haunted by a few head cases too.

It is not mentioned what is the nature of the posts that were removed. This would be interesting to know.

Connie Schmidt said...

Malm wrote about this on his rag.

Apparently someone posted on the UCG page about his "discovery" of changing the order of the Passover service , ie. foot washing , bread and wine. It is an old argument, that has been debated many times before, and frankly is probably not that important in the overall scheme of the event anyway.

Nonetheless, this being a sacred season, and with the Lords Supper being perhaps the most solemn and dedicated event of the liturgical calendar for the UCG, the forum moderator considered the removal of controversy about this topic appropriate for its distracting and non-edifying potential towards the overall theme, sacredness and focus, of the Lords Supper service , which is just two days away.

Malm is a legalist, who will nit pick at UCG in any manner possible if they do not pick out every gnat they way he determines. Malm is trying to create a following by finding "Unique Selling Propositions", i.e., any insignificant difference, between him and other churches like UCG, in order to draw a following after himself.

He has no bank in any other way, so he uses obscure doctrine and practice as his market niche. There will always be a few who will follow such unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I hearby declare the entire UCG and all its sub groups disfellowshipped and marked
Just because I can.

Byker Bob said...

Armstrongism can't surive in a free speech environment. HWA always likened free speech to Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.

There has always been an understanding that outside reading materials are not to be read by members, outside organizations are not to be consulted on lifestyle matters, and members who choose to dissent or question are in violation of God's government on Earth.

Rock n Roll provides an excellent early barometer for the nature of a church. Any church that would blanketly forbid members from listening to an entire genre of music is not a mentoring or nourishing organization. It indicates they're going to attempt to micro-regulate every aspect of your life. It's the stuff that you do voluntarily in your worship that indicates character and spiritual condition, not slavery to an infinite system of law.


Silence said...

UCG has suspended members for liking the wrong things on Facebook. UCG has also blocked people they don't agree with entirely from their Facebook page. Their web administrators, for years, have been extremely aggressive and intolerant. UCG has very strict web policies, policies that extend to the comments on their main website too, which are very heavily curated.

One of our bloggers once got into it with a UCG member on Facebook who was spewing racist, homophobic nonsense. The blogger was very calm and collected and the member was losing his shit, swearing and making wild claims about the "gay agenda." Guess who got banned?

Hint: it wasn't the church member.

Connie Schmidt said...

Byker is correct above.

Character is one of free will and choice. God is somewhat libertarian in how he deals with us in the New Covenant.

If one is merely compliant because she is being monitored , then there is no real character there... merely conformity.

The COG in its history has, overall, stressed conformity over self enlightenment. Jesus stated that he would be interested in those whom he would find "so doing" not "so conforming".

It is a corny old saying but the true test of love is to set something free. If it returns, then it is true. If it does not, then it never was.

A corrolary joke goes ..."If you set something free and it doesn't come back, then HUNT IT DOWN AND KILL IT!" LOL!

Unfortunately, authoritarians use the second method often!

1995 was an interesting experiment. Tkach, in effect, gave everyone a free agency, and a choice. You could now pretty much believe and do whatever you wanted to. So what happened?... some 90% of the "faithful" left the church, and scattered, now that the "conformity heat" was removed.

God wants volunteers, not conscripts.

Sharon said...

I think what is more disgusting is the fact that over 15,000 people have checked "Like"!!!!! You cannot be follower of Jesus and LIKE this page.

Ed said...

United wants it both ways. They want to be accepted as mainstream, although they are not, and they want to retain Armstrongs core teachings which are certainly not mainstream. The result will be that they will not add any new members and they will continue to loose old members who think they are getting too liberal. The United Church of God will continue to divide and shrink.

EX-UCG said...

The majority of the people that I met in UCG were all about the organization and minister over the local congregation. Anything less in their eyes would be blasphemy.

old EXPCG hag said...

If all those HWA splinter groups wouldn't make so many enemies by their words and deeds they wouldn't have to worry about people posting the truth on their FB page.
I have tried to post on the PCG page truths but they were not posted. Wonder why? LOLLL

Black Ops Mikey said...

Well, if you have enough money, you can always advertise in The Journal to give your opinions.

Unless, of course, you oppose British Israelism and have absolute scientific proof that would hold up in a court of law.

UCG is just one of the chorus of cults which teaches the rubbish of British Israelism.

The UCG lies. It just doesn't want to be called on it. But they will take your money.

Anonymous said...

James Malm made mention of United's deleting of comments sent in by readers on his website and then James wrote:
"...I personally sent out copies of my Paper on Harmonizing the Gospel Accounts of the lLst Passover of Christ, to various church leaders in various organizations some time ago, asking for any corrections that they could provide.

My request was ignored by all of these leaders, however a certain UCG elder in Edmonton did send out an email to his people warning them to be true to the past [now proven false] tradition on the order of Passover in UCG. How many others sent out the same warning I do not know..."

James Malm puts the footwashing at the end of the Passover service, rather than at the beginning, because he relies too much on Jewish traditions (of men) and comments from Luke, who was not an eye/hear witness at Christ's last Passover.

FWIIW, over a decade ago, a Frank Nelte wrote an article titled "The Footwashing At Christ's Last Passover," which very clearly debunks James Malm's heresy on this subject.


Anonymous said...

Connie put it very well, when it comes to James Malm and his "USP's" (we obviously need an acronym for it, since this is a COG-centered blog).

But neither UCG or Mr. Malm are in any position to point fingers. I know from experience they both withhold comments that don't conform to their way of thinking.

And oh yes - the blogger HERE even admitted recently he sometimes does that.

I suppose there's a fine line between "censorship" of opinions on a website and allowing people to hijack that site for their own ends.

Anonymous said...

I have been blocked by members of Armstrongism: RCG, Kitchens, etc., just for stating truths of the word which they do not like. One even erased the ten commandments. It is sickening! They are more pagan than they think!

Anonymous said...

Perusing the UCG's Facebook page, a few facts stood out to me-

* The UCG's Council of Elders are subtly equated with the 12 disciples.

* Many of the UCG commenters luv luv luv Herbert Armstrong.

* UCG members get bent out of shape and offer totally bent logic to try and "prove" that Herbert Armstrong's crazy "Sheraton Hotel/Motel6 Indoctrination Vacation Feast" is actually the Feast of Booths as elucidated in the Bible.

"Information control", anyone?
Why would anyone think that an Armstrongist cult like the UCG would do otherwise?