Monday, October 10, 2016

Ambassador Mansion For Sale: You too can buy a piece of COG history and start a cult like Bob Thiel!

No Church of God leader can have a legitimate empire without owning or imitating something that Herbert Armstrong touched or acquired.  You too can start your own cult and live in luxury on the Ambassador Campus, just like HWA did!  Better yet, you can dream dreams in one of the bedrooms and then have someone doubly-bless you in the basement and you will be set to go!

This grand Italian Revival mansion isn’t just one of the swankiest homes on Millionaire’s Row in Pasadena. It’s also been an integral part of a controversial religious institution. Now a devoted buyer can write his or her own intriguing chapter in one of Southern California’s oldest and most famous communities—for $4.8 million.
When you hear “Millionaire’s Row,” your mind races to Beverly Hills or Bel Air. However, this seven-figure home is located in an enclave in relatively sleepy Pasadena. If you’ve seen the city’s Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, you might have noticed some of the gorgeous historical mansions along the parade route and wondered, “Who lives in those houses? I bet they have some great stories.”

The home was a private residence until 1947, when Herbert W. Armstrong, leader of the Worldwide Church of God, came to town and began acquiring the lavish mansions on Millionaire’s Row to anchor his newly founded Ambassador College.
ulousThe educational institution was established as a liberal arts college, but its main mission was to prepare youth for life and service in the church. The church had a checkered history over the decades and was besieged by controversy and scandal.
In the ’90s the college was moved to Texas, and the church began selling off small parts of the once-thriving college.
Many of the buildings sat vacant for more than a decade, but this particular home was used for special events (e.g., it was a staging area for nuptials held in its gardens). Around the turn of the century, developers bought the 19-acre property and turned it into a community known as Ambassador Gardens. The development includes the three historic mansions, an original sunken Italian-style garden and other formal gardens, the Ambassador Auditorium, and a number of luxury townhouses, condos, and private residences.

Bob Thiel could run his mind boggling end time global empire from the basement and store his secrets behind the hidden room in the basement. 

Perhaps Gerald Flurry can buy it and move it to Oklahoma.  Better yet, Dave Pack can move it to Wadsworth and not have to worry about building his new home.  Dave can then say he trained at Herbert's feet in this very building!

See the entire article with pictures here:  Live on Millionaires Row In This Fascinating Italian Revival

Please, Mr. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! So Mr. Herbert Armstrong had ALL THAT PROPERTIES TO HIMSELF? Did any of his children, grandchildren and families live or sold on any of these properties? pffttt

Ilija Korac said...

Why you people rubbishing Mr. Armstrong? Why? if you believe in God and his truth by whom and trough whom did you fined truth?

Anonymous said...

"Babylon the Great has fallen,fallen and become a habitation of ....",go on ,full it in.The glory days are over folks.And the spinoff groups that make up the cogs will in time go the way of the "Mother church".Time waits for no one,even the cogs.My hope is that those still caught up within these groups will come to see what real freedom is,and embrace it.

Byker Bob said...

Too many bad ghosts from religions past. If I won the lottery (and I don't gamble), I wouldn't buy this white elephant even if I knew that it was going to get the wrecking ball treatment. The legacies of false prophets deserve to be eradicated.


Anonymous said...

Truth, Illija? He told us we could trust and believe him, because he taught and kept the "test commandment", the sabbath. Now we find, low 40 some odd years after the fact, that keeping the sabbath gave him and his lackeys no special insights at all into prohecy, the end times, or national identities. That means HWA was no better than Nimrod, Simon Magas, or the prophets of Baal. The early church fathers of the second and third centuries worked very hard to destroy all of Simon Magass's original writings. We ought to do the same with all of Herbie's drivil. We need us a powerful Herbicide!

Connie Schmidt said...


Their price , but my terms!

$1 down, and a $1 a month for 4.8 million months. I will then "flip it".

It will be the center piece of a new TV program about the adventure of the process , and called " FLIPPING A MANSION , WHILE FLIPPING OFF A CULT" (new this fall on the "History Channel") !

nck said...


The house is just a mantle man. It is on the preservation list now.
A dreammantle for aspiring folk to step into the mantle of Chicago businessmen.

Perhaps you have a taste for one a few blocks down, Helen Hunt's grandmother lived there as heiress to the Wells Fargo founders. Jews had to live a few blocks down at the time so the Chicagoans didn't need to associate with them.

Chew on that! And be sure to choose Wrigley for chewing.
After dinner wash your hands with Proctor and GAMBLE.
If you decide coming over for viewing. Take a train riding on Meritt steel.


Anonymous said...

Can we find how much money the head people In the COGs make, since they are nonprofit?

Anonymous said...

"We need us a powerful Herbicide!"

Best comment EVER!

Anonymous said...

Nonprofits are required to submit their financial statements and other information -- including the salaries of directors, officers, and key employees -- to the IRS. (For information on who is considered a key employee, see IRS Form 990 and its instructions.)

The IRS and nonprofits themselves are required to disclose the information on Form 990 to anyone who asks. Nonprofits must allow public inspection of these records during regular business hours at their principal offices. However, many people won't even need to ask -- a number of websites make Forms 990 available for the searching, including the Foundation Center at and GuideStar at

In addition, people can request information from the IRS by writing a letter, including the name of the organization, the year, and the type of tax return requested, and send it to:

Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Attn: Freedom of Information Reading Room
1111 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20224