Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Film Exposing Damage Done By Worldwide Church God and Its Splinter Groups

Splintered by the WCG

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This new film project is by people who had ties to the Philadelphia Church of God and suffered under its harsh regime.  There are literally tens of thousands of horror stories about life in the church that need to be heard and shared.  You can do this anonymously or on film.  Those who had had families and lives ripped apart by the larger splinter groups, Philadelphia Church of God, Restored Church of God, Living Church of God, United Church of God (and others), need to let the world know how truly dangerous these groups are to the mental and spiritual lives of their members.

From the marriages broken up by sick doctrines; to children and adults dying due to lack of proper medical care; to thousands of suicides over the decades; to its ingrained racism, homophobia and misogyny; to those stalked, harassed and raped; to the pedophiles protected by church leaders; to the murders in the Living Church of God dues to the lies of Rod Meredith.

The church is debased at its core and ultimately is incapable of offering any hope to true believers.  No matter how much all the Malm's, Thiel's, Pack's, Flurry's, and others try to keep the lipstick perfect on the pig, it still ends up wallowing in its own filth.

This is a campaign created to expose the WCG and its splinter groups. Founded in 1934 the radio church of god started out as a humble new spin on modern Christianity. However this simple radio church would soon pave the way for decades of heartache, pain and confusion. Throughout the 1930's, 40's and 50's the group capitalized on false predictions and the threat of war. Which changed this radio church into a powerful organization that pocketed on the fears of many.
In the 1960's this group started calling itself the Worldwide Church of God – WCG. This organization gained thousands of followers and millions in member based revenue. Members traded obedience to the church and would submit to the groups will and rules. Which were: Do not work on Saturday, Do not seek medical treatment, Divorce your spouse if deemed fit, Give 10 to 30% of all income to the the group. Just to name a few stipulations. 
All in exchange for a promised soon to come “end times” event. Convincing its members of a "place of safety". Where members would be protected from doom and later be transformed into god and begin a new age. One in which members would rule the earth and enforce god's will upon the world. However after the death of their leader (Armstrong) in the late 1980's the group started to fall apart. By the 1990's the group shattered into 10 or so splinter groups. Many countless lives were and still continue to be disturbed by these entities.
Complaints and Grievances
Many of us have faced countless unresolved issues with the splinter groups of the WCG. Including defamation of character, emotional distress and therapy, medical endangerment, the breaking down of families, loss of loved ones. As well as reckless endangerment of minors and indoctrination. 


Anonymous said...

Wow,I hope this project will be successful.

Anonymous said...

Yes may it indeed be successful.Pcog is a blight on humanity.Mould grows in the dark and hates the light.This group does not reflect the gospel of Jesus and should be illuminated by light.To destroy the Mould.

Anonymous said...

I hope they can make it interesting, and not just whining and complaining. I recently watched the movie 'Holy Hell' about a strange group called the Buddhafield in California. It was a great documentary using film footage from 30 years ago, and people were tracked thru their lives up to modern day. The leader was a narcissist and filmed himself and his group extensively which did produce an excellent movie.

In Canada we listen to the 'Truth and Reconciliation' hearings about native Canadians experiences in residential schools. I think there is a bit of fatigue from hearing the stories over and over again, and perhaps there is the same problem with all stories of abuse, and misfortune. There is the young man who grew up in a North Korean retraining camp and practically starved to death.

Well, I don't want to be negative, it sounds like a good project and I hope it can be well done. The speaker in the video clip does have a good voice.

Anonymous said...

I have family members in both PCG and RCG. These are dangerous and abusive cults that have destroyed our family. Family members in both groups refuse to have contact with any of the rest of the family. They have severed all ties because their idiot leaders said to. I hope they all rot in hell and I hope this film exposes all their vile practices.

Anonymous said...

Your race is your extended family. To be a media hated "racist" nowadays just means being white and wanting your family to survive. So what's wrong with racism? Nothing!

Anonymous said...

I agree, to be called a racist (preserves family, including nation and race), homophobe (opposes sexual sins), misogynist (doesn't like seeing women dressed like whores), etc., today simply means you don't go along with the programming of Satan, the god of this world (for now, a very short time in grand scheme of things ordained by God Almighty). If any of you 'holier than thous' disagree, then you don't know the Holy Bible, oppose the truth, and hate the God who created you and is judging you.