Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Willam Behrer Resigns From Restored Church of God

It has not been a pretty sight in Wadsworth these past few months.  Dave Pack's self imagined and designed personality cult has been rocked by countless ministers resigning.  It has been such a debacle that almost every couple of weeks another minister turns in his resignation.

This has been a serious blow to the prideful Pack who was looking to these ministers to help with the tens of thousands of COG members who are supposed to be soon flocking to the Restored Church of God after Dave's god sends a strong wind to blow down the HQ's of UCG, PCG, LCG, COGWA and others.  These ministers were supposed to help reeducate the wayward Laodiceans into the new truths that have been revealed to Dave, especially concerning the First Dominion and his roll in it.

This past week Dave suffered a major blow when William Behrer and his wife resigned. This was particularly bitter to Dave's ego considering that the RCG had sent out to all RCG congregations Behrer sermon from one year ago to be played on Feast of Trumpets 2016.  As this was being played, Behrer was walking out the door.

Behrer was one of Dave's senior ministers in Wadsworth.  Behrer had a reputation for being one of the most loved RCG ministers.  He treated members with fairness and grace, which are qualities seriously lacking in Dave Pack and other RCG henchmen.

At one point Behrer was one of only three pastor rank ministers.  Now he and another minister have left the church.

Previously a minister from the Carolina's resigned, as has a minister serving in England.  Canada also has not been immune to RCG resignations. The minister serving the Ontario and upstate New York also resigned.

Almost all RCG members know nothing about these resignations.  Dave and his crew in Wadsworth have kept it from them.  Most members have not even heard about the several ministers who resigned earlier in the year!

Even with all of Dave's new sermons being added to his endless series of new revelations, it has not been able to stop the exodus.   After all, this latest sermon was #45 in the series. Yes, you read that right...45! Many of these sermons are 2 hours in length!  Members are leaving in droves, many from sheer boredom!

Perhaps these men have finally seen through the lies of Dave and his perverted quest for power and dominion.  His pipe dream of being the person to train the two witnesses is imploding around him.

The dramatic drop in income from ministers and members leaving has thwarted his plans to complete his mini-me Ambassador campus in Wadsworth. The David C Pack Auditorium is a pipe dream right now.  What will the people of Wadsworth do without a concert hall?

Dave has turned into his own worst nightmare.  Sadly, those remaining members are left terribly unhappy and confused about the slow collapse around them.  How could God be letting the only true church implode, again? It has been one failed prophecy after another.  Three COG leaders have not been struck down.  Their members have not joined the RCG in its final work.

Even all the headache pills in the Giant Eagle across from the most superfantabulous Church of God HQ in humanity's history can't stem the massive headache Dave is suffering right now.


Byker Bob said...

This is unfortunately an example of what happens if you stubbornly and arrogantly go forward with your uninspired plans in spite of no positive feedback, zero validation, and the severe and cruel exploitation of those who are trusting you for their spiritual guidance.

It appears that the proverbial toilet has just been flushed on the RCG. And away go troubles, down the drain! Roto Rooter! Roto Rooter! So long, Dave!


Glenn said...

If any banks were foolish enough to lend money to Dave Pack it is time for them to start calling in their loans. He is losing members, ministers and money. Looks like some private school/christian academy in Ohio will have the opportunity to get a new campus.

Anonymous said...

One of the important things that attracted me, many of us, into the Armstrong deception was the widely acknowledged mastery the Armstrongs had of media - radio, where I first heard it, then TV, and also print.

The little Herberts from all these groups, each of which wanted to be just like him, thought that was possible if they just used the same words, the same confident, proclaiming tone of the same message of doom . . . with added "revelations" where they thought they could get away with it.

It was possible for me, just being curious, to sit through a Meredith TV episode, even a Flurry episode, and then say, "Same old ________," and resume the life I now had, happily, without Armstrong. Could NEVER do that with Pack - he was so absurd, so obnoxious, and just so shrill that curiosity was satisfied in just a couple minutes. One then said, "Ewwww!"

It is hard to believe that anyone would sit through so many hours of such an unappealing, narcissistic jerk. The thing had to collapse under its own weight, and now is. Will there be a day soon when the only one left, in that needlessly opulent building, is Dave himself, sitting in his plush leather chair, still wondering why it didn't come out his way?

Anonymous said...

Big question is where are these resigned RCG men going to go ? Is the something indeed blowing in the wind, backroom deals not the headquarters falling down.

Sweetblood777 said...

Dave puffed and puffed, and blew his house down. What did he really expect? When one adds title after title, after title to their name, they become puffed up like a blowfish filled with toxic poison that eventually eats and kills them from the inside.

Dave is the author of his own down fall. Trying to be like HWA, even copying his style of gestures, and using fear in order to obtain the resources of its members, is a sure step towards death. First spiritually and then physically.

I can hear it now. 'I never knew you, depart into outer darkness.'

Hoss said...

Poor Dave. But it looks like he did it to himself.

A scenario I've been pondering is that everyone abandons him, he's left with his Wadsworth wonderland, and no income. Someone comes along and offers to take the real estate off his hands; Dave takes the money and flees to his personal place of safety.

DennisCDiehl said...

RCG = Revolving Church of God

From office staff, to ministry, to family, to member, the pattern of Dave's ministry and draw has always been, enter, momentary zealousness, disillusionment and out the door.

His reported great intelligence is stuck in the 60's the same way GTA's was in his latter years, which negates the trait, and while I used to say he was more clever than intelligent, I see that trait running it's course out as well. Though he may have to get even more momentarily clever to survive.

Wisdom, Gentleness, meekness, kindness and long suffering never had a chance.

Anonymous said...

That's good to hear! I always did like him and his wife. I wondered how long it was going to take for them to leave!

Connie Schmidt said...


Dave Pack and Eva Braun now seen retreating to the bunker.

Anonymous said...

his supposed business success was built on stealing and lies, he ripped off his own family....... he's destroyed lives as a minister on top of that.. like Suicides in areas he pastored.. he's robbed employees in his hq to boot

he brings evil actions with him and leaves ruin behind

who needs Satan when you have Dave?

Anonymous said...

The so-called “ministers” in the Restored Cash Grab (RCG) seem to be able to put up with a lot of truly monstrous doctrinal changes--at least until David Pack gives them another “temporary pay cut” in order to fund “an incredibly awesome new initiative with massive potential.” Then it is time for the so-called “ministers” to admit that it was all just a bunch of baloney.

Anonymous said...

Things have to be pretty bad for ministers to quit like that. After all, their daily sustenance and the welfare of their families is at stake. This ill-constructed boat is about to go down and drag everyone connected with it along. I feel sorry for them, but it's inevitable. I know how traumatic losing your job which you considered a career is.

Everybody seeks something to give meaning and purpose to life and scam artists make full use of that drive. I fell for it at a very young age. Thankfully, I wised up at 40 and could build a new career. For many, it's way too late for that, and I really feel for them.

Allen C. Dexter

Anonymous said...

“Behrer was one of Dave's senior ministers in Wadsworth. Behrer had a reputation for being one of the most loved RCG ministers. He treated members with fairness and grace, which are qualities seriously lacking in Dave Pack and other RCG henchmen.”

One of the problems with David C. Pack is the way he treats other people. No decent people would ever want to be a part of treating other people the way that David Pack does. Even if decent people did not mind being used and abused and left destitute themselves, they still would not want to help David Pack do such things to other people.

Obviously, another one of David Pack's ongoing problems is the issue of “demon possession.” Naturally, the demons want to possess David Pack, and could argue convincingly that they already do. But David Pack's insatiable greed makes him think that everything and everyone should be possessed by himself. This constant struggle between Dave and the demons to possess each other will lead to the usual cycle if insanity.

William Behrer could not have lasted this long in the Restored Cash Grab (RCG) unless he had already seriously compromised himself along the way on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, even if William Behrer originally meant well and hoped for the best (as many other RCG members might have done too), the fact is that things have gone unbelievably wrong in the RCG. At this late date, no amount of mental gymnastics can get around this tragic fact. Only outright lying could deny it now.

The Restored Cash Grab attracted former Worldwide Church of God members by promising to hold on faithfully to everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had taught at the time of his death in January 1986. Much re-writing of HWA's old booklets was done to convince people of that. Then, to put it mildly, things changed--and I do mean CHANGED! After getting some people, and enough of their time and (especially) their money that they were psychologically unable to walk away, David Pack started to make many truly massive doctrinal changes. Some of the booklets that David Pack himself had written suddenly disappeared to make way for all the new nonsense that began to vomit out of David Pack's mouth.

RCG members who initially thought they had found the One True Church in a world full of false churches later found themselves trapped in a satanic imposter cult led by raging, yelling, spitting, kelpto-Dave the minister, apostle, Joshua the High Priest, That Prophet, and Elijah the prophet, not to mention Pack of lies and thief of virtually all their worldly possessions, happiness, and hope. The RCG turned out to be an extremely nasty Bait & Switch scam. Instead of the RCG helping its members to hold on to what HWA had taught, the victims of this gigantic spiritual and financial fraud get to experience firsthand the wrath of Satan against anyone who would try to hold on to what HWA had taught.

Anonymous said...

Who is the other minister that quit as well?

RSK said...

Hmph. Wonder where our former RCG poster (infamous for "listen to Mr. Pack speaking and you will know it is not a man but god speaking") is now.

Hoss said...

Dave had a goose that laid golden eggs, but he traumatized it, and will only get a big goose egg.

EX-RCG said...

I guess he'll either start his own group or go with another RCG offshoot. Somehow, once most "ministers" that have been with "elite" groups like RCG or PCG (either start their group or go with another one of their splinters) from the original organization.

Crackpot leaders like Flurry and Pack have known how to tarnish any other organization. Nothing but being with "others of like mind" (and talking about what they've been through suffices for them). Somehow exchanging "war stories", and talking about what the group is doing next, who's left, or what change they've made, is too reminiscent of leaving WCG.

Hoss said...

Dave was quite open in encouraging ministers from other COGs to defect and join him. When ministers leave, some of the ministers' loyal followers tag along.

Perhaps Dave didn't consider that ministers could just as easily leave him - and drag members with them.

Anonymous said...

Pack says Christ will be disguised as a man among the church.

Anonymous said...

Dave must obviously be referring to Bob Thiel as Christ disguised. He has taken on every other mantle, what not this one?

Jesus Christ Bob, has a nice ring to it.

DennisCDiehl said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Pack says Christ will be disguised as a man among the church.

If Dave actually believes and spoke that, and Dave just makes stuff up that suits him all the time, my first concern would be the words eventually, "And yes Brethren, I am Christ" to be announced in a sermon. Delusional theology and mental illness can do that should it take hold.

Byker Bob said...

I like what happens in my industry better. Some customers name their machines, and occasionally after me. Just last week in a hospital print shop, I met "Bob the Cutter". Some customers call me Byker Bob, but others get the whole scene mixed up and confused, like when one time a lady in a corporate mailroom told her new supervisor that "Motorcycle Bob takes care of all the machinery." Beats the heck out of "Prophet Bob", or "Apostle Dave". It's a more fun and down to earth type of notoriety. No high falutin' airs, and I get to drink Budweiser and listen to Country and Western instead of drinking Dom Perignon and enduring Beethoven.


Minimalist said...

What if his house house sale was out of necessity?!

I believe it was because they are technically broke!

And here's how it works in reality: people don't move from big COGs to small strict ones -
No, it's actually the other way round: They move to the UCG which is liberal,
as well as giving them their HWA Kool-Aid fix they still crave!

Anonymous said...

Pack says Christ will be disguised as a man among the church.

Has Dave Pack EVER perceived that he was not the most important person in the room? Has he EVER conceded that someone else has greater knowledge or discernment than he has? Of course not!

So, we are left with one of two scenarios. Either Dave will do something he has never done before, and point to some other man as the disguised Christ, or he will find some way to signal to his closest disciples that he is, indeed, the Christ. Which of the two seems most consistent with Dave's personality and track record?

Then again, Gerald Flurry has already taken the office of "Christ in the flesh." It's a small step from that, to Stephen telling his followers that his deceased Dad has ushered in the Millennium, which will begin with the gathering of all true followers on the Edmond compound. Dave may have some catching up to do if he expects to be the first Second Coming.

Anonymous said...

Some people followed the RCG for many years, read thousands of pages of its literature, and listened to hundreds of hours of its sermons, until they were hooked. Then, with things like DCP's “Clarion Call” sermon, his required continual fund-raising from everyone, and his new “Common” doctrine, his followers got seriously financially drained on top of all their regularly required tithes and offerings. DCP's wrong August 31, 2013 prophetic guess that failed had rushed the RCG members into parting with their wealth. RCG members naturally felt that they had a lot “invested” in DCP and his RCG. (Actually, they had recklessly gambled away a lot on it that they can never recover.) Next, things really started to change when DCP suddenly claimed that he--rather than HWA--is Elijah (so that DCP can now change, delete, or make up whatever doctrine he wants to). In the latest switcharoo, DCP has totally changed major end-time prophetic understanding away from what HWA had taught.

DCP made up many dozens of “proofs” that did not really prove anything. DCP's “130 proofs” that he was Elijah did not really prove it, just like his “56 proofs” for his August 31, 2013 prophetic date guess did not make it happen.

Now, after thinking that they were right and that everyone else was wrong, the RCG members are faced with the fact that it was all an unbelievably sneaky, cruel, satanic fraud by another raging false prophet who was more sneaky, cunning, and deceitful than most could imagine, and that they are the ones who were wrong and lost everything.

Absolutely brutal!!!

Unknown said...

Did he really say that? If so, when? What sermon? I really need to know, please let me know. Thanks.

Roberto Delgado said...

When exactly did he say that? What sermon?