Friday, October 14, 2016

Catholics Called Early COG Members "Vampires." Now Satan Uses The Walking Dead To Desensitize Present Day COG Members

The WWCG Archives had this turkey up on the Facebook pages of the Kitchen clan's personal pages.  Apparently the evil Catholics called early church members Vampires because they kept Passover.  Now Satan uses The Walking Dead, and Vampire movies and TV shows to desensitize  the COG and the public so that when the Great Whore and the Pope rise up along with Germany to kill all true believers, the rest of the world will stand by and watch us all die with delight.

Plus, whoever wrote this piece of crap needs to educate themselves on history and not swallow the putrid mess of Armstrong, Meredith, Hoeh, Pack, Thiel, Malm, Blackwell and others who have lied to the church over the decades about the Waldenses and others.

Revelation 12:5-6 She brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations ... [He]was caught up unto God, and to his throne. (6) And the woman fled into the wilderness...
Now we get into the Middle Ages. This happened along in the Middle Ages for 1260 years, where the Church had to flee. They had to meet underground, and secretly; and many times they had to flee: The time of the Waldenses, and of Peter Waldo, and of other leaders of the Church through those Middle Age years. 
Despite it being a proven fact that the Waldenses were NOT Sabbath keepers, various COG groups still  promote the lie.
Now we get into the Middle Ages. This happened along in the Middle Ages for 1260 years, where the Church had to flee. They had to meet underground, and secretly; and many times they had to flee: The time of the Waldenses, and of Peter Waldo, and of other leaders of the Church through those Middle Age years.
Rome was hunting brethren down at the bequest of the Catholic Church who led it with bridle & reins. The Catholic Church condemned anyone partaking in the custom of the "Passover" to be anathema, and the Roman governments followed behind, hunting the keepers of the "Passover" down to be tortured and martyred. "Easter" was their sacred day and it was commanded to be kept by the Catholic Church or suffer torture and death by the Roman armies.

Catholic Monks began spreading horror stories around about the true Church of God. They accused them of "drinkers of blood", and "eaters of flesh"(those who kept the Passover). And they accused them of being those who hid in caves, and those who came out only at night(The true Church was fleeing for their lives from the persecuting armies, lived in rags, and came out only at night to gather food and to congregate together and lived as vagabonds and hid in caves and catacombs),

The stories and folklore about "the walking dead" who "ate upon the flesh of men" who "drank blood", called VAMPIRES began to be circulated by the Catholic Church. 
Who every wrote the following commien knows noting about church history or history in general.  Of course COG members eat this kind of crap up as if it is gospel truth. Everything is a conspiracy of satan trying to destroy the church.
The Catholic priests began selling crucifixes and holy water to their congregants, to protect them from such individuals. This is where the holy water and crucifixes were popularized during the middle ages. 
Ever wonder how they got the means to kill a "Vampire"? They speak of Vlad the Impaler as being the origin of Dracula, but his story reveals the origin of the "stake through the heart". And it was this punishment to be used against the "VAMPIRES"(what they called true Christians).
And they stirred the fear up so great in their parishes, that the people if seeing such practices, such as keeping the Sabbath, or the Passover, or other practices of the true Church of God, would immediately alert the authorities, and members of God's true Church would be captured, tortured and murdered. 
In this end time, when Satan is waxing angrier and angrier, we can see certain things being promoted and celebrated. 
Movies about "Vampires" and such, was folklore created against the true Church of God by the Catholic Church. It is one deception, that false accuses God's people as worshipers of the Devil, when in fact those who created such stories are worshiping the devil and do not know it. That is Satan's way.
People celebrate it. They revel in such stories.
But as we study history, we find that such stories was told to scare the people into helping the authorities hunt down our brethren in Christ. 
Shows like "Walking dead" is popular, but such stories find root in the true story of our Church, and the murder and torturing of our brethren. How the head should be cut off(our brethren was beheaded for Christ's name sake). How, being based on false stories of the Catholic Church about those who professed baptism and the Passover(and look at what baptism represents). 
Immersion into a watery "grave" is a deep spiritual symbolism which signifies the actual, LITERAL BURYING of the old self – YOU – the way you HAVE BEEN, and the resurrection of a NEW YOU – now conquered by God, surrendered to God, meekly and humbly CHILD-like in your obedience and TRUST in Him as your Living Saviour.  
Hence, "the Walking dead" title they called God's people. 
Satan has created and is using these things against God's true Church. Ever wonder why such stories exist? Ever wonder why in this end time, where evil waxes worst, such stories are popularized? 
So remember brethren...what you will find out more and more, is that Satan is popularizing everything he can that he created against God's true Church. Are we reveling and enjoying such stories? Are we entertained by such stories that were used to martyr our brethren in Christ? Something you must be careful about, and something to pray about.
We truly have to come out of this world, as this world is being ruled and led by Satan the Devil. Because, if we stay and do not come out of this world, and stop joining in to watch this rotten entertainment of this world, then we will be "spewed out" under those whom the Devil will used in the coming Great tribulation, and such stories will be insignificant compared to the horrors that awaits.


Byker Bob said...

The reason we, in our little cultically-influenced world, have these same discussions or arguments over, and over, and over again is that there are people who will not accept conclusive and positive proof that certain of the cherished beliefs that they inherited from the Armstrong organization are just plain wrong. In their minds, conspiracy theories promoted by HWA as truth outweigh actual, legitimate history. Nowhere is this more in evidence than with the topic of church history, whether we are discussing the Armstrongish embellishment of the life and influence of Simon Magus, or whether the Waldenses wore sabbots, cross-linguisized to "prove" that they kept the sabbath.

Over fifteen years, I've watched people in the know obliterate key aspects of the tragically misnamed "True History of the True Church" only to have the people for whom it was directly debunked come back later, spouting the same misinformation, as if we don't all remember them personally and publically being backed into a corner and at a complete loss for words. But, this is nothing really new. They do the same things with the false prophecies upon which they base their lives as those prophecies continue to fail. It is because they live in a culture in which a packaged belief system was sold to them, as opposed to belief being the result of truth seeking and the following of an evidentiary trail.

Probably the worst psychological damage done by Armstrongism was the mind warp which elevated conspiracy theories to the level of plausibility and truth. That lingers long after one has left Armstrongism. It's why we have people who believe HWA belonged to the CIA, or worked with the Bilderbergs and Rothchilds.


Hoss said...

So, if HWA was around in the twelfth century, looking for the Mythical True Church, he wouldn’t have short-listed the Waldenses. And they weren’t even mentioned in G.G. Rupert’s Seven Churches booklet.

Small discrepancies in LCG’s rewrite of Hoeh’s plagiarized historical hyperbole is one of the factors that led to the formation of the CCOG. According to Bob’s annual state of the CCOG message, publishing will continue in far more than the seven languages once offered by the Plain Truth – and the new language edition books most waved at the camera were church history, and the purple hymnal.

Church history is occasionally used as the catchall reason for someone else being wrong. A recent example was Bob’s refuting the premise of the book Aramaic Origins of the New Testament with "[the author] doesn’t fully understand church history the way I believe he should”.

But, to be fair to Bob on the issue at hand, his church history PDF only mentions the name Waldenses three times, twice in the text:

Prior to the Reformation, the Bohemian Waldenes [sic] referred to themselves as “Church of God” (some, but not all Waldensians, were in the true Church of God).

And once in the bibliography:

Melia P. The origin, persecutions and doctrines of the Waldenses, from documents. Toovey, 1870, pp. 124-126

RSK said...

Ick, what a raping of history.

Anonymous said...


Pronouncements like this drivel are based on the principle that We Who Are Saying It are SOOOO significant as vs. the 7 billion other souls in this world. WE JUST KNOW THIS, because there has to be a REASON for pop culture phenomena and it has to be tied to us, somehow. Meanwhile, within, the "ministers" are haranguing the followers about Not Enough Bible Study Time, Not Enough Prayer, and, above all, Not Enough Money Being Sent IN. The group is SOOOO important, but made up of human beings who just can't perform like they should.

Anyone paying attention to you who hasn't been involved previously in the Herbert deception? ANYONE AT ALL new, and wanting to know more? Didn't think so.

The biggest group paying any attention is those who, like us here, are thankful every day we escaped from it!

James said...

Some people have a hard time admitting they were hoodwinked by a soap salesman. Kitchen is in denial or mentally ill.

RSK said...

Isnt there a Waldensian community in eastern NC? Seems I've seen brochures for it. They'd be post-Calvin Waldensians, so the Kitchens and Thiel won't like them much.

Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Christ! Picking up pop culture tropes, which are rooted in ancient superstitions that corpses can either remain animated by either the soul of the deceased or else by some other ghostly apparition, and then mixing that into biblical symbolism, along with debunked legends (as though the bible were not also debunked), is just stone-cold nuts.

Oh, and also, on a only tenuously related note...

I've been watching the election coverage and I've been making a few connections:

I think the average politician suffers from some degree of narcissism, otherwise, he wouldn't be in politics.

That said, by contrast with your run-of-the-mill politician such as those who make up the body elected republican officials, Donald Trump suffers from a narcissism that is either an order of magnitude beyond or else belongs in a wholly different category. Trump stands noticeably apart from every other politician I could point to, who all campaign in a traditional fashion, accept victory or concede defeat graciously, and can usually at least feign a desire to serve our democratic institutions.

I think Herbert Armstrong was closer to Donald Trump in his narcissism than to your the average politician. HWA, as well as his son, GTA, were, like Trump, also sexual predators. HWA also had a burning desire to be a "winner." He had a need to style himself in elite and luxury-lifestyle terms. He also couldn't work with anybody in a peer-to-peer relationship: he had to be the one to sit in judgement of his "apprentices," and could not tolerate being the one judged. (Right now, Trump is being judged, and it's driving him, quite literally, crazy.) HWA also trafficked nonstop in lies and conspiracy theories.

If HWA had run for president, I think his campaign would have looked an awful lot more like that of Trump's than that of any "normal" politician.

Byker Bob said...

I've often wondered. What if some of the very public people whose programs we attempt to help "trouble shoot" here were able to restrain themselves from dogmatically expressing the beliefs that they normally promote on their own sites and youtube channels, and were actually some of the anonymous contributors here? Letting their hair down, getting down with us in normal conversation without us actually picking up on who they are? Being "normal" (whatever that is!) for the few brief moments that they post here.

It would certainly explain some of the changes and reactions that some of these folks undergo from time to time, or the added headstrongness to some of their pronouncements. I believe this is a distinct possibility, the more I think about it. They may feel self-conscious about seeking advice from a Douglas Becker or a Dennis Diehl, but they can absorb and question anonymously right here any time they wish, and we probably wouldn't even realize it if they made no attempt to correct and teach.


Black Ops Mikey said...

This is rather surprising, since Herbert Armstrong is a zombie.

But I have news for you all.

Herbert Armstrong is dead!

In spite of all the various ACoGs booklets and websites, along with YouTube videos, making it seem like Herbert Armstrong is still alive, kicking and among us, he's dead. Not only is he dead, he's been gone for over a quarter century. He's not coming back. There's no need any longer to camp out at his gravesite expecting him to rally all the ACoGs behind him to lead us all into the kingdom.

I know, I know: This is SHOCKING!!!!

But the sooner everyone gets around to accepting this truth, the sooner we can all move on, get real truth and escape slavery.

So if you see him walking around, look carefully: It's a zombie.

It's rather hypocritical to protest about horror / science fiction, since the ACoGs are fully engaged in it.

Hoss said...

As Byker Bob has often wondered...

Hmm, some anons may be COGanons. Like some of Mark Twain's stories, royalty amongst the commoners to get a feel of the people or to act out an alter ego as a "normal" person. They could use their stealth to get insights, or they could simply divert attention to one of their rivals.

As long as we don't get paranoid and start suspecting some anon is some COGleader.

Byker Bob said...

That's the thing about posting as "anonymous", Ronco. There are so many of them that it's nearly impossible to determine who is posting what. So, paranoia would be difficult for any of us. The danger of the paranoia would most likely be running in the opposite direction. They are the ones who are getting an earful from us.


nck said...
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Anonymous said...

Byker Bob said-
"The reason we, in our little cultically-influenced world, have these same discussions or arguments over, and over, and over again is that there are people who will not accept conclusive and positive proof that certain of the cherished beliefs that they inherited from the Armstrong organization are just plain wrong."

If you change "cultically-influenced world" to "culturally-influenced worldview", the statement also makes sense with regard to most of mainstream Christianity. One of many examples is how most mainstream Christians regard the Bible as the inerrant word of God.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the "living dead" comment!

Yep, HWA and GTA are apparently zombies.

At least on most of those sites that worship HWA, they acknowledge his death.

Isn't it on Mark Armstrong's site that you have to do some digging to find that GTA is in fact dead?

When I looked into skinhead groups, neo-Nazi groups, white power groups and other similar groups that are supporting Donald Trump, I didn't notice any that seemed to make it a secret that Adolf Hitler is dead.

Apparently, Mark Armstrong likes to make a few extra bucks by hiding the truth.

Anonymous said...

Those posting here who are unfamiliar with Armstrongism are few and far between, even though there may be conspiracy or "alternate" theories about those who comment here, LOL!

nck said...


What's your problem with my latest posting?
Is there a technical glitch, does it not fit the topic at hand or does it not fit your personal ideas and would you only post it it contained sources?


NO2HWA said...

No glitch that I know of. You are the best one to know if your posts are on topic. Are they? Or, have they evolved into some other topic that has no relevance to the original post. Trading Guy was good at doing this and everyone got tired of if.

nck said...

I deleted and rephrased made a new one.
You are a quite something. Good man,