Sunday, January 15, 2017

Do 21st Century Christians Need To Worry About Man-Pigs? COG Prophet Thinks So!

I never cease to be amazed at the weirdness that continues to leak out of the minds of foolish Church of God leaders.

We recently had Dave Pack telling us that deceased COG ministers who were true to the faith would soon rise from the dead and join his church to help him usher in the greatest work of God ever to appear on this earth...aka, Dave's millennium.

Now we have our very own Doubly Blessed buffoon preaching a sermon about "man-pigs." Yes, that is right.  Almost arrested, Elisha, Elijah, Amos Joshua, Habakkuk Bob Thiel felt the need to preach a sermon about "man-pigs and humanzee's."

BBC reported about what it called an animal that would be half-human and half-pig. Is such a thing possible? Are chimeras for real? What about a “humanzee”? Are scientists really working on these type of creatures? Is this good? Can something truly be half human and half animal? How are humans different from animals? What is the ‘spirit in man’? What is man? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more with biblical-based responses.

When Habakkuk Thiel adds the title "Dr." to  the front of his name he looks like a complete blithering idiot.  No "Dr." in his right mind nor real theologian would ever preach such utter bullshit in a sermon.  This kind of idiocy is what occupies the mind of those that cannot and will not acknowledge Jesus.  The idiots are embarrassed to preach any thing that has to do with Jesus.

Just because the liar and certified false prophet waves his big thick Bible at the beginning of his video does not make himself an authority on the book he waves.

Maybe his 1,997 members in Africa might find his sermon slightly interesting due to the fact so many are still steeped in tribal myths and legends, but no Christian today has this topic occupying their mind.


Byker Bob said...

Didn't one of the boys from Charlotte preach a sermon or write an article we laughed at on this same topic about a year ago? What the hell?


Anonymous said...

Bob is just a copycat:

Transgender Man-Pig Marriages?

LCG was already preaching about Bob's topic many months ago. A true prophet would have been crying aloud and sparing not about this vital topic long before the lukewarm LCG preachers were warning us about it.

Connie Schmidt said...

No, not a worry about man pigs!

However, everyone should be afraid of the MAN-WOLFS that inhabit the COG universe!

Anonymous said...

This sounds crazy admittedly, but given advances in genetics certainly no longer in the realm of the impossible.

This from 2011

or this...

or this....

There are many many many more out there if you look.

Dennis Diehl said...

We're already Humanzees since we share 98% of their DNA

Byker Bob said...

Well, going back to classic rock sources, I'm thinking Bummer Bob and all the other COGlodytes who wish to preach on this Moreauvian topic should play Blodwyn Pig's album "A Head Rings Out" as the background music for their sermon.

The cut "Dear Jill" should serve as a metaphoric dear john letter to Armstrongism, but they will most likely miss that point!


Anonymous said...

Here is a National Institute of Health video conference on chimera.

Animals containing human cells

Anonymous said...

Denis is CORRECT.We only have to look at the MONKEE'S running the cogs.

Black Ops Mikey said...

So he's met Herbert Armstrong, then.

Anonymous said...

We only have to look at the MONKEE'S running the cogs.

Here we come, walkin'
Down the street
We get the funniest looks from
Ev'ry one we meet

Hey, hey, we're the Ministers
And people say we monkey around
But we're too busy trying
To put everybody down

We're just tryin' to be in charge
Come and watch us whine and bray
We're the old generation
And we demand that you pay

Hey, hey, we're the Ministers
You never know where we'll be found
So you'd better get ready
We may be tearin’ your life down!

Hoss said...

This was the first thing I thought of when I saw Bob's article:

eddby said...

I'm not convinced.
bob spiel forgot to end his pathetic sermon with an oink oink!

Connie Schmidt said...

ANON AT 1:38 PM RE: Monkees Satire


Anonymous said...

"Do 21st Century Christians Need To Worry About Man-Pigs?"

Yes, of course they do!

Just look at the Packman-pig. He is the greediest man-pig around. He will gobble up everything in sight if you let him. Just ask ex-RCG members what it was like when they became destitute after the Packman-pig ate them out of house and home. What a horrible mixture: Small part human, large part pig, and full of demons.

Christians have a right to be worried!

Anonymous said...

"Do 21st Century Christians Need To Worry About Man-Pigs?"

Yes, the unclean mixtures that comprise the FALSE PROPHETS are indeed frightening:

Flurry: Very short and small part human, very big part ego and tall titles, part alcohol, part filthy pig (the old sex perverts that his PCG goons will try to pair you up with are filthy pigs too), and full of demons of sexual immorality and family wrecking.

Pack: Tall but small part human, very large part greedy pig (he wants virtually everything you have for himself and for his own personal RCG), and full of demons of covetousness and theft.

Weinland: Part human joker, part fiction writer, part greedy pig (he wouldn't share the ill-gotten loot with accountants and lawyers who could have kept him out of jail by making his COG-PKG scam technically legal), and full of demons of prediction-addiction fibbing.

Thiel: Part human foibles, part pagan, part Catholic, part little pig (who wanted more than his fair share of running the show, so he started his own CCG so he could get fooled by Nigerians), and full of demons of the mentally challenged.

Anonymous said...

Decades ago, I read an article in Time Magazine about scientists trying to turn off certain parts of human DNA in order to grow headless humans. The idea was to create these 'beings' to use in organ transplants. I recall a old 1971 movie called the 'The resurrection of Zachary Wheeler' (starring Leslie Neilson), where they created human clones for organ harvesting. It wouldn't surprise me if such secret facilities already exist.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Totally insane.

If I had to sit in a church service watching a video of this guy waving his arms wildly while sitting in front of those dime-store parlor drapes, I would make a beeline for the door.

But to hear him prattling on about man-pigs is beyond the pale. People should know better than to give this idiot any credence whatsoever. Anyone who stays with his "church" after this sorry display deserves what they get.


Anonymous said...

God Himself has given us the TRUTH about the Pigmen.

Jesus hates the Pigmen, and said as much.

Click here to find the TRUTH about the Pigman!

Byker Bob said...

The only time I ever hear about this man-pig thing is right here, the reports about what LCG and its spawn (Thiel) are preaching about. There is no street buzz on this, and no media presence. Closest thing is the commercial where some dude has to chase down and tackle a humanized piggy bank to deposit some savings.

But, I can see where the ACOGs would be horrified by the concept of humans swapping genetics with unclean animals. They probably don't even realize that the Vitamin D in most commercial milk is porcine in origin.


Anonymous said...

PIG MEN or "Heroes of megachurch Jumbotrons"?

YOU decide!

(Why do so many Christian Megachurch people express the fact that they want to have sex with my wife?

Dennis Diehl said...

A Flurapackathielaspankasauris is what you get from mixing theology with delusional self absorption.

Hoss said...

The pig-man story was on the BNP channel, and to be fair to Bob, in a sermon, he differentiated between that and the CCOG channel. To summarize his convoluted explanation, he seemed to be saying that BNP videos are like Plain Truth articles, used to attract attention, whereas the CCOG videos are more like Good News material, for the more serious.

My own take is that Bob should be brief and punchy; the topics on BNP are more suited to the format of GTA's "5-minute capsules".

Anonymous said...

There was a book out 10 or 20 years ago called Animal Farm or something like that in which pig organs were being grown for use in humans. These organs ARE being used and therefore there are part-pig and part-humans out there. So it is not sci-fi and it is not a laughing matter, and it is a legitimate topic. Not that I think Bob has the right theology, but I would not make fun of him just for trying to tackle this subject.

RSK said...

If we had the capacity to "grow pig organs for use in humans", 6:27, wouldnt it be easier to just "grow" human organs?

Anonymous said...

Anon's statement on January 15, 2017 at 9:01 AM in reference to the DailyMail article, is true!
Here is the document from way back in 2011. This is basically a document for dealing with ethical questions that might arise about what Ethical Labs are scientifically attempting to do.

It's 2017, so maybe now, in unethical places, a pigman can be found?