Sunday, January 15, 2017

Is Gerald Flurry Looking to Sell Armstrong Auditorium as Income Plummets?

Gerald Flurry continues his downward spiral as his income drops and money flows out to keep a creepy old house in England up and running just so he can imitate Herbert Armstrong and be in place to dig up Hill Tara in Ireland where he will uncover the Ark of the Covenant.

As PCG looses members due to their anti-family message and spiritual abuse of members by Wayne Turgeon and others, income is dropping.  A person would never know though.  Gerald Flurry commissioned another musical based upon Old Testament characters.  These "musicals" have drained the PCG coffers of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.  They have been nothing more that a platform for Flurry's grand kids to perform Irish dance in and for the Malone's to have a place to perform where church members are forced to sit and listen to them week after week.  Many members are getting sick of listening to corny musicals and listen to Mrs. Malone screech on stage.

EDMOND—More than 100 Philadelphia Church of God cast and crew members are preparing for the December 29 debut of music director Ryan Malone’s newest musical, The Widow’s Might, which will show at Armstrong Auditorium. Beginning with a rehearsal on November 1, the musical’s chorus groups are focusing on the blocking and staging elements of the show. 
Based on the book of Ruth, the project began in February, with Mr. Malone and Pastor General Gerald Flurry exploring which biblical account to portray in the Church’s next musical production. 
“He thought, since he was going to be getting into some deeper understanding on this book of the Bible, that it would be timely to make this the next musical,” Mr. Malone said. 
Since August, 15 Irish dancers from the Maguire Academy have spent 21/2 hours every week rehearsing for the six dance numbers in the show. Choreographer and instructor Paris Turgeon says the group has dedicated an estimated 30 hours to the finale alone.

A reader here wrote the following about the current state of affairs in the Philadelphia Church of God:

Gerald Flurry has commanded a mandatory Fast starting at sunset last night. He's in a mad panic because membership is down terribly and they're in bad shape financially. Edstone is a money pit and costing them a fortune, bringing in zero revenue. They can't even afford a backup generator when the power frequently goes out. 
The Irish dancing expenses is out of control! The fees to attend the different Feis around the country, the costumes and expensive wigs. There's even rumors of possibly selling the Auditorium.
The recent Ruth play didn't bring in the funds they thought it would, seems these clowns have no idea what they're doing.


Anonymous said...

“Gerald Flurry has commanded a mandatory Fast starting at sunset last night. He's in a mad panic because membership is down terribly and they're in bad shape financially.”

If the fast is long enough, some more old PCG geezers might die from it and leave their estates to the PCG. This might work well for Gerald, but not so well for the old PCG members who croak. The length of the fast could be determined by how many old geezers the PCG needs to snuff out so it can access their estates.

A mandatory fast for all PCG members might actually be an excellent idea. Too many filthy old men and horny old hags in the PCG have nothing but sex on their minds continually. Week after week, month after month, and year after year, all they do is prowl around and prey on the younger members. That is all they are there for. Too many of the local PCG leaders are just in it for that reason too. It is insane. If PCG members are required to fast long enough, they might eventually, finally, start to think about something other than trying to satisfy their deranged sexual appetites.

Byker Bob said...

He may be about to make the horrifying discovery that the auditorium is the same white elephant that the Ambassador Auditorium proved to be.

As this drama unfolds, it may become very instructive to those in the Armstrong "diaspora" (the 700 Club of splinters). I'm sure that a cold chill will be going up Dave Pack's spine as he hears this news.

Even the copyrights PCG purchased from GCI are relatively valueless, because all of the other ACOGs have already learned that they can get along without them.

I will say this. Backup generators for large buildings are incredibly expensive. A client of mine was forced to look into renting one about 2 years ago. The expense would have been several times his expected revenue loss due to lack of power for his equipment.

I think Flurry's goose has already been cooked. This is going to throttle them to some extent for the foreseeable future.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Who would ever buy the auditorium? Edmonds, Oklahoma. Really. Who would buy it?

Pasadena was a much more desirable location for buyers.

Perhaps, one day, the buildings will all be gone and the Irish dancers of the PCG will have only wilderness to practice dancing -- in fact, they could have dancing with wolves.

Or is that redundant?

Connie Schmidt said...

Nero supposedly fiddled while Rome burned, and concerts and symphonies went on in Berlin until just a week or so before the fall of the Nazi empire, and thus so "the show must go on" at Flurry's HQ.


>>>Pack and Flurry to merge. Declining income and membership for both churches forces decision. Not just organizations and members, but even the two leaders will amalgamate. The new hybrid solo leader will now be known as...



Anonymous said...

Good one, Connie - "Mr. Flack!" They are definitely two of a kind. Dave Pack wrote his book, "Is "That Prophet" Alive Today?" to prove that Flurry was a false apostle taking on the name of Christ. Of course, Flurry also took on the title of Elijah and concocted many personal prophecies not substantiated in the Bible. Then, when Dave Pack later took on the title of God's Apostle, Elijah and then that prophet,and proceeded to imagine his own wild prophecies Pack's own words indicted him as well! Of course, that is when the book was taken off the RCG website and is no longer in print. Sadly, most of RCG's current members, including the ministry have never read that book. If they did, they would be shocked at what Dave Pack, in his own words, is telling them!!

Anonymous said...

God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him must do so in spirit and in Truth; yet the seems to be no shortage of the carnal minded who claim to be Christian even though they are in the habit of indulging earthly desires, and frankly almost always at the expense of others...

Anonymous said...

Does Reality have to be so unpleasant, so horrible before you look it in the face? If you've believed God was uniquely blessing you, how do you stop? Flurry's broke, but can't believe that would be possible.

Flurry had a "prosperous" period 1000 years ago in the late 80s, when he boasted of "growth," which was his word for the flow of people, to him, that had jumped ship from the original WCG. It seemed like a lot -- for a short while. Where I live, the daughters of a late longtime, respected and beloved minister, and their husbands, went Flurry -- big news, and sad. A longtime deacon went to Flurry -- shaking heads, long faces. But then it all receded into the dim past.

PCG's acquisition of Herbert's books, after all that legal wrangling, was hailed as PROOF (Oh! Did I grow sick of hearing that word!) that Gerald Flurry was the God-chosen successor. But so many of us had decided we didn't need to read Herbert anymore, and if there were some specific thing we wanted to go back and remind ourselves of, there were a dozen different online places we could go. We didn't need Flurry even for that.

He sought to exactly re-create the Wonderful World of Herbert -- published works, broadcast media, buildings, church activities -- but on the financial backs of a group of people less than 10% (maybe 5%?) the size of the original group of worshipers. And led by a man with a fraction of Herbert's ability and presence.

It was going to collapse under the weight of debt, taken on "in faith." And here we go.

Minimalist said...

Did anyone notice that the asking price for the English mansion was kind of Low relative to the really high cost of real estate in UK?

The reason old places like that are often a "bargain" is that, apart from the very high running costs, they almost always need literally millions of dollars/pounds in infrastructure repairs/upgrades!

Hoss said...

If Gerry gets a good offer, I wonder if he'll copy Joe and hold out for less money?

Black Ops Mikey said...

Of course it could make lots of money turned into a cat house.

And we're not talking the feline kind.

Connie Schmidt said...

I heard that Flying J and Pilot truck stops are interested in purchasing the Edmund property. Due to its central heartland location, their interest would be to turn the auditorium in the "Worlds Most Deluxe Truck Stop" , a wonderland and destination point for America's Truckers.

Maybe Tony Orlando and Dawn , Dolly Parton, or Donnie and Marie Osmond might buy the auditorium and turn it into an Okie from Muskogee tourist trap?

The Painful Truth said...

It will fun to do some urban exploring in a few years after its shuttered.
Watch this to understand the concept if its new to you:

Black Ops Mikey said...

Little known fact:

Edmond was the site of the post office massacre on August 20, 1986, in which 14 people were killed and six wounded by Patrick Sherrill, an ex-postman who then committed suicide. This event was the deadliest killing in a string of postal employee murder-suicides throughout the U.S that are the inspiration for the American slang term, "going postal".

If things get too tight, we wonder if the PCG leadership will go postal. Or, considering the dissatisfaction of the membership, we wonder if they might go postal.

My dad always said, "If your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall".

Especially true of alcoholics.

Anonymous said...

The KKK is in an uprise in that area.
Maybe they'd like to buy it.

Wouldn't it be a hoot if in the Kingdom Herbie and other White Supremacists crashed and Jesus pissed on their graves?

Sadly and of course, it wouldn't be more than three whistles from reality for such a pisser to happen. And a PISSER it would be, LOL!!!

Byker Bob said...

What would the implications be of selling the auditorium? The only way that I can even get a glimpse into this would be to imagine if this had happened on the old AC Pasadena campus. First, it would have meant sharing the campus with outsiders, in a situation where the outsiders had a great deal of control. Right off the bat, there would be both security and privacy issues. Many Armstrongites are very inflexible, are accustomed to demanding special accommodations, and they insist on imposing their rules on outsiders that enter their domain. Anyone who purchased the auditorium would soon find themselves in a very dysfunctional arrangement, seriously devaluing their new asset.

Secondly, PCG would find itself having lost a tremendous amount of prestige and credibility, selling off what is arguably their chief crown jewel. There would be financial implications, and to use Armstrong code, it would also mean that the pride of their power had been broken.

The fact that Flurry threw his hands in the air and commanded a fast means that he probably recognizes the hopelessness of his situation. He would have been much better advised to quietly take out a loan against some of the properties on his campus, and to obtain the wise counsel of a qualified accounting firm which could establish some better financial policies to assist in navigating through this crisis.

Diminished membership means diminished resources. Downsizing would mean curtailing some of the expensive activities which are not directly associated with their mission statement. Perhaps this fast is more like the classic shocking statement, psyops to soften up the Edmond people for cutbacks of some of the niceties and frills, and to spawn sacrifices and additional offerings.

It all bears further monitoring. It may be even more serious than they are letting on.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

A reader wrote, "Gerald Flurry has commanded a mandatory Fast starting at sunset last night".

MY COMMENT - The old mandatory church wide fast. Who would have seen that coming, LOL? Why is it always the dumb tithe slave sheeple who have to inflict even more pain upon themselves to appease and please an angry God for the incompetence and ineptitude of their Pastor General Apostle of God and his ministers.

How in the hell would Philadelphia Church of God sell this white elephant auditorium out in the middle of nowhere? Who would want it unless it was another cult.

As Mr. Armstrong use to say, "God will bless us if we please him". God must not be pleased with Gerald Flurry and his Armstrong Church of God franchise. Otherwise, God would bless them without the need to inflict more pain on the brethren. Of course, the brethren will get blamed for the mis-management by Flurry and his ministers.


Anonymous said...

As a young girl who personally participated with the dance for 12 years, and has younger siblings still involved, some of us had no choice and were forced to participate. My brother thinks his future is in dance just because he doesn't really have a choice. It's a brainwash for the kids. Honestly, it as a good experience but I'm glad that I'm gone.

Unknown said...

Can someone please tell me what the point of a church-wide fast? If membership and tithes are down, then how is fasting supposed to help?

Anonymous said...

All the armstrongite splinter churches are "mini-me" organizations.

Joe said...

Fasting and affliction are biggies in the church.
Consider this:

Men, if your wife can sit down comfortably at services something is wrong in your home. You are wimping out on your role as her lord and master at home! This is why the God is displeased with the church. This is why things are going wrong at headquarters.
You men must step up to the plate and control your women. Put them back in their place.
Once this is done with loving discipline administered with your belt, once we have a few women with nicely welted backsides, the church will enter a new age of prosperity and growth.

Yeah, I wouldn't put it past them. Heard a sermon that bordered on telling men to spank their wives to tears.

Byker Bob said...

So surreal. It's as if some of these leaders have had parts of their brains lysergically removed! Armstrongism is a bad drug, especially amongst the most extreme groups.


Anonymous said...

3.48 PM
Excellent point. Loving wife beating will definitely make the world a better place.

Redfox712 said...

Wow. Clearly all is not well in the Kingdom of Gerald Flurry.

Why didn't anyone in PCG's HQ foresee that maintaining a second campus in Edstone would be such a financial burden? This indicates that PCG's 1% have drifted into a comfortable bubble among themselves that contributed to them making unsound decisions.

As for Edstone being out of power as it is mentioned in the Trumpet Daily broadcast of January 12, 2017 ("#397: Trump's Wall and World War 3") that Edstone was out of power.

Anonymous said...

Or just take a piss and let "it" go once and for all! You dang river-dancin druids!


Anonymous said...

Yes i was told this as well that they were having a worldwide fast to increase the membership to bring in more money. Yet they keep having these concerts to promote Malone's so called genius and his wife's screeches which they praise to high hills and back. And yet they keep begging the members for more money. I heard that 51%of the church is seniors who are not forced to tithe on fixed income but have been encouraged to work if they are able. They also want members to do more fundraisers.

Supposedly in a member/co-worker letter sent out in November he wrote that Obama was only the political Antiochus and that Trump is the modern day Jeroboam who will work with Joe Tkach Jr. The modern day Amaziah priest to chase the PCG OUT OF THE USA and so they will end up in Petra. The members thought Obama was the Jeroboam type as well but when Trump won the election Flurry had new revelation. So now they say Trump will be the last president.

Doris said...

I can't help but wonder how the "fast" turned out, did Flurry lose any members and the income go down. Now that would be an answer to a prayer.