Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How Would You Help A Person Escape The Dangerous Clutches of Wade Cox Cult?

The following request came in from a person in Benin, Africa who has deep concerns for a friend trapped in the clutches of Wade Cox and his cult.  Even though Cox cult is small, it attracts African members just like Bob Thiel does.   The WCG had a fairly large contingent of African members, but as the church imploded they were left by the wayside with no help.  These people turned to various splinter cult leaders like Meredith, Flurry, Thiel and Cox where they have ended up being trapped  further into the hell hole of legalism and aberrant doctrines.

Hi I am from Benin country if west Africa. I am deeply concern about my friend who become ccg member. All my effort to bring him back is vain. I am helpless. What can I do. ? Please help me. 

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Black Ops Mikey said...

Unfortunately, I gave up my website, after being told by my webhost that he felt so threatened that he was afraid that he'd come from Australia and shoot bullets into his house from the lawn -- Ted was really scared -- he never told me the exact conversation he had with Wade Cox, but that is the gist from his impression of the conversation [the President of told me that he also had a conversation that did not go well]. Fortunately, these days, webhosts have grown too large and are not particularly impressed with a cult leader from another country threatening them with suit [or worse] and the folks from told me they just laughed at him when he called them up. After that experience, though, I just wasn't interested in the hassle any more because he's such a minor player, there are more fish to fry and furthermore, basically his who congregation reorganized into the Assembly of Eloah, leaving him with no more than about 20 people worldwide (with one person in Canada). He can squawk all he wants, but frankly, he couldn't even hold on to his own people, so it's not clear why he thinks he's going to rebuild in Africa, particularly when many of the people there actually have support from the LCG and others at the same time as getting support from him. And also frankly, he's lost his revenue base customer income, so he just can't pump a lot of money into what is a losing battle there. I kept the document my attorneys at P.C. Pierson drew up for me pro bono (it was online for awhile) showing that he couldn't really sue me because he is a limited public figure who has no basis for the type of suits he files [his suit against me was dismissed by the Australians as being "ill conceived"]... besides the fact that the online Australian court database still has a record of the evaluation of his military psychiatrist after he shot as his own troops. Anyway, he's 71 years old and according to the charter of the ccg, he can no longer be the Coordinator General unless he's amended them without approval -- so he has no more career as a minister. He's supposed to be retired. End. Of. Story.

However, to the matter at hand, to help someone trapped in the cult, our good friends at As Bereans Did have at least 3 or 4 articles on Wade Cox which might be helpful, including the incredible debacle on Facebook.

But if he gets really pissy about all this, I can certainly bring back coxcult without any disruption from my webhost being threatened by him again....

Isn't he getting too old for this nonsense?