Friday, January 20, 2017

Ambassador Report Event In Las Vegas

Ambassador Report Announcement: 

Five original publishers/editors of Ambassador Report (AR) are holding an all-day event at The Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, March 16, 2017.  The event will be held on the day the combined three-campus Ambassador College Reunion ends.  For the first time the surviving principals of the AR will reveal the behind-the-scenes untold inside story of the making of the AR.  For information about attending click here.

Invitational Ambassador Report Private Party, March 16, 2017
Bill Hughes, Jim Lea, Len Zola (509) 342-9040
Welcome to the first Invitational Ambassador Report Private P
arty! Roughly speaking this will
be the 40
anniversary of
Ambassador Report
(AR). The first three magazine issues were
published in 1976, 1977, and 1978. It
been great fun and my pleasure to speak with every one
of you during verbal invitations this year.
Over these many decades we publishers, friends, and contributo
rs to the AR have enjoyed annual
and biannual gatherings in our homes reminiscing about our
experiences during the bittersweet
days ofwouldhavliked to
have been a fly on the wall at our staff and friends AR
parties over these many years. No doubt
they would have had a great time!" 


Connie Schmidt said...

Do they have an allied/partner specials with any of the casinos so that you get "comped" drinks and casino chips?

Michael said...

Sad, by the way, about John Trechak.

In my early days of leaving/having left WCG (late 80s-early 90s) I was devouring his AR. I had already come to the conclusion that WCG (and the Bible) was wrong, but until reading the ARs, I had no idea just how nutty and corrupt the organization underneath actually was.

I guess you could say he was exposing the filth inside Armstrongism before it became cool :)

Rest in peace, John.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many WCG members got free from the Armstrongs as a result of the work done by the Ambassador Report contributors. I know I was one and a 30-year couple also resigned after I shared with them my copies of the AR John sent me. I knew it existed but I was under such mind control I didn't pursue the publication earlier. Y'know Satan and all that BS.

I recall my first issue was a trial issue I sent for. After that eye-opener I sent for all the back issues and shared them with a deacon friend and his wife. Her eyes popped open and she actually resigned prior to my walk away after a confrontation with a Pasadena heavyweight came to visit our area. It seems the local Pastor was having a problem hanging on during those final days before the implosion of the WCG. The pastor hung on long enough to get his pension. He had been one of the first members I made friends with back in 1967 at my first Sabbath service in New Hampshire. He was one of the local leaders. After I resigned in '92 he had to get up and lie about me as a final action as a pastor. It was sad that he called my phone during working hours and disfellowshipped me on my answering machine.


Bill Hughes said...

If anyone wants to come hear the untold inside story of the making of Ambassador from the 5 Principal surviving publishers with other like-minded folks on March 16, contact me

Bill Hughes
Liberty Lake, WA
(509) 342-9040