Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dave Pack: Nothing in the Old South will ever match the slavery in the First Dominion

One more blessing to be a part of the superfantabulous Restored Church of will be benevolent slave masters.

All right…Here’s another one…The Gentiles are going to serve Israel. It’s been reduced to a tiny remnant, remember? That just stops short of looking like Sodom and Gomorrah. And the Gentiles, billions of them, are going to come and serve a tiny fraction of the people that were already only about a twelfth as big as all the Gentiles of the world? That introduces slavery that dwarfsdwarfs—anything the world has ever seen…or servitude—nothing in the old south even begins to rival that in numbers of people who would work for one slave owner. Now, the Israelites are benevolent masters. We’re not getting into the nature of servitude, as the Old Testament teaches Gentiles will do it initially. So how does that work?


Byker Bob said...

Koo koo! Coo coo!

The locoweed must accidentally be getting into the salad over there in Ohio!


James said...

How the excitement must be growing in Wadsworth, Ohio! Our very own slaves!

Black Ops Mikey said...

Not that the Bible is much of a guide to anything, but Pack has rejected even that as a basis of belief.

So now we are left with a free-wheeling cuckoo not with a too high flow of ideas not connected to reality -- the only thing they are connected to is his ego.

Move along -- not the truth you were looking for.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dave sure knows how to sell his deplorable version of ol' timey religion to the masses, doesn't he?

Anyone who stays in RCG after hearing Davey say this is deplorable.

Anonymous said...

Promising freebies always works. Ask any politician.

Unknown said...

Hey everyone... Get ready to sit in the "BACK OF THE BUS" !

Black Ops Mikey said...

In Dave's world, it isn't that some race or other doesn't matter, no one matters.

Anonymous said...

Restored will soon begin manufacture of Ambassador quality expensive 100% Corinthian leather spanking straps for the masters to use on their slaves.
This will serve two purposes:
1. It will enable the master race of the church to discipline the gentiles and their own wives and children at the same time!
2. It will bring in needed income for "the work"!

There can be a side industry of bondage equipment , chains, etc. And the church will not only sell to the membership but to the BDSM community as well!!
This is genius!