Monday, March 6, 2017

Dave Pack Salivating for Christ...

Sniff sniff...wink wink
"Now, here’s some bad news that I wanted to announce, but in a way, it can be good news (Well , I mean it is GREAT NEWS! really )when we understand such things from God’s perspective. You’ve heard the name, Mr. Meredith, Roderick Meredith, many times. He performed my marriage and baptized my first wife, and of course, was a dear friend for a full 30 years. I was Uncle Dave to his children and he was Uncle Rod to my children. (Actually I was Uncle Dave to every Evanglists family in my mind)
Mr. Meredith has, apparently, terminal cancer, and it was announced on Thursday in a way that was inconclusive. And then yesterday, an additional announcement came out stating that it definitely is cancer and he is…And I salute him for this, (Now die please and soon I have people to snag) and he’s 86 years and well, almost 87. In June, he’ll be 87, and so he’s lived a rich life. (No pun intended) He’s not going to do anything about it. (As if he could)  He said, “No heroic efforts. They may or may not be able to extend my life, but would they even extend the quality of my life?” So he’s basically home now and I will maybe at some later time talk a little bit more about this.
I think the fact that he is leaving the scene is much more significant than meets the eye—maybe much, much more than meets the eye. I would love to think, of course, (Uh huh) that he is a saint and I will see him again.(But I can't do that or I'd have to acknowledge there can be other sincere Christians outside of ME) It’s interesting, about a week ago I thought about writing him a letter, (I doubt it,  but maybe share what you would have said?)  maybe it was last weekend, and then of all things, on Thursday, we got these announcements. 
...But, I will say, he is the last of those seven original evangelists. He represents the end of an era. I certainly am not in any sense…I would think I don’t need to say this…I’m not, in any sense, happy about this,  (Of course you are),except (told ya!) in the sense that I can explain later on, something that you will appreciate understanding. It means he’s not part of the events to come, ( Neither will you be Dave) and I hope you can readily add two and two there and get four. (Doubt that too. RCG members are too brain dead already to add anything correctly anymore).  He does not need to go through the fire. There’s no…I mean, he’s had multiple strokes, and so how you see these men who are taken away is very important." (They are taken away by old age if lucky)

But in the splinters…Only God knows how individuals are seen in His eyes… (Oh lots more people than just God do too) But in the splinters, he is a titan and when he is gone, a church of 10,000-plus, many thousands of whom I know…are going to be thrown into turmoil. (Yay!!!!) Because virtually all the other senior ministers who were there have already died. And so I don’t know how that will go, I hear a lot of rumors, but we’ll talk more about it, maybe down the road. I just wanted you to know that. (Thanks!  Somehow we knew you would!)

As a brother in Christ, ( in Christ?  Really?  Then LCG types can stay put and be fine) then we can be praying for him (that's nice Dave)—but be praying for all the other brethren who are going to be thrown into terrible uncertainty when a man who was ordained an evangelist in 1953, I think, February’ 53 in Britain, is gone. (Come unto me, I mean us...pulllleaaaaase!) And since…And he even said in his comments he knows God could heal him, but he reportedly said, “I’m realistic. At my age, I doubt that’s going to happen.” So if he’s not doing anything to try to reverse it and makes that comment, then you can imagine how it will end. So, I’ll leave you with those thoughts. (Thanks but I got it figured out already)
David C Pack
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* "A long speech or piece of writing, typically one regarded as tedious"


Byker Bob said...

It would have been far more gracious of "Uncle" Dave to remain silent on this occasion. Too many people remember his prophecy regarding the spontaneous human combustion of three splinter leaders. Also, the acrimonious breakup of Global. But, it's not within Dave's character to hold his tongue.


Black Ops Mikey said...

you can imagine how it will end

No, probably not.

I used to think that Armstrongism would end long ago, so my imagination may not be up for what's next.

I'm pretty sure though, that eventually death will come to all the current leaders.

It is beyond my imagination that the 1%ers will admit they are stupid greedy jerks who are only in it for the power, narcissistic self-aggrandizement and the money being rebellious, anti-science, anti-truth, racist and completely selfish warlocks just like their erstwhile predecessor as they must quite reluctantly pass the baton of the leadership of a failing disgusting cult who will see to it as best they can that they will strive to be as abusive abrasive lying deceptive despots as their predecessors.

And the damage they will do in endlessly creative ways is also beyond my imagination.

Unknown said...

The "WOLF PACK" eyes and circles the prey!

Sweetblood777 said...

After writing 63 sermons and changing understanding to the point that none of it makes any sense, why would a person jump ship to end up in a boat with more holes? I can just imagine the thoughts going through Pack's head. What possible sermons he could dream up to encourage many to take the leap.

I doubt that there would be little more than a handful, if any. Most of us are getting too old to start jumping into anyone's soup at this point. So Dave, begin preparing yourself for another disappointment.

Anonymous said...

"But in the splinters, he is a titan and when he is gone, a church of 10,000-plus, many thousands of whom I know…are going to be thrown into turmoil."

Dave is literally positioning himself to be in the best position to start to "siphon brethren" from LCG as soon as RCM dies. He assumes that LCG will split apart and most run to him. Funny he recently said that God is only calling one here, one there, maybe two here or there, to RCG just a few weeks ago. Now all of a sudden with imminent death approaching for Rod, the flood gates are now open. It must be that the lukewarm brethren in LCG are now ready to move to RCG to re-ignite the "greatest work on earth".

Just a side note for you LCGers, bring your checkbook (common), Dave will definitely need a few more buildings on campus. I am sure Dave is already making budget projections based on how many new brethren he figures will come along for the ride.

Hoss said...

What is most likely to happen to the bulk of the membership of LCG? Go to Pack, Thiel, an internal faction, or just stay put? Stay tooned!

The Apostle to be said...

I had a Bob Thiel type of dream 7 nights ago, and in it a disgruntled member offed Dave. Now if this comes true, will I be able to claim my mantle as another run of the mill apostle? If so should I claim that God is calling me to start a new and improved version of Armstrongism?

When I reveal myself to the ACOG's they will come begging at my feet for I, me, and myself to lead them into the promise land of Petra. A land of milk and honey! So you all, get those check books ready! I'm going to be running the show and you WILL call me Mister!

Anonymous said...

"But in the splinters, he is a titan and when he is gone, a church of 10,000-plus, many thousands of whom I know…are going to be thrown into turmoil."

I remember Ted saying something similar, getting us ready for a massive influx into CGI when things were falling apart in WCG....but then, United happened.

not sure why Ted thought those guys would be interested in joining up with CGI....

Unknown said...

ANNON at 11:08

You forgot that in 1995, when Ted could have had an opportunity to get some new folks, he was caught with the masseuse on camera, the same time when UCG was forming.