Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dave Pack: "Get a Job! Support the Work of God!

All of you lazy Restored Church of God members had better get a job so you can send in your money to support Dave and his empire!  It is Dave's money, after all.
“For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies…[And that happens. You know, idle hands are the devil’s workshop.]…Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread” (3:11-12).
Now, to people of God around the world, I will just counsel you—as we come up to the time of Christ coming to His temple—get a job! Support the Work of God! Look at the context. This is not a sermon about “get a job.” It’s not a sermon about “six days shall you labor” or all the things I’ve said in other sermons. But it is worth noting the context, coming right up through this period, in this all important Work, because you tithe and you give offerings, and so forth. But anyway…


Byker Bob said...

Hah! I prefer others who are doing the work of God. Dave does mostly bad for God. Mr. Armstrong always preached quality! That means the law of supply and demand and Darwin alike should cause RCG to wither and die.


Hoss said...

What to do - get a job and give the money to Dave or work for Dave for free?

Dave: What do you mean OR?

Black Ops Mikey said...

The Devil's workshop is in Wadsworth... at least one of them.

And as for doing God's Work, isn't it presumptuous to do it for Him?

You'd think He'd want to do it Himself.

That way, He'd be assured that it's done right and not like something David Pack would do.

Anonymous said...

If Jerry can have one,me too.

Sooooo...... Suckers,opps I mean brethren,send those hard earned dollars into me.
My jet will be bigger and better than any jet that has gone before.

Glenn said...

I never see Dave write about his international work. I supposed he does not have one, not even a few bishops or apostles in Africa. Seriously, how many congregations and how many members does this dwindling money grab have? Got to be getting smaller every day. The whole thing will collapse the day after Dave dies.

Hoss said...

There are 15 psalms that are called Psalms of Ascent, sung while walking up to the Temple in Jerusalem. Perhaps Dave will replace these with Sha na na na, sha na na na na...

Anonymous said...

Most of the people in his organization are getting elderly, and I know how hard it is to find a job when you get past 80. I had one at the local casino driving one of those carts around to ferry people. When I tried to get into the thing for my training, with no adjustable seat and made for no one over six feet tall, I couldn't even operate the peddles, so that job went out the window about a year ago. There comes a time when people just can't be expected to land regular employment. Of course, a bullshit spreader can run his mouth as long as he isn't bed fast and can manage to shuffle to the lectern, where he can badger those who have to do actual jobs to go get a job. Doing what, when you have to shuffle around with a cane, etc.? I'd have difficulty being a janitor these days, and even at that demeaning and underpaid job of being a WalMart greeter. Just keeping up with a work schedule would be difficult these days when I need to be around to look after my wife's special needs. I'd tell him to go stuff his jet where the sun doesn't shine!

Allen C. Dexter

Anonymous said...

The one who should get a real job is Dave and his minister minions. Many of my former ministers never had a job outside the church, and it showed. Even though middle aged, they were teenage like in their interpersonal dealings.
I would soooo love to see these ministers in their first few days of a real job, that many were forced into after the WCG breakup. Shock-horror, they are no longer treated like junior gods, and others talk back, have opinions of their own, and defend themselves. The inhumanity of it all.

Black Ops Mikey said...

In my job as manager for a Fortune 50 Company, there were times when someone who seems like they were like David Pack would show up: They had their own ideas, did not play (or work) well with others, could not accept any ideas different than their own, were high maintenance, never listened, couldn't work cooperatively, were always making snide remarks about others, were completely unproductive and almost always wrong.

After due consideration, discussing the matter with my peers and consulting with HR, I finally escorted them to the back door, took their badge and corporate credentials and fired them (with no hope they might have of anyone there providing them with a recommendation). I made sure that the self-locking double doors were firmly shut behind them before returning to my work which was made much more productive and peaceful in their absence.

I never did feel bad about doing it and slept well at night afterwards.

I'm very certain that if David Pack worked for me, it would take me a lot less time and rumination to conclude that the best for everyone would be his termination.