Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wade Cox Claims Time Is Short For Muslims To Correct Error's Of Armstrongism

The Koran or Qur’an is an important work that is the Holy Testament 
of approximately one billion people. 
Few understand its original message and intent. 
It is correctly a commentary on the Bible by
 the Unitarian Sabbatarians in Arabia in the seventh century of the Current Era.  
Wade Cox

If you thought the Church of God could not get any crazier, then check this out from Wade Cox. The deluded mind of Cox is presently working on a "commentary" on the Koran, from an Armstrongist point of view. According to him the Muslims are to directly intervene in the sad state of affairs in the Churches of God and correct their mistakes.  Did I say things couldn't get any crazier????

We only have a very short time to finish our job and to reach the Arab tribes both the Arabs of Keturah and the Arabicised Arabs of Ishmael and of the other Shia and Hadithic Muslims in the world. We have less than Seven years and we must be finished by 2024 in order to save the lives of the one claiming to be Muslims and also those claiming to be Christians. We have much less time to save those claiming to be of the churches of God. They of the Sardis and Laodiceans will be exterminated by the end of the Witnesses and the arrival of the Messiah.
It is critical that they understand and realise that they have to correct the errors of the Armstrong offshoots and the COG (SD) and also the errors of the E. G White of the SDAs and the errors of the JWs. Never has there been a time where the churches of God and the Sabbath system been so corrupted and where Hadithic and Shia Islam has been such a poison among mankind.
As if any Muslim is going to waste their time trying to "correct" Armstrongism.  It is laughable beyond belief.

Cox claims he has the correct calendar that the church should be using.  James Malm claims the same thing.  Bob Thiel claims the same thing too.  Various COG's claim they do.  Yet, not a single one of them know what they are talking about.  Besides, it is NOT a salvation issue.

The paganised Arabs when they took over Islam and the Jews when they were banished in 70 CE at the fall of the Temple destroyed their calendar, following their heresy, under the Will of God. Hillel II issued the false calendar in 358 CE. Paganised Islam destroyed their calendar at the end of the Eighth century CE 


Byker Bob said...

Wade Cox still has followers? These people somehow never admit that they have failed as ministers and move on to other things. I thought everyone left Cox and started up the Assembly of Elohah!


Connie Schmidt said...

Cox has his work cut out for him, because after he is done with Islam, he will have to produce a book for the Hindus and Buddhist folks too!

Im going to start my own cult too, based in Hawaii. Services will be at the beach, and in casual swimwear. After church, we will all surfboard or bodysurf, have a luau and have campfires singing fun surfer tunes.

Im going to call it the "Assembly of Aloha"

Anonymous said...

Wow, the grandest delusion of all.
Simply mind boggling crap.
New church alert: CGBS Church of God Bull sh...

Hoss said...

Careful, or CGBS will become a sacred cow, and the Assembly of Aloha members pressured to buy a private outrigger.

Opinionated said...

Nothing new here, move along.

Stephen Korsman said...

Jesus said that we'd know his disciples by their love. He said the greatest commandments are love of God and neighbour.

This whole idea that the calendar is so important, that God causes people who are unfaithful to lose the correct calendar, is hilarious. It's at the level of absurdity as people arguing about whether cheddar or gouda is better, and declaring that God has caused those who are unfaithful to prefer gouda as a sign of his rejection.

The historical revisionist ideas about Muslims are just as bad - perhaps the Muslims will help the COGs identify the correct cheese.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how all these splinter cults expect their members to "jump through hoops" and believe EVERYTHING that these cult leaders spit out of their mouth!

Anonymous said...

The church of God focuses on the physical. Grace and spiritual things are alien to them.
The kingdom of God doesn't come with observation but they look for it.
Flesh and blood can't enter it but they wait for a fleshly kingdom on earth.
It is all about food and drink and days, months, years and calendars with them.
They will screw over one another, gossip and not care about one another but come to your home and read the ingredients list on the food you cooked.