Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dave Pack: Opportunistic Men Have Led Thousands of COG Members Off Into Splinter Groups.

Dave Pack says the Wizards running the splinter groups are opportunistic men who have led the people astray.  For once Dave Pack has gotten something right!  From Thiel, to Malm, to Kubik, to Flurry, to Weston, the list goes on and on naming the opportunistic men who have self-appointed themselves as the "spiritual leaders" of hundreds of splinter groups.  Of course, the one man missing from the equation is Dave Pack himself.  No other man in the history of human civilization has been used by God more than Dave has.

If all the ministers with the Holy Spirit had said the flock is going to get slaughtered, banded together and confronted a lot of the newbies that were evangelists that they knew weren’t converted, that didn’t have the weight and stature of the giants of the past—those guys would have folded their tent and blown into the wind like leaves in October. They would have been gone and the Church would have been saved. Now, it isn’t what God wanted, but a lot of people said, “Why didn’t they stand up?” and the answer is—they were never going to spare the flock. They had grown too weak, even though they were converted; but they could have confronted.
Now…let’s fast-forward. Because men began to leave in different times and over different issues, were fired at different times…Different groups formed, nature abhors a vacuum. Wham! Opportunists stood up, and they would grab thousands of people, pull them to themselves and there’d be a whole bunch of groups instead of one.
They were given a second chance—outside the Worldwide Church of God—to unify, and where there’s about 50,000 people in the splinters, they chose to stay under ministers…I’m talking about the ministers for a moment…under ministers who were divided, who would not give up power; who had their own doctrinal ideas, their own administrative style; believed God had chosen them and created their own narratives for why “we’re right and everybody else is wrong.” That’s what happened. And so, they wouldn’t give up power, and the brethren wanted to be together.


Byker Bob said...

Seriously? He can write that last paragraph and not realize that it plainly applies to himself?


Anonymous said...

The perceptiveness of his speech proves that he's aware of his own evil. He's hiding it, but he's enslaved by his lusts.
The wolf warning his prey about other wolves. There's something comical about it.

Hoss said...

Decades ago I had the naive assumption that the longer a minister stayed in the Tkatch WCG the more they accepted, at least, passively, the changes that were being made. If not, why were they still there?
I didn't realize at the time that, unlike members, ministers were far less likely to leave on principle - it might mean having to get a real job.
I just looked up Dave's "changes list" in Ambassador Report - he did say he didn't disagree with all the changes.

Anonymous said...

David Pack YOU Are A Splinter Group!!!

DennisCDiehl said...

Dave, in his sermons and with excellent examples of it in his series on Bible "Science" and creationism, has a blatant tendency to project his mistaken notions on others. "That's YOU Dave!" in your head is when you know he just did it again.

Sweetblood777 said...

Everything Dave Pack said applies also to him, and more so.

He is crying because these same people didn't come over to his group. Packofshit is just another money grubber who pants for the tithes plus common, plus whatever is left, for himself.

Anonymous said...

"The wolf warning his prey about other wolves...."

This is a so called minister, who's left several suicides in New York churches he's "pastored". Talk about being in denial. . . . . .

Byker Bob said...

Meanwhile, as permafrost melts, releasing even more carbon and methane into the atmosphere, Dave and the others ignore real issues such as the ongoing sixth mass extinction, because it just doesn't fit the Armstrong prophecy mold or certain political agendas. These little issues such as which might be the authentic splinter of a false and irrelevant religious movement are totally inconsequential. Cutting edge comedy for a small circle of friends, yes. It's like someone dying of AIDS or Hep C being upset about getting a pimple.