Sunday, December 31, 2017

Is Fred Coulter's Christian Biblical Church of God Imploding?

Word is leaking out of England that Fred Coulter's group is having huge issues there.  It has been reported on Church of God News that it has imploded:
In the early years of CBCG Fred Coulter referred to his then small group as “the no hassle, recycle, last resort, Church of God.” It still can be - but not if you have a disagreement with Fred Coulter over doctrine or policy. 
David Obey, the UK ‘Office Manager’ (there was never an actual ‘office’) for the past decade has been described by someone who knew him well as “abrasive” and “easily offended”.  
A parting of the ways at some point seemed inevitable. He resigned earlier this year, warning subscribers of ‘dangers’ of keeping their names and contact details on the mailing list.  
His reluctant replacement found the situation so difficult that he soon resigned in frustration - much to the fury of Fred Coulter. 
There was no Festival of Tabernacles site this year (and no prospect of one any time soon). The remaining subscribers to CBCG’s material are now receiving their regular mailings from Australia.

Fred Coulter was disfellowshipped by the Worldwide Church of God in 1980 along with several other Pasadena leaders:  

Editor's note: The following list, provided by Ministerial Services, is in addition to previously published lists of disfellowshipped ministers. 
Charles Barrett, David Bierer, Bobby Boyce, Henry Buck, Rod Carnes, Lor Chamberlain, Fred Coulter, Hollis Crotts, Brent Curtis, Richard Gipe, John Hammer, Robert Hoops, Joe Horchak, Bronson James, Charles Oehlman, John Ouvrier, George Panteleeff', Ted Phillips, Bill Porter. Jack Pyle, V. Ray PyleDavid Robinson and Doug Taylor. 

Fred Coulter is also know for his voluminous reorganization of the Bible into its "correct" order.

The New Testament In Its Original Order—A Faithful Version with Commentary is the only English New Testament in which the books are arranged in their correct, original order. It retains the grace and grandeur of the King James Version while clarifying many of its problematic passages. Included are commentaries that answer such questions as: What is the New Testament? Who wrote it? When was it written? Who canonized it? Other commentaries thoroughly explain the history and preservation of the Bible. Various appendices cover numerous controversial New Testament teachings in detail. It is no longer in print. The New Testament Text, Commentaries and Appendices have now been incorporated in The Holy Bible In Its Original Order.
Fred is also known for hsi interst in phrenology where he claimed he could read peoples problems by feeling the bumps on peoples heads.

Fred has always been known for his weird beliefs and teachings.  His god was speaking to him in 2011 and revealed a new species that was to evolve in the world, "transhumans."

Transhumanism: Becoming Gods—Satan’s Way: The recent messages I have given on Transhumanism (TH) actually show that God’s timetable is going to be much longer than we may have anticipated. TH is a widespread philosophical, scientific, and religious movement that will bring about man’s greatest achievements under the direct influence of Satan the Devil. TH combines advancements in nanotechnology with the sophisticated genetic mixing of the human and animal genome in order to create super humans. Ultimately, this is Satan’s perverted plan to convince men that they can become gods and obtain immortality without God.  Fred Coulter: Transhumans To Rule Earth Before Tribulation
Why is it that Armstrongism is filled with such extremely spiritually degenerate men? Are there any real spiritually grounded men in the church?  Has there ever been any in the last 80 some years? There certainly are none in the 21st century!


Anonymous said...

Where did Fred get the transhumans will rule just before the tribulation idea?
I just remembered, it's from Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan. These transhumans will be aided by Jedi knights and wookiees.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Fred Coulter until I seen him mentioned on this forum.

James said...

"Fred has always been known for his weird beliefs and teachings. His god was speaking to him in 2011 and revealed a new species that was to evolve in the world, "transhumans.""

Well Fred learned this deceptional tactic from Herbie. Remember that HWA was smart enough to learn to read from his early years on. He created prophecy from the newspapers he was reading. Fucking Fred is of the same ilk.

Connie Schmidt said...

Whatever you do, dont connect Fred Coulter with Robert Coulter of the Church of God 7th Day. They are in no way related in the least. Robert Coulter has been a kind, loyal servant of that church for more than 60 years, and has written an excellent history of the Sabbatarian movement.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Fred Coulter Was around WCG in the Fifties and Sixties and was well known at that time. He's just another with grandiose ideas about himself.

Redfox712 said...

I once read Robert Coulter's sermon that prompted his expulsion from WCG. He condemned HWA's decision to appoint Stanley Rader as an evangelist.

I once read an article from their website (now offline) by one Carl Franklin when I still believed much of what LCG taught. The article insisted that Stanley Rader was responsible for HWA adopting one man rule. But the author somehow failed to note that the article calling for one man rule was a reprint article that actually predated the article that Franklin presented as evidence that HWA did not adopt one man rule before Rader arrived. That article was manifestly wrong.

Redfox712 said...

Fred Coulter made the following bizarre, paranoid, conspiracist statement in a sermon dated January 13, 1996.

"Now you pick any of the names of those who are in the conspiratorial thing of the synagogue of Satan, which includes: the Zionist Jews, the Roman Catholics, the Masons, the Knights of Columbus, and all of their various agencies and clubs wherever they are, and all of those who are the great leaders, God is going to make them come before us and bow down and worship us and acknowledge that while they were busy running the world, Christ loved us because we love Him."

nck said...


I believe that too much has been made of (sinister) influx of individuals in the hierarchy.
As a lone wolf I do believe that HWA actually believed what he had researched.

I believe the organization developed from a rather "democratic" foundation (in the sense that the leaders were not ordained by the Pope) from small beginnings with many having an impact to a large organization where levels of hierarchy were introduced according to an outdated management system, with titles and all. It would have been so much better if the Church in its inception phase would have had access to modern management principles of agile teams and decision making.

Yes in 1953 IRS tax legislation prompted the Church to Organize from radio audience to local congregations. Yes Rader in 1969 changed the bylaws to a virtual dictatorship, corrupting the behavior of management even further.

I dont think there was much conspiracy or plotting. Just awful unprofessionalism with "scholars" pretending to be big shot managers and ad hoc decision making instead of long term planning etc. This was of course due to the inherent belief in a temporary nature of the church.


Anonymous said...

Bronson James was disfellowshipped? From which group. I knew him a long time ago when he was in Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Fred Coulter is the MOST DEDICATED, SINCERE, HONEST and HUMBLE minister I have EVER heard and speaks the TRUTH, "IN SEASON"!!!! He points people TO GOD!!! "I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE"!! Everything else is pure BS!! Get a life Malm!! You are a WARPED individual!!

narlycat said...

I wonder if Coulter still thinks that there is a Jesuit under every bed?

Anonymous said...

I recall HWA hating the customs search every time his entourage went abroad and I always wondered why it would be any different for them than anyone else. Now we know they were smuggling for the Jesuit Rader. Clearly, if you ever become familiar with Fred Coulter's teaching you will see he does a much better job of the presenting truth, self-examination, and repentance. I'm glad he left WCG in 1979 to focus on truth and create a place open to all who know they had been deceived. His transparent ministry is refreshing and honest.

James said...

Fred Coulter is one of the finest people, His Elders are excellent god fearing people, It is a shame that
You fell that you have to put him down . I will certainly pray for you