Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gerald Flurry: "Correction brings joy" because "feelings and physical evidence don’t matter; just believe."

Gerald Flurry recently held a speaking engagement in Norwalk California.  After flying in on the Flurry family private jet, he spoke to a group of Trumpet subscribers. With 200 people present (most of them PCG members) God's mighty spokesman delivered a "masterfully put together and delivered" message.

Here is what Grant Turgeon reported:
Mr. Flurry was markedly more direct in Houston than he had been in Norwalk: He emphasized that the Apostle Paul wrote Hebrews just before Roman troops destroyed Jerusalem in a.d. 70, killing 600,000 people and resulting in the starving Jews resorting to cannibalism. This suffering, Mr. Flurry said, is a type of what Americans will soon experience.
The same tired and broken record of endless destruction and starving American citizens continues on. It is disgusting watching these COG leaders get all orgasmic at the mere thought of this happening.  They need starvation, parents eating children, rampaging Germans hanging Americans from meat hooks, and more, in order for them to be proven right in their endless prophetic speculations.

Then Flurry makes an incredibly ill-informed and absurd slam against Christians.
Mr. Flurry said that in Hebrews, Paul tried to give members of God’s Church a hopeful vision. “Lose the vision, and you will fall,” he said. While traditional Christians focus on the dead Jesus Christ, true Christians should focus on His role as Advocate and Intercessor in their lives each day, and on mankind’s potential to become Spirit-born Sons of God as Christ did, Mr. Flurry said. He also urged listeners to prove and keep the Sabbath day to have rest from sin.
The only Christians I have ever seen that focused on a "dead Jesus Christ" has been COG leaders.  Every Passover they take great pleasure in sacrificing him once again, in amplified matzo cracking glory, in some godforsaken school gym. Then, a week later they are back to amplifying the law because they refuse to follow a risen Christ.  Jesus has been left on those gym floors for decades.  Its no wonder they can't find him. Plus, the Christians I know worship a risen Christ.
Mr. Davis called the lecture “masterfully put together and delivered.” He said, “I know that God inspired that. It was a noticeably strong message both nights, and the people responded positively to that.”
On the second night, Mr. Flurry spoke to a group of approximately 80 subscribers, giving two reasons why God’s people should be bold:
1. Be bold because you can enter God’s throne room.
2. Be bold because Christ is in the Holy of Holies interceding for you.
Flurry expects his followers to believe and follow every single thing he says, with faith.  Word is spreading that PCG now realizes that his eminent prophetic predictions are not happening and therefore may be many years further down the line before anything happens.  He has to keep his troops in line and subservient.
Faith is assurance before possession, Mr. Flurry said, citing Hebrews 11:1. Noah built the ark for 100 years without a sign of the coming Flood. If God has made a promise, Mr. Flurry said, feelings and physical evidence don’t matter; just believe.
Correction brings joy, Mr. Flurry said. God corrects His sons, who will one day be made perfect spirit beings free from evil human nature.
The sick legacy of Armstrongism continues unabated.


Dennis Diehl said...

First mistake. Paul did not write Hebrews. No educated theologian would say he did. Of course, Flurry is not a trained theologian. He, like Pack and Thiel are mere bible readers

Allen Dexter said...

And, the Millerite nonsense continues. It's soon going to be two centuries that babble has been messing up people's lives and leaving them holding empty bags. I think the original prognosticator was probably sincere -- sincerely wrong, of course. I, and countless others, were sincerely wrong in the 1970s too. Too bad there's no way to put an end to this madness. For those of you who still have faith in that made up god, how long are you going to keep flogging that dead horse?

Byker Bob said...

And, the biggest problem for Flurry is that old combination of proverbs: If a tree falls in Brooklyn and nobody heard it, did it actually make noise?

Probably more people were reached in Norwalk by traffic safety class, recall more, and got a more useful message than anything Flurry had to offer that same day. And the traffic safety teacher didn’t leave such a huge carbon footprint by using a jet as his transportation to class. We can also bet that there was much more diversity amongst those in the traffic safety class!


Anonymous said...

I will keep flogging that dead horse and believing in 'that made up God' as long as He keeps answering my prayers.

Anonymous said...

My bible introduction comments for Hebrews says that the author is unknown. I don't like Dennis's 'mere bible readers' comment. The implication is that there needs to be big people (like Dennis) telling the little people what the bible really means.

Hoss said...

just believe

Martin Luther would have agreed, but not James (Jas 2).

And despite the temple references, Hebrews could have been written post-70 CE. The first reference to Hebrews was by Clement in 95 CE.
The English translators played around with many verb tenses, changing present to past. I don't think I've ever seen a COG-analysis ever mention this, as the correct rendering goes against their theology.

Anonymous said...

Flurry is desperate to be seen as an authority on the level of HWA, but even the other ACOGs steal his few contributions and obscure or downplay his importance. Just look at an item in LCG's latest weekly update, "Jerusalem Findings Support the Bible, which describes the recent discovery of artifacts containing the names of Hezekiah and Isaiah.

LCG wants its members to accept these as valuable discoveries that prove the Bible, yet they don't tell their members that it was a Flurry-funded excavation that found these items. What duplicity! While Lil' NCIS Jimmy spends LCG tithe money on expensive travel, Flurry spends his tithes on groundbreaking archaeology (we won't talk here about his ridiculous Irish dancing obsession). Seems that LCG owes us a "correction" here!

Dennis Diehl said...

956 it's the same as saying "pious convictions with marginal information"

Anonymous said...

Paul I know, Jesus I know, but who is Gerald Flurry ???

DennisCDiehl said...

"Faith is assurance before possession, Mr. Flurry said, citing Hebrews 11:1. Noah built the ark for 100 years without a sign of the coming Flood. If God has made a promise, Mr. Flurry said, feelings and physical evidence don’t matter; just believe."

I know it makes some angry to hear this but Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen" is easily understood to mean "Now faith is what we hope is true, based on absolutely no evidence."

That's what faith is. It is belief that what we think is true even though it does not stand up to scrutiny or criticism well and actually won't abide being questioned until it is obviously, as in the case of COG prophetic rants, not so and has failed once again.
In time, as proved over and over, faith falls to facts, though some born at the wrong time and thinking ahead of their times or leaders, knowing the facts, were burned at the stake by the faithful.

"Faith: Confident belief in truth, value or trustworthiness of a person, idea or thing that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence"

Defensive types will note, " use faith every day. You get on an airplane in faith it will land." That's a false equivalence . An airplane is designed to land time after time and do it well. Religious faith is quite different from airplane faith. It tends to crash on landing and often never actually takes off.

Faith expects us to see what is not there. John 20:29/Romans 1:20/14:22/2 Cor. 4:18/Heb 11:1, and not only that, we are blessed for seeing what no one can see including ourselves.

"Faith requires that we literally make believe, that we presume, presuppose, and pretend: that we ignore what we really do see and imagine something is there when apparently it isn't. It means we lie to ourselves and fool ourselves. Worse than that, faith requires we believe the unbelievable." Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism

Gerald Flurry's demands for faith, as well as Dave Pack's aren't going to end well

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I will keep flogging that dead horse and believing in 'that made up God' as long as He keeps answering my prayers.
March 10, 2018 at 9:49 PM ....

so does that mean the moment he doesn't answer a prayer you are done with him? wow! how selfish an one sided you

DennisCDiehl said...

...and beliefs based on faith in what one hopes is so based on no evidence that it is so become delusional beliefs when the person or organization is presented with the facts and yet remain fixed contrary to them. Part of the problem too is that beliefs fall into the "sacred" category and that which is considered sacred will fight tooth and toenail to stay that way.

Scientific inquiry, the scientific method and the willingness to discard that which ultimately does not stand up to scrutiny or is inconsistent in its outcomes will prove faith in many things sacred unfounded over time. Dave, Bob, Ron and Gerald will die and life will go on without them or their sure words of prophecy ever coming to pass.

Hoss said...

And HWA saying he was stepping out in faith meant he was going to be spending a lot of money, and expecting members and coworkers to provide it...

Connie Schmidt said...

Dear Mr. Flurry,

You are a mentally ill , abusive , moronic , sociopath.



Anonymous said...

Not sure if the Jews deserved what the Romans did in 70 AD, but much of the so-called persecution of Jews is really retribution/payback. It's not just the Romans who "persecuted" them, "everyone" does. What is the common denominator? The Jews. Is everyone else always wrong, or is there something about the Jews? They are the only people who think they are "the chosen people" so much better than every one else and that everyone else was created only to serve them, submit to them, and to be their slaves and possessions. Gerald Flurry will never tell you that because he's an ignorant twit who rejects anything that does not fit in with his biased world-view.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:39 PM

You wrote: is there something about the Jews? They are the only people who think they are "the chosen people" so much better than every one else

Your ignorance is pathetic. I won't do your research for you, but off the top of my head I can think of two national/racial cultures that (1) are based on the idea that one particular race is superior to all others, and that (2) have more members than the Jewish race/culture. Furthermore, some (not all) Jews understand the "chosen people" status not as something that makes them superior, but rather that challenges them with the burden of unique responsibilities that are not incumbent on any other peoples, while God will reward the rest of humanity for trying its best to abide by the very simple so-called "Noachide Laws."

As a matter of fact, I can think of one other religious movement, familiar to most of us here, that does consider its members the Chosen People, and that promises these Chosen People rewards that their God will not give to others who are not among the Chosen.

Anonymous said...

The PCG does not do correction. The PCG does satanic abuse.