Sunday, January 23, 2022

There's Always Time:


Did Someone Order a Miracle?

"I still have no Omicron, and to me that's a POWERFUL miracle"
Apostle David C Pack
 Part 345 Opening 

Yet Apostle Dave disappeared from the pulpit for 9 weeks after the Feast of 2020 and when he "reappeared" - he said...


(It Delta Dawned on him to fess up evidently)

"One of the tidbits just relayed to me was that the reason Dave Pack has been missing for 9 weeks is that he had COVID. Should we have expected less since he held Feast of Tabernacles on his cult compound in Wadsworth that became a super spreader event?

After Dave announces he has not spoken in 9 weeks, he says at the 38:30 mark (Sermon 273) - 

"I got COVID I just never told anybody about it...."

 Psychologically, and being God's Man of Faith and Power on Earth, I believe Dave still struggles with why he got Covid in the first place.  He certainly is incapable of admitting to any normal reason for it.  He had to go scripture hunting to excuse and justify why ALMIGHTY HE got Covid. And of course, he finds one! We just don't know which one it was. (Claiming not yet to have gotten Omichron perhaps genuinely surprises him having already had Delta?)  Nonetheless, everything with Dave has to be spoken of "according to the scriptures". 

"There's actually a prophecy. Why I would not speak for a while... Finally I realized there was a prophecy where I wasn't supposed to speak."

Hear Apostle Pack mock and threaten the Splinter Church next door to the RCG Feast Site.

(Hit play symbol twice)

Dave Pack belittles and mocks brethren who choose not to attend the FOT, and mocks another COG

David C Pack is the premier prophecy spewing clown act in the Slivered Churches of God. He is dangerous to those with whom he comes in contact with and they with him.  The man in incapable of admitting scores of past mistakes both in his abuse and misuse of the scriptures or the trail of tears he has left behind him wherever he has set foot. 

If he did contract Omichron, would he tell the Church? 

There is a personality disorder running amuck in Wadsworth, Ohio

The Restored Church of God will not end well


Tonto said...

Dave is certifiably insane, he just will never tell anybody about it !

Anonymous said...

What I want t know is when is he going to find the most accurate of all prophetic scriptures which apply to him? You know, the one which states that ALL of his prophecies will always be completely wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

It is my firm belief that Pack & Flurry suffer from some kind of mental disorder.

Anonymous said...

One could only hope.....

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Davey-s Jesus supposed to return a few days ago? I mean I do my best to keep track but it was New Years, last great day, Feast of Tabernacles, Pentecost, maybe Passover? I appreciate the certainty and accuracy he brings to the Elijah office. I'm just waiting for him to ask the earth to open when someone mocks his comb over.

Anonymous said...

...... many false prophets are gone out into the world - 1John 4:1.

Paul Ray said...

The depth of his egomania is disturbing. Even his illness is part of a grand cosmic scheme.

Phinnpoy said...

You're right Tonto, he's nuttier than a squirrel turd! I think he has bipolar.

Phinnpoy said...

Pack is probably bipolar, and Flurry an alcoholic, who might be boozing to self-medicate a mental disorder.