Saturday, March 18, 2023

Bob Thiel Claiming A Deep Fake Made Adultery Allegations Against African Leaders And That The Accusers Keep Changing Their Stories.

Can Bob Thiel get any crazier? This time he is going out of his way to justify himself as a church leader, particularly the dreams he and a few of his cohorts have had. He just cannot handle the fact that people do not believe him, his cohorts, and their nightmares.

In his deluded and confused mind, he believes that there is only ONE MAN doing a work today and that is himself, divinely appointed by some kind of creature he calls god.

Then he takes a bold leap and levels an allegation against his detractors (as he sees them) Aleksandar Sasha Veljic and Terry Nelson and that it is INAPPORIATE for these men to come up from the BOTTOM from amongst the people and hold him accountable. Accountability is ONLY from the TOP!

He then goes on claim there is no truth against certain African church leaders. Thiel also claims that possibly a "deep fake" on Facebook made the adultery allegations. See, I said Bob can't get any crazier!

Thiel is also claiming his accusers broke promises and changed their stories. This idiocy just keeps getting worse!

Hierarchical Governance and Corruption
Does the Bible support democracy or top down government for the Church of God? Does God work, primarily, through one human leader at a time? Did the late Pastor General of the old Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, repeatedly teach that God worked primarily through “ONE MAN AT A TIME, though with others (male and female) assisting that leader? Who is that one man now? Who should be eliminated as being that one man? Would we expect that one man would be part of UCG, PCG, LCG, COGWA, RCG, or CCOG? Could God have given one or more Divine signs to point out who that one man is? What type of government will be in the Kingdom of God? Are we to be preparing to be kings and priests now? Is it appropriate to want to push for a non-top down from God’s government if there is some type of corruption in the organization he leads? What about 1 Samuel 8:1-20 and 1 Samuel 12:1-5? Did Jesus have any financially corrupt with Him? What are allegations that have been raised against Radson Mulozowa, Bradox Ochieng, and Evans Ochieng? Is there any truth to any of them? If so, which? Could there have been some type of deepfake related to an alleged Facebook Messenger chat related to claims of adultery? Does Laodicea mean ‘people decide’ or ‘judgment of the people’? Should Christians be ‘independents’? What about being ‘congregationalists’? Have various accusers changed their stories or broke promises? What should those who consider themselves to be faithful Philadelphians do? Dr. Thiel deals with these and other matters.

One thing I can know for certain is that Veljic and Nelso are far more truthful than ANYTHING Bob Thiel has ever said. Bob got caught in a rather humiliating public way with his personality cult being proven corrupt. No matter how much he spins the story it only gets worse for Bob.


Anonymous said...

The government of Malawi is a deepfake? I seriously doubt that they took the trouble of lying about Bob's registration in their country.

Anonymous said...

As well, the "sermon" is remarkably long in justifying "nothing to see here" scripturally and in its presentation as always.

RSK said...

I don't think Bob actually knows what a deepfake is.

DW said...

He did exactly what I predicted. He suggests deep fakes are behind it, which is why I commented the other day that he has been pushing that absurdity for years and now, he pulls it out of his back pocket. He goes on to talk mostly about himself (shocker!!) And how he is THE only man doing the work of his god in the 21st century. And then, just to throw us a curveball, he blames EVERYBODY ELSE! Boy, that was soooo unexpected, I hardly know what to think! Bob never ever lies....pinky swear! It is all the other guys that lie.

I didn't think it was possible for Bob to sink any lower, both in our opinion and his depravity, but he has just dug himself a rabbit hole, the bottom of which NASA couldn't detect. I am quite literally revolted by this pitiful, deluded, disgusting excuse for a man. May he have done to him what his precious evangelist did to innocent victims. Your father looks forward to spending eternity with you in hell Bob, you lying coward. He had you from the start, but you made it so easy.

As the expression says, those who deny history are doomed to repeat it. Over and over and over.

Tonto said...

"God worked primarily through “ONE MAN AT A TIME, though with others (male and female) assisting that leader?"

REALLY? Then why were there 12 Disciples and Paul ? Booby, you ARE NOT that one man, your ordination was a crazy imagination, similar to when Napoleon took the crown out of the Popes hands, and he crowned himself!
Your doctorate is no more legitimate than Dr. Jekyl or Dr. Seuss, and after several years, your "following" is found to be effectively NONE or "nasty as hell"!

None of your "predictions" are specifically accurate, and the best you got are vague speculations that TIME MAGAZINE could make years earlier .

Booby, you should just start with a few folks at your house in Arroyo Grande, doing a book guided interactive Bible Study , sola scriptura, without any of your magical inputs , authority, or theatrics. You will accomplish a lot more than what you are doing now.

Tonto said...
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Lake of Fire Church of God said...

No2HWA said, "Bob got caught in a rather humiliating public way with his personality cult being proven corrupt."

MY COMMENT - I didn't realize Almost Arrested for Sabbath Keeping Bobby Thiel had any "personality" to be considered the head of a "personality cult". It implies Bobby has a personality which draws members into his cult. Perhaps when he morphs himself into his Cartoon Bob character he may develop a personality, but regular Bobby Thiel seems to have the personality of a dead fish.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I can't see Bobby Thiel having the personalities of a Herbert Armstrong or son Garner Ted enough to draw large amounts of people into a "personality cult". In fact, as you have pointed out in the past, Herbert Armstrong would have thrown Thiel out of the Church were he alive today. Are people really drawn to Bobby's cult because of his personality?


Anonymous said...

Get Mara Lago on the phone! I think we just found the Vice Presidential candidate for the 2024 election!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, he has put considerable thought into his response, and this is all that he is capable of. It is just further indication of his intellect. It would have been better for him to remain silent.

Maybe he is so concerned about deep fakes because he knows deep down that he presides over one!

Anonymous said...

I'm an LCG member and Bob's epic downfall was the topic of some at church today. Instead of being the fastest-growing COG in history, Bob oversees the fastest-debunked COG in human history. People were literally laughing about him.

DW said...

Well, Anon at 10:55, people have been laughing about Bob since he started his littlest cult of all. He has been both the source and recipient of much laughter and derision for years because of his outlandish claims, self appointed status and non stop lies. It would seem that his stature is not the only small thing about him. His mouth is bigger than his brain and theological education, his ego is bigger than his talent and his narcissism is substantially bigger than his membership. Well, the number of readers here in the last day are bigger than his membership! I found it very telling that in the letter detailing all the filth going on in CCOG, he specifically said he KNEW the numbers Bob touts were wildly exaggerated. No? Really?

So, what now Bob? Your membership and tithe money are shriveling as we speak. Retirement beckons. But I do feel badly for Joyce, though. It must be exhausting being Mrs. Thiel! How many times can she say, yes honey, I think you're a prophet without barfing or giggling?There should be combat pay for the wives!

Anonymous said...

Imagine how different Dr. Thiel's spiritual condition might be today if every minute of his "prophet" farce had instead been spent giving loving care to his developmentally disabled son.

Serbia said...

You posed a question: can Bob Thiel get any crazier? Well, perhaps he can. Prior to his sermon on government and gossip, I got an email in which he asked if Terry Nelson has lost it for posting on this site. I replied to him that I am not a dictator, so Terry Nelson is a free moral agent who makes his own decisions, and God is judge of him, as He is of all of us. Then I reminded him of various comments I receive from his followers, one of which was a detestable email from African CCOG "evangelist" Evans, who wrote that I am capable of only one thing: to sow discord among the brethren. Then, I reminded Bob of his own words to Terry Nelson`s son whom Bob accussed of being blind and put a reference to Christ`s letter to Laodiceans. So, then, I told Bob that it is really a good question who lost it and what has been lost!? In the meantime, friends informed me that his message had gone up. Regardless of my total dislike of his approach, while he ignores the factual evidence of awful corruption and misdeeds, I will not make any response to that. In my email to him, I asked him to please remind his followers that pride comes before destruction, and I pointed out that I have asked all those associated with me not to attack him and his CCOG. I also reminded Bob of the men who have created all the mess in CCOG in Africa and I also cautioned him that his CCOG may soon be faced directly with Romans 13. Because some of now former CCOG members in Malawi decided to appeal to their government over the various abuses they received from CCOG representative there. So, the evidence of various - as I call them - crimes against humanity is at the Malawian government. Let it also be known that Malawian government kindly registered Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God, being thankful to us who have stood up for the oppressed Malawian believers. It is the first country where we were registered and it is symbolic because that the country where the worst abuses have happened against members in the name of "government of God".

And one more comment about calling into account that always comes from the TOP, not from the basest bottom. From which top it can come? CCOG has only one person at the top. And the closest person to Bob in the rank is "evangelist" who has created his own evil personal church empire, yet has audacity to write a detestable letter to me in which he puts me down with his pride and disgusting comments. Surely, he could only insult me and praise himself that he is the one in Africa, he does a mighty work, etc. So, no, nobody could hold Bob Thiel accountable from the top, for no one than him is on the top. We who are his friends tried to rescue CCOG by telling him things he did not believe and presenting him arguments and proofs he simply dismissed. We have done our duty before God and Christ for we have to submit to God rather than to any man. Terry Nelson has even gone that far to inform the widest audience about all those things by posting it here.

To anonymous comment from LCG: there is no reason for you in LCG to laugh about this tragedy because for many years you enjoyed the fellowship and blogs from Bob Thiel. Also, remember what the Bible says about rejoicing over somebody`s fall. There are some things laughable about LCG, but I don`t feel like laughing. It hurts me that the Body of Christ has been fragmented by various leaders who were driven by their vanity, egoism and pride. Rod Meredith and other COG leaders today are not innocent of that either.

To those who made reference to Joyce and David, can you have mercy and refrain from such comments?! Would Christ have that kind of attitude in this or any other situation for that matter?

RSK said...

I would term what Thiel has as a "vanity church", not a "cult of personality". As you said, he'd have to have a personality first to create the latter.