Friday, March 17, 2023

Continuing Church of God African Leader Admits: "There’s a movement now shaking CCOG - Heavy storms striking the people of God"

The great Bwana had this today on his blog hidden away in his members weekly newsletter where he reports the amazing things his so-called "work" is doing. One of his African "evangelists" describes the current "movement shaking" his African churches.

We have long talked about how African Sabbatarian groups regularly church hopped to be with those that gave them the most perks. Well, Bob's personality cult is having this same issue right now! All of the denials he spouted from his world class headquarters has come back to bite him the ass.

Dear Dr Bob Thiel, 
Thanks be to our heavenly father who has kept us safely. He has protected us from many challenges that we are facing on this journey of faith. 
I want to thank God once again for the wonderful revelation he showed me. I think if you can remember I wrote to you that there are waves targeting the church of God. Heavy storms striking the people of God.  And now here they’re at work. There’s a movement now shaking CCOG. Even some people are using my name without my consent. They’re pointing out that CCOG is dead. You know what, the members are not carried away like grains in the sack. 
There are groups going from one congregation to another preaching that CCOG is bad. So as I said, there is need to pray more earnestly than there before. My people are led astray for lack of wisdom. They miss out the seven pillars of eternity proverbs 9:1. Changing from one ministry to another is not a solution. What is needed is to change our behaviors and lifestyles. To walk the Walk as if you are alone. To preach the gospel as you will not be there tomorrow. 
We are all called to be under instructions to become judges and priests in the kingdom of God. 
Whatever is now being reported is just to destroy the work that has been set up. Stand firm on the foundation of God. Let us run to achieve our goal. 
 Will turn to you shortly for more info about that. 
 Thanks you and God bless. 
 Yours fellow disciple of the Christ, 
 Ezekiel Ombaso Oanda.

Bob then does what Bob does best, blame others for his problems. Damn gossipers! Shut up!

Various ones have been spreading gossip, false accusations, and rumors about a couple of CCOG leaders in Africa. In addition to receiving Ezekiel Ombaso Oanda’s email, I also received another unsolicited email of support from one of our deacons in Kenya today.

The Great Bwana then goes on to use an old article by Dibar Apartian on gossip. Then says he will preach a sermon on Saturday concerning the "corruption" in Africa. Of course like any good splinter cult leader in Armstrongism, this apparently was brought about due to a breakdown church governance. 

Be a true witness, not a talebearer, nor one who clings to gossip. The root of bitterness often grows in those who get wrapped up in gossip.

That said, it is my plan to cover aspects of hierarchical governance and allegations of corruption in the sermon I expect to give this upcoming Sabbath.

The bouncing and flouncing will be extreme this week as the denials fly fast and furious. 


Anonymous said...

The great Bwana will soon release more dreams from his African converts. Proving to the world that Bob is the most important person not even mentioned in the Bible. How dare this movement try to damage the most important “work” by the world’s tiniest prophet and most pathetic speaker in Church history. I’m sure I read a Catholic prophecy about this happening to CCOG

DW said...

He can bounce, flounce and pound his tiny little doubly blessed fists from here to kingdom come, but if the evidence exists, he is screwed. As has been suggested by multiple sources, there is credible evidence, several victims and detailed reports as to serious misdeeds alleged by the victims.

Bob will not be able to spin his way out of this one. He isn't capable. This has already "stinkstuck" to him and he is most likely finished. I imagine some of his 100 Caucasian members will hang on for a while, but these things have a way of tarnishing everyone remotely associated, whether fairly or not. What I do not get is why he is not taking these allegations seriously and believing the victims, rather than the victimizer(s)? Oh wait, I forgot. It's a cog and they never believe the victims. Protect thy own ass at the victim's expense is their 1st commandment.

Well, Bob, you should have taken the advice of many here, who over the years have offered genuine, snark-free ways you could bow out gracefully and just go back to your vitamins and buckwheat. But once again, your ENORMOUS EGO came back to haunt you, as we all knew it would. As you said in your video defending a man accused of sexual misconduct, only the CCOG has the confirmed signs of Acts 2:16-17 (ripped out of context). Only the CCOG has verified dreams by 7 members. But clearly, the CCOG has NOT got two things that matter most. Truth and integrity, practiced in humility, as taught by Jesus Christ Himself!

Go back to your buckwheat and potassium Bob. You are a lying weasel covering for a lying weasel. This is not big, bad Satan attacking you. You did this all by your doubly blessed self!

Anonymous said...

"Changing from one ministry to another is not a solution"

Yes it is,
You have to keep on changing ACOG leaders like politicians

Tonto said...

The sad reality about the COG movement , from Armstrong days to the present, is that nearly all of the major gossip, inside revelations, and scuttlebutt , were mostly true, or had some core of truth to them.

A good example of this was the Ambassador Report from John Trechak , which has proven in historical retrospect and review , to have been extremely well researched and published.

Anonymous said...

The various splinter leaders have their weaknesses. Dave Pack is a pathological li........................., uh, I mean false prophet.

Gerald Flurry gushes over Herbert W. Armstrong and bases his entire program on imitating HWA, even when it is completely irrational given his own circumstances. He really needs to read the childrens' book "Epaminondas".

Ron Weinland is the Gehazi of the bunch. Even got convicted for such activity.

But, Bob Thiel? Completely ineffective. And, now the tires he has been spinning in Africa are blowing out and going flat.

His sabbath sermon isn't going to do a darned thing! Wait and see!

Anonymous said...

5:16 wrote: "His sabbath sermon isn't going to do a darned thing! Wait and see!"

There is only one reason this sermon will be given. The focus will be on himself and his magnificent church. Bob is unable to admit he makes mistakes. When Meredith and others told him he was wrong he puffed his punT little chest out and struck off on his own. Not anything that God intended but what he intended.

Anonymous said...

Bob should be more careful. How can he keep an eye on what goes on over there? Poor Africans will do anything for money as the video below shows (sex tourism).