Friday, March 17, 2023

"I'm not 100% sure why Dr Thiel isn't accepting these truths that are so plain. Willingly ignorant? Pride? Gullibility?"

I feel I need to inform people here of the African situation

The allegations are all true

Evangelist Evans Ocheing and his Son Bradox we're involved in Kenyan elections twice, once in 2017 in which they came forward only because a UCG Minister informed Alexander Veljic and it was confirmed by Bob Thiel; it was said from the Ocheings no church money was used/ Dr Thiel took their word for it, even though they never came forward first with participating in that election

2022 Evans and Bradox we're involved in the same exact election for MCA in the Kanyamwa koswe ward/ Evans kept silent/ Bradox informed Dr Thiel he did not run in the 2022 election, he claimed to Dr Thiel that someone put his name on the Ballot and he only worked to Elect Governor Evans Kidero/ Despite the official Kenyan election Documents in 2022 showing that Bradox did indeed participate and even tried to overturn the election in his favor/ also this is confirmed with Leaders under Evans Ocheing in written Testamony and witnesses outside the CCOG/ Dr Thiel told me he accepts the confirmation of an Elderly gentleman in Bradox district that told him Bradox didn't participate in that election as the truth/ 

Sadly the Adultery issues of Evans Ocheing and Radson Mulozowa are also true with ten or more witnesses, involving Facebook texts and videos and photos/ latest issue was my son Andre was accused of spreading rumors of the CCOG not being officially registered in Malawi/ Sadly this is true also, in emails with Dr Thiel, Bob says he has the Documents,but can't show anyone as he's working on something related to them/ we know that CCOG isn't in Fact Registered because I helped Sash Veljic register Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God/ we are listed Official as of March 9th/ CCOG is not listed on the official Malawi website, even the Mormons and Jehovah witness and many other churches are/ 

Witchcraft is being practiced by Evans Ocheing and Radson Mulozowa as confirmed by many witnesses and photos and video Evidence and Blood Sacrifice/ also rampant abuse of church Funds being used for carnal pleasure seeking and personal gain/ many witnesses via video and written testimony/ 

I couldn't keep this to myself as I and my sons went to Africa with the Best intentions to serve our African Brethren and I couldn't lie to myself, Family or Friends in the CCOG/ 

I followed Matthew 18 and now I'm telling it to the Church as both Myself and my son were blocked on CCOG forum and Skype services. 

I'm not 100% sure why Dr Thiel isn't accepting these truths that are so plain/ Willingly ignorant? / Pride?/ Gullibility?/ Being Deceived by powerful Demonic spells cast by the Ocheings and Radson Mulozowa. 

God help us all to obey God rather than men. 

Terry Nelson


Anonymous said...

I remember when you and your son went to Arica. I thought at the time what a wonderful opportunity. I'm sorry that Dr. Thiel is so blind to facts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sorry also/ You have understand this has grieved my whole family as we all looked up to Dr Thiel / but I Realize , I couldn't compromise on truth/ I was sent to Africa Twice; I was told by Dr Thiel to see if they really know what we teach; he seemed even suspicious, so naturally when I found all these scandals and Alexsander Veljic found SCANDALS when he was there; I mean what are you logically supposed to think/ investigation for almost a year/ Alexander Veljic suffering with this knowledge for 6 years/ I really didn't want to believe this; but I guess I was meant for this as a Test from God to see if I would turn a blind eye or just say God will work it out/ The Facts are, I have to stop it/ I can't take Abuse of Innocent Women and children, when people are begging me to help them and Pretend it doesn't exist/ I'll be judged/ I'm glad I'm free from pretending everything is good in CCOG Africa/ now I don't have to/ Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God is now a Safe Haven for the abused people of CCOG Africa/ we must go after and protect the abused and lost sheep/ Dont you think God would expect that/ Obey God rather then men 🙂👍Terry Nelson/ Keep the truth Brethren

Anonymous said...

Is "Dr." Thiel a real doctor? If not, it's not honest to call him that.

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't be a very big deal if it happened in one of the many compromised ACOGs. The problem for Bob is that he claims to oversee the pure Philadelphia remnant, when in fact his is just another church upholding a mixture of truth and error. The only way out for Bwana Bob is to admit that there is not one "best" ACOG, and that everybody in the Laodicean Era is compromised to some degree. But if that's true, the rationale for CCOG falls apart, as it demonstrates that dreams and double-anointings don't make a church or its leader any more Godly than all the other compromised churches.

One of Bob's biggest complaints against Rod Meredith involved Meredith's lack of truthfulness. But now Bob is acting almost exactly as he says Rod did when confronted with error. So, what is Bob to do? Maybe he could pin the blame on Herbert Armstrong and admit that he and Rod both were deceived. That wouldn't satisfy Bob's desperate need to feel special and above other people, but it could set him on a path toward healing.

Anonymous said...

It's over, Bob. Please be graceful and gracious in winding down the con.

Serbia said...

I am here to confirm all the things written above by Terry Nelson. Terry Nelson, toward the end of 2022 has informed me of the terrible abuses happening in Africa and had corroborated his claims with numerous proofs. He appealed to me as to an elder, and presented convincing evidence. Even thought I had heard of all kinds of wrong things going on in Africa, now I had evidence that it was all truth. During my 7 years of faithful service to CCOG, I had been trying to hint to Dr. Thiel that there are various problems in Africa that cannot be ignored, let alone financed, but he would usually present me with his own reasoning and with the reports that he got from Africa. And some of us who have had some experience with Africa (I was sent there by Dr. Thiel in 2017) had been aware that those reports are filled with untrue statements. For example, we have always known that there were certainly not that many members as African reports would claim. And now there are even less members as some have left to flee from the abuses of Evans Ochieng.

Also, I want to confirm that Terry Nelson, other than presenting me with disturbing facts about CCOG African abuses, has helped me register Hope of Israel Worldwide Church of God. That has been solely my initiative as I thought we would be removed eventually for standing up for the truth, and I did not want people to be dumped on the street spiritually speaking, but to have a spiritual refuge if they decided to stand up for the same values I cherish. Let it be known that we were forced out of CCOG mainly because we could not stand African deep CCOG corruption any more. The straw that broke the camel`s back in my personal case was when I learned about practitioners of witchcraft being in CCOG and serving the devil by their actions. That was the moment I decided I could no longer be in that organization. I have tried to provide comfort and encouragement to all those who sought it from me. And considering the treatment that we, friends of Dr. Thiel, were given by Dr. Thiel, all I could do was to leave him to his views and convictions, and simply move on for I did not want to be associated with people in that organization who are basically Satanists (witchcraft practioners). Aleksandar Sasha Veljic

Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing people to know the truth about what is going on in Africa. I knew it was just a matter of time before the truth would come out.

James said...

Pride before the fall.

Thiel you are a dishonest religious leader. Your day of humiliation is coming.

Tonto said...

Whether or not a church is "registered or not" or whether someone ran for some office is not scandalous, but it does go against Thiel's witness or guidelines.

Now appropriating church money for personal use, or getting involved in pagan witchcraft activities, or extramarital sex and adultery is a far different matter.

If Thiel did the right thing, and exposed this rot completely, publicly and honestly, I would have a lot more respect for him. This is FAR WORSE than watching the Super Bowl!

DW said...

Well, I am 100% sure why "Dr" Thiel isn't accepting the truths that are so plain, even if you are not. He CANNOT accept anything that shows him to be a foolish false prophet with no understanding of the Word of God. He is a very little man, in every way, playing church, without any discernable theological, doctrinal, hermeneutical or scriptural wisdom. He is wise in HIS own eyes and will pay the ultimate price for his staggering level of pride and arrogance. Unfortunately, so will any who are foolish enough to follow and believe this biblical ignoramus.

Numbers and being right about everything aboutre all that matter to Bob. Jesus, truth and integrity... not so much.

DW said...

To Anon @12:02. No, Bob is NOT a medical doctor. He has a PhD in nutrition and wears that Dr tag in semi truth and complete narcissistic arrogance. His supposed Thd is from a diploma mill in India that he found on the back of a matchbook. Read the article here on Banned about the mysterious, ever changing "truth" about his ever changing school, etc. It is a doozy and tells you all you need to know about "Dr" Bob. The man simply cannot tell the truth about anything, especially himself.

Anonymous said...

And now the tail wags the dog! This is "Thielgate". The good doctor has a serious credibility problem. It may not be that he presides over a sizable empire, but it represents his life's work. It is very big to him, something it would be devastating for him to lose, were he to do the right thing.

The time-honored practice within Armstrong-based churches is to repress and deny or glibly explain away any badness which is exposed, to sweep things under the carpet, supposedly for the greater good of the church. Herbert W. Armstrong himself did this with Garner Ted, and as I've said many times, the proteges of HWA NEVER repent of the old man's sins. They consider them, rather, to be license, or examples in how to lead. It is because HWA equated following himself with following Jesus Christ, and his proteges believed that hype.

The big question of the day is, why would we expect a man of questionable academic credentials to suddenly do the right thing ethically and morally? It is not as if this African church were ever real or had any sort of integrity. It has always been just another facet of the questionable dossier which Bob has manufactured for himself.

Tonight, before we go to bed, we should all thank God that the wisdom of Gamaliel was preserved in the Bible for our edification today. I'm going to borrow from the leaders of Armstrongism, and insert us into the Bible as they so often do. We are in the Bible! God was thinking of us today when He inspired the inclusion of Gamaliel in the New Testament

Anonymous said...

So Robert got his take from one solitary aging witness?

By the mouth of two or three wtinesses a fact is established. (1 Tim 5:19)

Is he blindly hoping that a scandal won't ruin his work in Africa?

Unfortunately, so many ministers just prefer to look the other way and pretend that nothing is happening, which is a good way to test your minister.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds as if Bob is a practitioner of "spiritual colonialism"! Did hundreds of Africans independently tune into wherever, gradually absorb Bob's teachings, come to repentence and request baptism specifically from him? Or did one or some of their leaders approach Bob, allowing him to co-opt them, for benefits of support they hoped their allegiance would bring to him? If that's the way it went down, then he deserves the appellation "Bwana".

Similarly, where did the Serbians come from? What are their numbers? Did they become CCOG members through Bob's literature and teachings, repent and request baptism from Bob or his representatives, or is this another instance of co-opting arranged by the leaders of a poor group who would benefit from sponsorship by an American group?

Still worse, were these folks loyal to the LCG, and did he somehow capture them as he left to become the vitamin selling prophet which we know him as today?

Given his past history, most specifically his education credentials, I think these are very fair questions, the answers for which should be known to anyone making decisions about their future which involve Bob Thiel.

Serbia said...

Where did the Serbians come from, you asked? Well, you will get the answer straight from the one who is responsible for how the Work of God developed in Serbia. Aleksandar Sasha Veljic, attended Ambassador College. When the war in former Yugoslavia ended, he returned home. At that time he was a UCG member, after turning away from the apostate WCG and organizing student underground at Ambassador. Aleksandar started preaching the Gospel in Serbian and that drew attention of a few people. Subsequently, he left UCG and joined COG-AIC led by David Hulme. In fact, he was the one who suggested the name for that organization. Later, he was marginalized and pushed out from that organization, which eventually fell apart in Serbia.

Aleksandar did not know whom to trust anymore, so he just stayed by himself. At that time, sometimes in 2015, he began to read certain writings of Bob Thiel and contacted him. And that is how a small Serbian congregations joined CCOG, indeed through literature and teachings of Bob Thiel, not because it was a poor group to benefit from sponsorship by an American group. We were never part of any American group for the sake of sponsorship. We always followed our conscience and we have always been dying of desire to spread the Gospel. That is where the Serbians come from! Their number is small, but it is not by might, nor by power, but by God`s Spirit, so because numbers are not relevant, I will not answer that question

Aleksandar Sasha Veljic