Apostolic Treasures: The Treasures Of Herbert W Armstrong

These pictures are from an auction held in New York City, April 11, 1995 at Christie's.  This was just one of many auctions held in New York and Los Angeles concerning the sale of Herbert Armstrong's collection of gold, silver and fine art.  Much of  the fine art and metalwork were purchased during the time HWA was mailing out letters to the membership demanding that they cut back and send in more money.  The "Work" was always in a state of distress. Many members did indeed sacrifice and mailed in more money.  The result - HWA was on treasure hunting trips to Harrod's in London and other UK locations buying treasures for his three homes and college campuses (St Alban's, England, Big Sandy, TX and Pasadena, CA).

While Mrs. Armstrong was alive and in the early years of the church they lived in a modest house on Hill Ave (now owned by Cal Tech).  When Loma Armstrong died Herb began shedding his 'simple' life style for the extravagant one.  This was also the time Gerald Waterhouse and Dean Blackwell started blabbering that HWA was an Apostle.  And as you all know from the Bible, Apostles were meant to travel around the world speaking to world leaders, give them gifts of Steuben crustal, and play host to them at extravagant dinner parties at the various campus homes.  Apostles were ordained by God to live lives with the finest the earth and humankind has to offer.  This easy justification lead to multiple millions of dollars in extravagance by HWA,  evangelists, faculty, certain department heads and many ministers.

Somewhere I have the actual auction sale prices. the ones listed here are the estimates  printed in the catalog.

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 Elizabeth II Gold Table Service 14 karat
Used at all dinners in HWA's dining room
Auction estimate $50,00-80,000


 Regency Silver-gilt Four Light Candelabra, Benjamin Smith, 1812
These sat on the buffet in the dining room.  They were also used on the dining table.
Auction estimate $80,000-120,000


George III Silver-gilt Candelabra and matching candlesticks, Paul Storr, 1802
Auction estimate $60,000-90,000


The Duke of Norfolk's Coronation Cup
William IV Silver-gilt Paul Storr, 1831
Auction estimate $20,000-30,000


 Regency Silver-gilt Centerpiece, Paul Storr, 1818
The Three Graces occupied the place of distinction on HWA's dining room table.
Auction estimate $30,000-50,000


Regency Silver-gilt Wine Coolers, Paul Storr 1813
Used to keep the hundred dollar wine bottles cool
Auction estimate  $60,000-90,000

 A pair of George IV Silver-gilt Wine Coolers 1826
Imagine chilling your wine and champagne at home in these!
Auction estimate $50,000-80,000


The sterling silver pictured here is an Elizabeth II Table service. Service for 12.  
This was HWA's everyday silver.
Auction estimate: $10,000-15,000


While various COGlet's splinter personality cults are idolizing HWA on this the 25th anniversary of his death, I thought I would give you a peek into the apostles lifestyle.

While the membership toiled and struggled in the 60's and 70's HWA was on a spending spree in Europe.  Millions of dollars were dumped over the years to furnish the home of the  end time prophet.  This was all during the time the pleading letters were sent to the members to send in as much money as they could because the work was 'in crisis.'

Of course we had morons that justified these artifacts as necessary for the entrainment of  world leaders and dignitaries coming to hear about a "Strong Hand From Someplace".  Others claimed all these goodies would be used to take care of the brethren as they were struggling in Petra.  These items would buy us food and drink and shelter by the Muslims.

One other idiot in Pasadena claimed that the Pasadena campus would never be destroyed during the tribulation.  The invading armies of Germany would use the Pasadena campus as their military headquarters.  They would be so in awe and taken back by it's beauty that they would not destroy it.  Because of that the Pasadena campus would be the new earthly HQ of God's people when the Kingdom was established.  Never mind that the city is supposed to be Jerusalem, but heck, this is typical WCG mythology and it sounded cool!  Never mind that these armies would be torturing and killing fellow citizen's while they dinned and enjoyed music in the Auditorium.

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This was to keep HWA's roast beef warm.  Estimated value $5,000-$8,000

A Victorian Parcel-Gilt Silver Plated Table for your guests to place their calling cards on. $4,000-$6,000

Set of late 1800's silver centerpiece with glorious naked women on it.  $10,000-$15,000
late 1800's Gold Desert dishes $4,000-$6,000

German Silver Knight   $3,000-$5,000
Pair of German Silver Figures, Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere  $10,000-$15,000

Elizabeth II Equestrians  $6,000-$9,000 each

Elizabeth II 14 kt Gold Table Service (This was used for formal dinners) $50,000-$80,000

Sterling Silver Everyday service $10,00-$15,000

Silver Goblet's to drink your Harvey's Bristol Cream In $8,000-$12,000

Set of 22 Silver Dinner Plates $8,000-$12,000

George V Sterling Silver Umbrella Stands $10,000-$15,000


Updated with final auction prices

More important tools 
that every modern day Apostle needs 
preach the gospel 
"A Strong Hand From Someplace."

Click on picture once to enlarge, then again for x-large closeup's

 Victorian Gilt Centerpiece  1888
Goddess Ceres in a field of wheat
Sold for $23,300.00

Victorian Silver Four-light Candelabra  1857
Sold for $57,500.00

 Victorian Silver-mounted Frosted-glass Claret Jug and Stand 1845
$4,000 - 6,000
George IV Silver Egg Cruet 1820
$2,500 - 3,500
(HWA had this on his breakfast table in the kitchen for his soft boiled eggs)
Sold for $27,600.00 

 Victorian Silver-gilt and Agate Desert Service 1854
$3,000 - 5,000
Sold for $4,370.00

 Victorian Silver Vase 1874
$2,000 - 3,000
Sold for $2,700.00
Edward VI Silver-gilt Warwick Vase
$5,000 - 8,000
Sold For $5,650.00

George IV Silver-gilt Wine Coolers 1826
$50,000 - 80,000
Sold for $74,000.00

Regency Silver Salver 1813
$7,000 - 10,000
Sold for $24,150.00

George IV Silver Tea and Coffee Service
$10,000 - 15,000
Sold for $16,100.00

Important Regency Silver-gold gilt Candelabra 1812
$80,000 - 120,000
Sold for $222,500.00


These items are vital tools for Ambassadors of World Peace!
You too can talk to Mrs. Sadat about a world that is ready to be spanked!
Well, I guess that one came true........

Regency Silver Bowl  1818
Paul Storr
$15,000 - 25,000
Sold for $27,600.00

Regency Silver Soup Tureen, cover and liner
Paul Storr, 1814
Sold for $28,750.00

Regency Silver-Gilt Wine Coolers
Paul Storr, 1813
Sold for $107,000

George III Silver Tureen and Cover and Stand
Paul Storr, 1809
Sold for $51,750.00

Regency Silver-gilt Centerpice
Paul Storr, 1818
Three Bacchic Nymphs
Sold for $48,300.00

Twelve Regency Silver-Gilt Dinner Plates
Paul Storr, 1815
Not listed as sold
Regency Silver Gilt Salver
Paul Storr, 1815
Sold for $1,950.00

Duke of Norfolk's Coronation Cup
Paul Storr, 1831
Sold for $18,400.00

Regency Silver-gilt Serving Tongs Made For The Prince Regent
Paul Storr, 1811
Sold for $10,350.00

George III Silver Gilt Centerpiece
Sold for $40,250.00

George III Silver-gilt Centerpice
Paul Storr, 1808
Sold for $52,900.00

George III Silver Wine Collers
Paul Storr 1798
Sold for $48,300.00

George III Silver Epergne
Sold for $12,650.00

Charles II Silver Caudle Cup
Sold for $3,680.00

Six Queen Anne Silver Fluted Dishes
Sold for $74,000


Pictured above is the current price of Louis XIII Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac.

This was one of Herbert Armstrong's favorite evening indulgences.  The container  the cognac is in is a baccarat crystal decanter and comes in a velvet lined red case.

At HWA's death there were three of these sitting on his liquor shelves in the basement, along with loads of other expensive alcoholic delights.  Upstairs there were two more in the cabinets.

When HWA was buying these (or should I say the church members were with their tithe money) he was paying around $750.00.  That was in the mid-1980's.  Twenty-five years later the price is running at $2,195.00.  That is one expensive indulgence!  Particularly when he was drinking it out of his St Louis Excellence Cognac/sherry glasses that were appraised at $250.00 each  in 2000.



Cindy said...

If the good people of wwcg had only known their hard-earned tithe money was going to golden goblets and bowls with naked women and goddesses on them - HWA was certainly living the life of luxury on the backs of believers! This is insane!!

Bill said...

It's good to be the Prophet!

Unknown said...

To Cindy: if the good people of wwcg had known they would had excused his extravagant life style because they were brain washed!!!

Unknown said...

So, what happened with the money from the actions? Who got it? What was done with it?

Anonymous said...

What proof do you have that these treasures were HWA's? I would just like some proof as I was a part of that group for 12 years and hate to think that....

Anonymous said...

A very good friend of mine used to attend this group. They payed Tithe, second tithe and the tithe of the tithe. Also, they were constantly told to lower their standard of living in order to give more through offerings because the so called "work of god" is in crisis. I happened to browse my friends notes taken during their service, specially during their so called "holy days and feasts", and I notice the scripture frequently used abused was Malachi 3:8 ( Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Where have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.) This is the front and center scripture during their holy days and feasts, for purposes of collecting finances from the membership. It is no wonder that this man was able to afford all these baubles and trinkets. From what I have gathered, he flew in style around the world in his private jet (a G2 or Gulfstream 2). Would that be cost effective to fly commercial instead? My friend would skip several meals every week, just so he can faithfully give his offerings to the so called "work". He would wear the same old clothes to save for the offerings, the memberships sacrificed their families' finances, but little did they know that Mr. Big shot/Boss man of their church was living like a king. From what I have gathered, all their pastors from around the world would fly and stay in Pasadena for weeks every year, courtesy of my friend's and the membership's monies. This guys was nothing but a big time CON Artist, a big time hypocrite and he was worse than Joel Olstein.

Anonymous said...

Mark 10:21 (If anyone wishes to be perfect, sell what you have and give it to the poor, and you will have treasures in heaven). Contrary to the scriptures you see Golden goblets and bowls, antique candle stands, gold flat wares, private jet (G2 - gulfstream 2), roast warmer, and he was living luxuriously on the backs of his followers (exploiting the poor - brainwashed or not a true Christian would never do these things). This CULT should have been called Worldwide Church of Satan! It is way beyond crazy! No words can describe this insanity!

This organization is no different from the Roman Catholic Church, The Mormons and so forth whereby they exploited the poor and amassed millions of dollars of earthly junk to fattened themselves up. Shame, shame, shame, no shame at all.

Anonymous said...

So, does anyone knows how much this guy's salary on 1983 ?
This guy, herbert w. armstrong had a $ 258,426.96 annual salary as of 1983.
The US President's salary was $200,000 as of 1983.
How did he figured his salary, does his group has a bigger GNI (Gross National Income) than
the United States of America ? He was indeed a Prophet , oh I mean a Profit ! What a SCUM !

Anonymous said...

This is getting very interesting ...
HWA was bury in a Steuben Crystal Casket, he could have opted for a 24K Gold casket or had himself refrigerated like that Marcos guy...LOL
How vain is that ?

HWA The Profit of god(money).

Anonymous said...

All of the above is "THE PLAIN TRUTH".

Anonymous said...

These are just a few of the "Laundry List" of the WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD"
***Click the Link below ***

Unknown said...
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MWH said...

The Old Testament does not view wealth as bad in itself -- but rather the abuse and neglect of people. Jesus told a specific person to give away his riches, but he does not seem to repudiate the proper possession of wealth. That would seem to fly in the face of "freedom in Christ"; compare with 1 Timothy 6:17-19. As far as I can see, the New Covenant teachings do not drum a message that being rich is necessarily disallowed. (Moreover, when Jesus gave that command to that rich man, the Law of Moses was still in effect, to remain in force until after the Resurrection [cf. Matthew 5:17-18 and Acts 15].)

On the other hand, every Christian is to make his family in Christ his first priority -- which Herbert Armstrong apparently made a mockery of. Moreover, Christians must be ready to lose their possessions in times of persecution.

Anonymous said...

There's a log of profit being a prophet.

Anonymous said...

And PCG Flurrys' are following in those footsteps. Asking more and more from the members while they live in luxurious homes at HQ, buy a mansion in England. And now they are bragging about their plane on Facebook that they just purchased a Gulfstream G450 see link https://www.facebook.com/PhiladelphiaChurchofGod/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED.

I wonder how much a plane like that sells for? And yet, they will ask the members to reduce their standard of living and give more money to the Work to pay off the plane so Flurry can go to world leaders to preach the gospel but I thought that was HWA's job? And with HWA now representing Jacob and the prayer rock being the new stone of destiny and the physical royal family no longer the true heirs boy and the members slop it all up.

Yvonne said...

where did HWA live, did he have a mansion somewhere, or did he live at the college? .....as a child I was brought up in this madness. Members were always struggling, but honestly, as a kid I used to sit through through services looking around and wondering why everyone believed this craziness. I only got out when I ran away from home.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, there is a lot of profit being a prophet.

Unknown said...

My mother was in the church when I was very little. most of the time, if my brother and I did not get to eat at school, we simple went without. My mother and father were divorced, and mother sent most of dads child support checks to "Headquarters for The Work". Herbert Armstrong lived like a KING and I only got supper 2 or 3 nights most weeks.

I now live in Tyler, Texas and I am REAL LIFE friends with several of Herbert's grand children. I have gotten to know them well, and I believe them when they say their grandfather was nothing but a crook, and a con man that often called his believers "blind sheep". His own Grandson, Ted Armstrong called Herbert a "Snake oil salesman who was an expert at playing people's emotions" His own family is deeply ashamed of being related to him. Herbert W. Armstrong was NOT a good or nice man.

Monnie said...

Thx for your input. The Armstrongs were despicable IMO.

Unknown said...

First of all a members 1st tithe does not belong to them, it is God's money and is used to pay all the bills that the church has [ WHERE is your account of how much money Mr Armstrong paid in tithes ? ] Secondly WHERE is the record of the amount he paid for each item ? Looks like Mr Armstrong made some really good investments FOR THE CHURCH so the question is WHERE did all the money go after the items were sold Im sure it wasn't divided up among the members so where did it go ?

Anonymous said...

We loved Mr. Armstrong and his Wife. I too would like to know where the proceeds of his treasures went. UCG, COGWA, Grace Communion? Columbus, Ohio

GGeiser said...

Magnificent stuff! HWA may well have been tyrantical and foolishly spent huge sums on unnecessary things but, he did have good taste! And to those who don't quite understand - members didn't care at all what money he had or spent on things. We were not the least interested. Today, some fifty years after I left, I still don't care.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Keller, you poor brainwashed fool! Tithing is old testament, NOT new testament!

Anonymous said...

Gary Geiser, you are WRONG in so many ways. My family were in poverty when we were in WCG. All the while HWA lived a life of luxury on our & others money.

Anonymous said...

What category does 5, $750 bottles of alcohol fall under? Helping the fatherless?

Unknown said...

Jock: Woe unto them that make merchandise of the brethren.

Anonymous said...

The prosperity 'ministers' continue ripping us off in the name of God...

Anonymous said...

Parents at Wwcog and Pcog have always been told how to abuse CHILDREN . Unbelievable uneducated and parents are 100% good with child abuse !! Children were not educated & it’s now the Child’s Fault!! They were lazy !! This was the go to
Word. Nothing can be done about this abuse ..

Anonymous said...

No Contact Rule should
Be Reversed & see how all knowing unable to answer questions about the Bible that are in the Bible. See if Cowards like that. “Remember never contact any members.” Makes me sick high and mighty Hireling hob and knob with Irish dance instructors and alike. They all rant and Then tell us about Pagans— what we shouldn’t do.!!
Hippocrates .. if Irish Dance isn’t pagan then Rats don’t have rats ass bungholes ..just High living on others , too big for there Britches HIPPOCRATES.. Destroyer of many a young persons lifetime earning potential!! —Now That’s Truth - TRUTH !!

Unknown said...

HWA obviously succumbed to the lure of luxury and wealth . That's too bad because when the WWCG started ,it was a good work .

Unknown said...

HWA obviously succumbed to the lure of luxury and wealth . That's too bad because when the WWCG started ,it was a good work .

Anonymous said...

All of this buying and spending is an indication of a mental condition known as Manic Depression or Bipolar. I’ve also heard stories of excessive drinking which also goes along with it. How else could you explain it. It’s just too crazy. There is no need for all of this stuff. It takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

I have never read this before today. Yes, where did the money from the auction go?

Anonymous said...

I maintain that both Armstrongs were bipolar. This would explain the drinking, sex and spending. Bipolar will spend crazy amounts. It gives them endorsement. With Herbert with out Lima he had no breaks.

Anonymous said...

I maintain that both Armstrongs were bipolar. This would explain the drinking, sex and spending. Bipolar will spend crazy amounts. It gives them endorsement. With Herbert with out Lima he had no breaks.

Anonymous said...

Very true. He was the worst of the worst and yes, brainwashing and laws were his big playing cards. Yo think even today groups continue following all or any of his teachings/lies is unbelievable to me. My parents were very poor yet faithfully tithed to this lying, self serving pervert. I’m happy to report…. my family saw the light and moved to the WHOLE TRUTH and ALL the Bible instead of twisted verses to keep him in finery. I hope he begged for forgiveness prior to his death.

Anonymous said...

He was not bipolar! He knew exactly what he was doing. I cannot believe anyone with a brain enough to write a comment would even in any small way insinuate a mental disorder to justify his lies and his perverted lifestyle. Highpolar on my parents hard earned dollars while we were struggling daily! He was a self serving and ever so sly devil on this earth. I’m glad he’s not here anymore!