Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crybaby Flurryites Having A Fit: PCG Cult Bans Employee's and Students From Facebook

I bumped this up because of the latest crybaby from Gerald Flurry's cult who is having a hissy-fit.  Aw, go have widdle Stevie burp you little guy!

 See his comments below.

Looks like Colonel Six-Pack does not take too kindly to his  employee's and students at his silly little college using Facebook and other Social Networking sites (Blogger, too!)

Philadelphia Church of God, known for it's uber-conservative Armstrongite teachings (pre-1986, of course) has always sought to deeply control it's members lives and relationships.

It was only a few short years ago that he demanded that all members server ties to family members who had left Armstrongism.  If you had dared leave the PCG for another COG you were deemed a heretic and a Satanic influence on PCG family members.  Fathers and mothers turned their backs on their children, grandparents on their grandchildren, husbands against wives, sisters against brothers.

Here is a post from The Journal Record about Six Pack Flurry's latest lunatic rantings:

Social media hellfire? Maybe, but hold the brimstone

"I will enter your soul via wi-fi and cause you to question your allegiance to cults!"
(This is a blog post and is the soul, I mean SOLE opinion of its author. Please do not confuse this with news. It is intended to be for entertainment purposes only. It may even be construed as satire and/or humor.)

The world of social media has been on FIRE for the past few years!
In fact, hellfire if you ask Edmond’s own fringe cult, Philadelphia Church of God.

According to their teachings (which also include cutting ties with family members who are not a part of the church and destroying recordings of sermons immediately after listening), social media is an evil influence that MUST be avoided.

Apart from the whole “freedom of thought and speech” thing, I can’t imagine why they would be opposed to social media. Still, Church CFO Andrew Locher seems very agitated by the Internet and it’s enabling ability to introduce children to the evil influences of anything that isn’t frothing forth from The Elders’ lips.

“Mr. Flurry (Gerald Flurry, leader of the church) has asked me to enforce a strict policy which restricts and forbids the use of social network sites on church owned equipment. That means you will not have access to social networks on the college network, or on the church’s network. If you use a church computer, or the church connection to the internet, you must cease using that equipment on those sites immediately. We will enforce this policy…
“If you are not careful, you could actually serve as a tool of Satan … to make it much easier for him to spread dissident material when you don’t protect the identity of God’s family. It’s that serious.”

Oh. Well, I stand corrected.


Anonymous said...

You people are full of shit!

Anonymous said...

Whoever owns this site..what church do you belong to? Chickens!

Anonymous said...

Poor widdle guy! You had better run to widdle Stevie and have him burp you. WAAAAAAAAAH

ED said...

The free flow of information is the biggest hindurance of those who want to control the minds and lives of others.
Gerald Flurry is an abusive tyrant.
This is what dictaters do. One of the first things they do when they take over is shut down the free press. This makes it easier to control the masses.
The free flow of information is the life blood of freedom.

Douglas Becker said...

Yeah, and they might be able to "connect" with information about how Jonestown the PCG is.

Assistant Deacon said...

The more PCG tightens the noose, the more they will find themselves losing control.

The chickens are coming home to roost.