Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Armstrongite Trolls

Every once in a while I get some self righteous Armstrongite that sends me 'love notes' on how wrong we all are here.  Dennis seems to bring out the best in them....  :-)  How dare we make fun of HWA and Armstrongism!  "Mr. Armstrong was God's anointed and you will be thrown into the lake of fire for daring to  mock him."  "Mr. Flurry is set apart by God to do a MIGHTY work!"  Others can't be printed here.

I found a great video that makes plain how those freed from the sanctimonious drivel of Armstrongism feel about their comments:


Byker Bob said...

Taking a clue from the old Howdy Doody Show, should we call these trolls "the Ostrich Gallery"?

HWA, "Apostle"? Now, that is truly blasphemous.


Anonymous said...

From what I gather none of these Armstrongite Trolls is very young. At some point it seems as if the failed prophecies, lies, and plundering over the years would weigh heavily on one's shoulders. But I guess you can reach a point where the investment is too great, and there is no turning back. The "apostle" has been dead a quarter of a century now.

FT said...

These trolls are just human in skin only. Nothing more. What a waste.