Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keeping Halloween Makes You Think About Evil for the Rest of the Year

It is close to Halloween and the COG's are churning or should I say, regurgitating, out their annual paganism articles.  In their eyes Christan are one step away from sacrificing the children on the altar of Satan.  Oh wait, according to LCG some parents are already doing that!

Pithy sayings of Richard Ames, Living Church of God 2nd in command.

Should we follow our neighbors, like proverbial lemmings, off the dangerous cliff of pagan practices?

By observing Halloween, we teach our children to make light of Satan the Devil—or even to think like him! Should we then be surprised when our children remain curious about evil—or even invite it—for the rest of the year?

Do we teach our children to attract and cultivate evil spirits at Halloween? Certainly, dressing up like a demon or a witch invites evil rather than opposes it!

Some parents encourage their children to participate in the world of demons. Are some of you parents sacrificing your children to Satan and to wicked spirits

It’s time for such so-called Christians to repent of supporting the Devil and rebelling against Christ!

Prophet Thiel concludes:

Jesus and Paul did not observe Halloween.
Perhaps Richard Ames should ask himself why the LCG has followed the treacherous of Herbert Armstrong like proverbial lemmings?  With it's hundreds of failed prophecies, proven false doctrines, and extra non-biblical laws, why does he continue to keep it all and force it upon others?


Byker Bob said...

Uhhh, excuuuuuussse me! What is more evil? Play acting for one night a year as a social thing with one's fellow human beings, or falsely having been taught that Jesus was going to return in 1975, and consequently blowing off your education, giving all your spare money to the false church which taught 1975, and marrying someone you never should have because you knew you were only going to be with her for about 6-7 years?

What a crock!


Anonymous said...

Keeping Halloween is the same as using an Ouija board. Both allow demons to enter in humans. Both are doorways of access for demon possession and for evilness to be manifested. Mr. Richard Ames is right in everything he says. Halloween is black mark on this country and one of the reasons God is already punishing it. It is time to repent and to return to the TRUE God and his TRUE church!

Anonymous said...

Well Byker Bob it is no one's fault but your own that you did not have the capabilities to discern God's word through all of that. You cannot blame God's Apostle or any of his servants for your poor judgement.

Byker Bob said...

Anonymous 2:09, either your comment was intended as being tongue in cheek, or you are an Armstrongite minister.

No matter, though. What you say is very true, a fact which I recognized back in 1975 when I left the WCG, as they began lying and telling us they had set no dates. I guess that was Herbie's version of "April Fool's Day", although God gives us His own opinion of such activities in Deut. 18-21-22.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Byker Bob,

Anonymous 2:09 is pulling your leg. At least he's not pulling your wallet like all the Apostle of God wannabees.


I look forward to Halloween seeing all the neighbor kids that come to my door now knowing that God doesn't give a rats ass if we participate in this harmless evening event.

I am thinking about going as Gerald Waterhouse for Halloween this year - that would frighten a lot of people.

How could God care? God certainly didn't give a rats ass when Herbert Armstrong was making his false prophetic prouncements such as "1975 in Prophecy".

God certainly hasn't give a rats ass about all the people the little rat multi millionaire Joey Tkach hurt when he hijacked the Church for his own personal profit paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of tens of thousands of brethren through tithes, offerings, third tithe, and lets not forget the all important building fund. No, God didn't give a rats ass.

Maybe next year for Halloween I'll go as little Joey Tkach, or maybe Rod Meredith or even Terry Ratzmann.


Byker Bob said...

Yep, Richard. I picked up on that.
He, she, or it isn't even the most effective troll I've encountered over the past 11 years.

They do serve a useful purpose in that they open the door for us to ridicule and expose the charlatans, though. Gives us an opportunity to kick up our heels and have some fun, too.


NO2HWA said...

BB: I can start deleting him if you and the rest here want. He was just so incredibly stupid that I have left them up for the world to see what Armstrongism does to people's thinking.

Douglas Becker said...

"Keeping Halloween Makes You Think About Evil for the Rest of the Year"

Watching Dexter on Showtime certainly has that effect. I continue to think about the properties of evil for all year long between seasons.

To me, Dexter represents the basic character of the average Armstrongist Church of God leader at the top (minus the serial killing, we would hope). It's all there: The self-righteous vigilanteeism of a scoundrel who can't quite make up his mind what is right or wrong, secret execution of his evil plans and the successful hiding of who and what he really is. You have to hand it to these godless guys over the ACoGs -- they have the mechanics down pat without one shred of humanity in them and either with no conscience or a rather highly targeted conditional conscience, sort of like being a Mafia Don.

My tastes run more to watching Dexter and Homeland on Showtime to learn what human nature is all about in my naïveté, rather than follow the follies of ACoG ministers. I can also learn more about evil and wickedness in one episode of Supernatural with the Winchester Brothers than I can from sermons from ACoG preachers.

I do wish that they'd tone down the violence a notch though.

No, I'm not talking about Showtime, I'm talking about the ACoG ministers preaching about Doomsday.

Douglas Becker said...

NO2HWA, please do leave him up.

He makes a perfect foil for my bon mots.

Steve said...

NO2HWA said...
BB: I can start deleting him if you and the rest here want. He was just so incredibly stupid that I have left them up for the world to see what Armstrongism does to people's thinking.

MY COMMENT: Talking to him, her, or it, is just a waste of time. If any of us tried to comment on a pro-Armstrong blog, they would just delete us and never allow a comment to get thru. Therefore, I vote "delete".

Allen C. Dexter said...

Do whatever seems best to you. I ignore the troll. If he wants to post his nonsense, let him as far as I'm concerned. Been there. Done that sort of thing ages ago when I was deluded and stupid.

We were so cock sure and know-it-all once upon a time. So is he. His blatherings won't have a bit of effect on me.

Steve said...

Maybe when he encounters a "Terry Ratzmann" incident personally, then he will "see the light". Actually, I don't think this "person" is a he or a she. It will continue spouting it's vitriol until it's silenced on this blog.

Byker Bob said...

No, I'd say let the troll post. Some of our lurkers may need a bit of contrast, and such a spiritually handicapped individual perfectly illustrates the Zombie-like mental deterioration caused by single sourcing one's thinking to Armstrongism.