Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rod McQueen: Former Evolutionist? Critic Says "What A Load of Crap."

The blog Bible, Wheels, and Brains: Free Thinkers Exploring Religion, Science and the Mind nails a former Church of God minister who claims he left a devout belief in evolution to believing in creationism.

That former minister is Rod McQueen.

Reading McQueen's stories you would assume he was a devout evolutionist well trained in all of it's complexities through college and further study on the subject.  So just where did McQueen get all of the nasty evolutionary understanding from?  High school!  High school educators had such a rich deep understanding of evolution that McQueen bought it hook line and sinker.  The trouble is, if you asked a regular high school student today to explain evolutionary theory they could not do it. Most adults can't except for a few basics.  Most high school students today can't even understand US and world history, so how in the hell do they understand evolution?

Rod McQueen has a ministry called "Dawn to Dusk" where he has many articles detailing biblical creation stories and mocking of evolution.

So what caused McQueen to see the light after such a deep in depth study at the age of twelve?  All thanks and glory need to go to Herbert W Armstrong and Ambassador College! The source of all real understanding on ALL subjects.

Bible, Wheels, and Brains says:

Back in July CWH posted the supposed Confession of a Former Evolutionist which was written by a Rod McQueen, a long-time pastor in Herbert Armstrong's hyper-fundamentalist cult called the Worldwide Church of God. In his "confession" he said he "was raised on the milk of evolutionary theory. In year twelve at high school, our biology class required an in-depth study of the theory of evolution. I was zealous for what was taught. I swallowed the supportive evidence as if it were proof. Not mindlessly, mind you; I really felt it was quite compelling." OK - so in HIGH SCHOOL he was a convinced "evolutionist." What happened after that? He went straight from High School to study Theology at Ambassador College, founded by cult leader Herbert W. Armstrong! Here is what Rod says about his history on his own website
 "Former evolutionist" my ass. He was a HIGH SCHOOL KID who went straight into theology at a cult's own school! What a load of crap. 


Douglas Becker said...

Perhaps the site should be named From Dusk till Dawn.

Byker Bob said...

Well, the mainstream has far more authoritative poster boys for this type of thing. To me, Rod is "spiking" his own situation to lend authority to what he has to say. Who amongst us that attended any public school over the last 50 years couldn't make the same claim?

If you get your gospel from an advertising man, and if you truly want a spiritual experience, unfortunately there's a lot of hyperbole that you have to get past. Better to avoid this type of preacher in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Sure, just like Paul was a zealous Jew...

DennisCDiehl said...

The process of evolution is true. it is the fear of what that means about religion and the natural fear of death humans have that cause people to push back against it.

The present truth about the process of evolution is as true as can currently be understood. Details to follow in the years to come. The fossil record is really quite good on this issue and no, if I came from a chimp, why are chimps still around? That is nonsense. Chimps, orangs, gorilla and Humans share a common ancestor 5 million years ago. We are cousins.

Men aren't made of red mud and women don't really come from the rib of a man.

While Elijah was quaking in fear of Jezebel in the caves of Carmel, he was also sitting 30 feet above the best neanderthal yet to be found specimens in the world.

The evolution of life on this planet is more amazing than any Hebrew tale borrowed from the Sumerians with a twist ever could be.

Anonymous said...

One high school class provided Rod with, "an in-depth study of the theory of evolution" ???

This almost sounds like the mainstream Christian 'Young Earth Creationist' nutcase Ken Ham, who is now all pissed off at 'Bill Nye the Science Guy'.
Ken Ham is a great example of influential mainstream Christian morons.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the publicity, guys. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Ken Ham and Rod McQueen both come from Queensland - the Arkansas of Australia.

Anonymous said...

The linked article does note he went to the University of Melbourne. Also, according to his website he studied there two years - including Biology - and he is not from Queensland.