Monday, January 7, 2013

Hope For Sinners If GTA Would Be Resurrected And Repents

The mind of Armstrongites still fascinates me.  How anyone can logically come up with these blatant absurdities is beyond me.  The fact that Armstrongites believe this bull is frightening!

Church Government was one of the main themes HWA taught. Even sending Gerald Waterhouse worldwide for many years to emphasize the importance of this doctrine. The importance is not just for now. It is a necessary lesson to learn for when we are powerful beings in the Kingdom of God. We won't be doing 'our thing'. We will be obedient to our husband Christ, through the chain of authority he establishes.
That is the lesson Laodiceans haven't yet learnt. That is probably why bringing back GTA to reconcile with his father to acknowledge his superior God-given authority for all the Church to see, is important.
All Philadelphia and repentant Laodiceans resurrected immortal are likely to be working under HWA who trained them,  in the Millennium.
Imagine the impact on the Church if they saw a resurrected HWA  measuring the groups there are now.
Imagine the hope for sinners if a resurrected GTA repented and did powerful things because of it.
The world remembers them. Their return would stop the world in its tracks and make everyone sit up and take notice, especially the church which has for the most part discarded the teachings of Herbert Armstrong and devalued his position.
He would be uniquely qualified to 'measure' as Zerubbabel is told to do.

All of this revolves around HWA being resurrected first.  Then GTA will be resurrected so he can reconcile with HWA.  Then the two will join forces and restore the Church of God to it's rightful state in the universe and then become the Two Witnesses.

Most of the world does not remember them, they have no idea who they even were! They have made no impact and most assuredly the hundreds of splinter groups today are not making any impact either!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but the way these HWA-obsessed people rely so much on the man and his words or teachings you'd think he was the founder of Christianity itself!!

Douglas Becker said...

Some people don't think Herbert Armstrong is dead (which is why we have News Flash: Herbert Armstrong is Dead!".

For those who still think that God had anything to do with the Worldwide Church of God under Herbert Armstrong, you can learn the truth by becoming a manager in a major Fortune 50 Company.

It won't be long until the images and lines blur and you won't be able to tell the unethical immoral behavior in your beloved Corporation from the old WCG -- even the e-mail will start to look like coworker letters from the past (although, you probably won't see the lies and deceptions signed "In Jesus' Name" -- just some Corporate Messiah of similar reputation in the Corporation).

Since I've had the experience, I can help you... find the appropriate psychiatric help after about 3 years, because you will need it unless you have no conscience at all (in which you'll actually need it, but you'll be making so much money in the Corporation that it won't phase you).

James said...

The sick, sick people. Their lives are but a delusion.

Anonymous said...

Instead of GTA being resurrected, how about God simply curing an amputee? That would certainly get everyone's attention, doublequick. But for some reason, this hasn't happened...ah, His Ways are mysterious indeed.

Paul Ray

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Someone posted: "Imagine the hope for sinners if a resurrected GTA repented and did powerful things because of it".

MY COMMENT - Imagine all the new sex scandals for God's Church if GTA were resurrected!

How ridiculous the dumb sheep are who waste their time speculating on such delusional fantasy that isn't going to happen.

To quote GTA himself, "Like Rover when he died, he died all over".