Saturday, January 12, 2013

Philadelphia Church of God: Sandy Hook Killings and the Two Trees

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Just when you though your ears never had to hear the words, "the two trees" again, along comes the Philadelphia Church of God to explain away the Sandy Hook murders with the "two trees" of Herbert Armstrong's blaring fame.

I can't tell you how many years we had to sit there and listen to HWA yell and pound the podium about the two trees.  Week after week, month after month.  No Jesus preached, but there was enough info on the two trees that you could become a dendrologist.

Never to let a tragedy to go to waste, Gerald Flurry's cult jumps into the arena hyperventilating that they have the "truth" of the matter.

The Sandy Hook Tragedy - A Lesson About The Two Trees

The article starts out:

In December, the funerals of 20 young children took place in Newtown, Conn. Many seek closure to the tragedy, but our nation continues to be mired in questions about the cause of the Sandy Hook shooting. How could this massacre happen? Gun laws, mental health care, and our violent culture are all topics being bantered about as problems and solutions to what happened in Newtown.
Then the Flurry cult claims to have the answer to the reason.  Even though it is asked as a question, here is specifically why it happened according to PCG:

Could the monstrous actions of a deranged 20-year-old have anything to do with his family environment? How strong was Adam Lanza’s relationship with his father? What impact did the fracturing relationship and divorce of his father and mother have?

No one answers these questions. Even the experts don’t know the cause. Why can’t we find the answers to keep our marriages and families united? Why don’t we know how to raise happy, caring, responsible children? How have we produced children who murder women and six-year-olds en masse?
PCG states above the reasons it happened because only THEY know the reasons.  The article goes on to worship Gerald Flurry's awesome knowledge:

In a timely article about the two trees in Genesis, Gerald Flurry shows us why we suffer such troubles today: “Our knowledge is not solving our problems. In fact, as our knowledge increases, so do our problems. Clearly, something is missing in our knowledge. The reason we cannot gain ground on these civilization-destroying troubles is that we fail to confront their real cause. That cause is rooted in the very foundation of our civilization—a foundation well-documented in history.”
 The knowledge of the two trees teach you this, according to Flurry and his cult:

If you wonder which choice Adam and Eve made, just look at what has happened. Their firstborn son had no access to guns or violent entertainment. He didn’t need mental healthcare. Genesis 4:6-8 show what a strong influence the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had on the world’s first son. Even though the Creator Himself tried to work with Cain, he became a murderer and a liar. He followed the same way of life as his parents—and mankind has done the same ever since.
The choice of our first parents has influenced every aspect of society. It affects our families and children most of all, the basis of society. We witness the suffering daily. Losing 20 children is heartrending, but think about the millions of unborn children who lose their lives each year through abortion, the millions of children growing up in broken homes, the neglect, the lack of proper education, instruction and love that would help our children develop stable, responsible and fulfilling lives. It is a vicious cycle—and, as God warned Adam and Eve, it ends in death.

Only those who understand the "two trees" and only then a "select few" have any hope.  Of course if you are part of the PCG you salvation is assured since it is the ONLY true church of God left on the face of the earth.  Sorry Bob Thiel but you are toast too!

The tree of life is available to the select few whom God works with today. Individually, those whom He calls, can make the right choice now. God shares with them His Holy Spirit and the understanding and power needed to change lives. But soon the tree of life will be available for everyone!
Since Flurry and his cult do know know Jesus Christ or the new covenant they do not realize that the "tree of life" has already been made manifest.  All of this disgusting blabbering by PCG to use a national tragedy as a chance to promote corrupt man made teachings  truly is disgusting.


Anonymous said...

How DARE they capitalize on the tragedy at Sandy Hook as if they are the only ones on earth who understand what has happened. how DARE they say the answer to stop what happened at Sandy Hook has to do with the "tree of life" when they write such a businessy, cold, and repugnant article like this.
Acting like they care. I'm physically repulsed. They write up this blabber on their little magazine but did they do anything to help? Did THEY send a minister to counsel? (God forbid they ever do such a thing, they aren't trained to counsel this kind of a situation.) Did they send any finances to the victims of Sandy Hook? Did they do ANYTHING except sit on their cold butts in their little palace and write an article using a national tragedy to their advantage to try to grow their little group with cunning little remarks of how no one else gets it now, but maybe someday? Did they even care enough to write a proper memorial? Did they show any love? The lack of compassion and care for the lost children in the article is absolutely sickening and heart wrenching. Not even condolences. I'm DISGUSTED.

20 little kids were ripped from us that day by a mentally disturbed young adult. families are hurting. The town is hurting. The nation is hurting. The least we could do is show some respect for the children and if we have even a little sense to not say anything at all instead of them writing disgusting dribble like this. Coming from a church, you'd expect at least a little more then a cold-hearted acknowledgement with what I see as a touch of grandiose superiority and what I see as pukish arrogance.

When you think the COG's can't get any worse, you read this.

Anonymous said...

You are lying when you say Jesus was not preached. OK, so they were wrong about a lot of things. That does not give you license to lie about them. Grow up liar. You are discrediting the anti-COG movement. You are no better than HWA.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason that Christianity is more dangerous than any kid with a rifle.

Ryan Henson

Anonymous said...

"Grow up liar." - that's exactly what every COG adult did! They grew up liars!

Ryan Henson

Anonymous said...

So we get a tight butt Adam but Eve is a Deer?

Head Usher said...

Wait a minute!!! Is this because of the two trees, or is it because of Satan "broadcasting like a radio station"? I'm so confused!

Well, I guess the good news here is that whenever "true christians" do anything wrong, they get to blame a mythological tree or an all powerful evil mythological creature who magically puts his thoughts into your head so that you'll think they're your own. Which is pretty cool, because it means I'm not responsible. Sweet!

Oh no, wait a minute. I just remembered Jeremiah 17:9 which says the heart is "desperately wicked." I forgot about that evil "carnal" "human nature" that HWA used to rail against, almost as much as the two trees. I forgot how god created everyone with such an evil heart and evil nature. But didn't god create mankind as good in Genesis 1? Maybe that is where the evil tree comes in. Maybe it changed our nature. But who created such a powerfully evil tree that could do such a thing? Was it Satan who created it? Oh, no, couldn't have been, because Satan isn't capable of creation, only destruction. So it must have been god. Oh, no, god can't create evil, only good. But wait, isn't god all powerful? So, where did that tree come from??? I'm so confused!!!

Oh nevermind. I forgot that my religion doesn't have to make any sense so long as I can turn to the back of the book and read all about how, in the end, I WIN! HIGH-5!

Douglas Becker said...
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Painful Truth said...

Flurry will never stop playing the "family card" that hooks people into his world of deceit and deception.

He is still breaking up families, and why wouldn't he? He follows Herbie in everything.

Anonymous said...

In reality, the two trees in the MYTH, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and The Tree of Life were God food trees. Humans were not to have that knowledge in the MYTH as they were originally worker bees for the gods only. On top of that the gods certainly had to stop them before they ate of the Tree of Life and "became like one of us..." So they got driven out of the garden in what vehicle I am not sure.

In the orginal MYTH, the gods became so tired of the human worker bees complaining it disrupted THEIR REST and so they flooded them out. The Hebrews rearranged the MYTH a bit and gave us even more BS to have to outgrow about creation, women and human origins along with language and Sabbath Keeping worker bees.

Do your homework Gerald. Well, actually that is not a great attribute of COG ministry before they get up and tell people how it all is.

Quietly and privately I imagine a lot of COG ministers and members may wonder if it's all just a MYTH after all and what a mistake they have made all their lives in assigning meanings to it it never had.

Actually I know a few ministers who know this well, privately and quietly.

Anonymous said...

wow - that Adam a good looking dude

Byker Bob said...

Just prior to getting on the 'net and visiting this site, I had just gotten my monthly spruce-up at Supercuts. Since I had to wait, I looked through the stack of magazines, checking for some car magazines, or US or People. Unfortunately, in the stack, was this month's Philadelphia Trumpet.

You can't imagine what this does to a sane person's mind. I immediately thought of complaining to the manager that cultic literature was offensive, or about going to my car, getting a Sharpie, and writing "Cultic Bullshit" on all of the pages of the magazine, then finally of taking the magazine to the bathroom and using it as toilet paper. Ultimately, I did none of the above, just returned it to the stack, and picked up Car and Driver. But, what a horrible flashback. I'm so glad the ACOG splinter cults will all be moribund soon!


Anonymous said...

"Philadelphia Church of God: Sandy Hook Killings and the Two Trees"

It is interesting that cruel, perverse deceivers like the PCG bunch pretend to care about such shootings and pretend to know the reasons for them and to have the answers to such tragedies.

The evil spirits that are delighted to inspire such shootings of a couple dozen people are no doubt even more delighted by their ability to inspire Gerald Flurry and his Philadelphia Church of Fraud to deceive and destroy literally thousands of people.

When a couple dozen people get shot, it is exciting news material for a few days. When Gerald Flurry cuts off literally thousands of people from the outside world, slowly changes their doctrinal understanding from what HWA had taught, financially drains them, destroys their families and friendships, and even causes death with his anti-doctor teachings, it is not considered to be newsworthy.

Gerald Flurry pretends to have the solution while the plain truth is that he is the problem.

lemon lime moon said...
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Anonymous said...

Nah, its pretty textbook for the COGs. One of the reasons they have their little print-rags is to keep all potentially distracting topics firmly grounded in their own groupthink. They serve to keep the sheep from thinking outside the COG worldview. Just like the WCG pastor I recall hailing the 1986 Challenger explosion (the day it happened) as "God telling us we do not belong up there, like with the Tower of Babel".

old EXPCG hag said...

Gerald Flurry's motto: dom agus mianach (Irish)

translated:"Me and Mine"

Kenneth Besselman said...

Ah,the two trees again. Must have read it about 300 times already.Reckon I' ll have to read it again because I STILL JUST DON'T GET IT!!!!