Sunday, January 6, 2013

Prophet Thiel Now Accepting Tithe Money

The prophet Thiel has now officially formed his new personality cult/pseudo church.  You may legally deduct your tithe money on you income taxes.  A mailing address in God's appointed city now accepts tithe money. 

Prophet Thiel's new web site is here: Continuing Church of God

Prophet Thiel is going to have a harder time in pulling Church of God members away from other groups.  He seems to be intensely disliked in Living Church of God and United.  I highly doubt any of Dave Packs minions will jump ship.

The prophet claims to have new people joining his personality cult that have no Church of God background.  Sermons are being preached and services are being held.  Prophet Thiel thinks he scored big by getting HWA's grandson to join him.  Dan Mattson is now part of prophet Thiel's personalty cult.

In his first co-worker/member letter he says:

Dear Brethren and co-workers in Christ:

We have heard from scattered ones in the USA, Canada, Africa, and the South Pacific. As most of you know, this has been a packed eight days here in California.

On Sunday, I spoke over the telephone with the first person who decided to commit to the Continuing Church of God whom I previously did not know personally. After speaking with him and then hearing from the first woman to commit whom I did not know personally, I decided a high priority would be to figure out how to serve our few scattered brethren.

On December 29, 2012, we held for the first service of the Continuing Church of God. It consisted of having brief sermon followed by a question and answer session as a third of the congregants had never attended any Church of God service and had questions. But going forward a more traditional format for services was the plan.


Anonymous said...

Prophet Thiel Said:

"On Sunday, I spoke over the telephone with the first person who decided to COMMIT to the Continuing Church of God whom I previously did not know personally."

Is that the same kind of "commit" like a mental institution? I guess one can voluntarily commit oneself to one.

Assistant Deacon said...

It's one thing to sit on the sidelines and presume to comment with great insight and authority, and to opine about the statements and writings of others. We do it here, in fact.

It's another thing to presume that people will follow you as you set yourself up as God's chosen servant on earth.

See ya', Bob. Been nice needling you.

DennisCDiehl said...

BT says of himself...

"The Continuing Church of God is the "little flock" that traces its history from the Book of Acts, throughout the ages, and into the 21st Century. Would you like to learn more about the faithful remnant?"

Mercy, now there's a historical and theological mess up. Have you ever wondered if Jesus and the Gospel was so convincing and real , why Jesus can't seem to get anyone to stay on course or keep a group together "in Him"?

The COGs add to themselves by subtraction from others and multiply by division over and over. It's what a virus does.

In reality, if one dare read outside the box of COG booklets they have stashed, there never was one coherent "all believe the same thing" Church of God in history. From Ebionites to Essenes and from Notzri, Nazarenes, Paulines to Marcionites it's been a shoot out over who knows Jesus, that would be CHRIST, to COGers, the best.

The NT is rife with division between all concerned and what you see today you would have seen back then. NO ONE ever believes they belong to the wrong, false or pooped out Church. No newby is going to claim anything but exact and direct ties to the Jesus of the Bible and the Church of the NT.
Delusional of course, but to be expected.

The only thing Bob can use to excuse his break from LCG and "Continuing Church of God," is that he disagreed with them on a few points here an there AND that they would not recognize his awesomeness. Neither of which is an excuse to actually start ones own church but one that is the most often chosen method and excuse.

Bob should call himself the "No One Acknowledges My Awesomeness Church of God." That's the bottom line. He has no business disrupting the faith of yet more people and causing more confusion in religion. Bob and those like him give people who are tired of the games men play MORE reasons than ever to walk away and want to be left alone.

Anyone who gives Bob their hard earned money to promote himself and demand others filter the world through his eyes as more special and insiteful than others is a fool.

What we are seeing in Bob Thiel are long held personal beliefs he has had about himself that he was hoping, over time, LCG would accept. You don't come up with this self view overnight. I can assure you that had LCG welcomed him as "prophet" and brought him into the inner sanctum, ALL disagreements could be put aside and this would not have happened. The fact is that they did not take him in, did not believe his own press and did not want to please him at the expense of probably hundreds of others who would have bolted over taking him as he wanted to be perceived, i.e. as a prophet in the Church.

Well as I told one guy told me when working at a local hospital that he was a prophet and had come to heal the sick and raise the dead.."really??? Well, unfortunately St. Francis is a NON-PROPHET Hospital and you will have to go over to Memorial Hospital which is FOR PROPHET." lol He said, "Ok, I didn't know that...I'll go there." He obviously never got my joke but I never saw him again.

Anonymous said...

Astounding how one of the very first scripture quotations Prophet Bob has on his new website is "let brotherly love continue."

It seems to me that the bickering and backbiting little mini-groups that were once the WCG exemplify anything BUT that particular admonition and attitude.

DennisCDiehl said...

PS and Bob..I don't wish you well. You are perpetuating the very things that make thinking people and sincerely seeking people puke. To think much less suggest that you are more special and closer to your imaginary perfectly connected to Jesus (which no real Jesus ever thought of creating) church is simply insane.

No one had the guts to tell HWA he was arrogant and misguided along with a wasteful spender of other people's money. Those days are over. Ten Thousand people will be watching you're every move, statment and opinion about yourself and none of them will be wanting to join themselves to you.

You will be a study in delusionary, illusionary and theomanic thinking. We have Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry and Ron Weinland and now we have you.

"The eye that sees cannot see itself." I learned that several times the hard way and I suspect the Karma Fairy , who usually lives at my place, will be making a trip out West soon to play.

Those of the near couple thousand who visit this site each day and who probably belong to each and every kind of COG out there simply need to find the value in your own views and journey. Never allow others to filter your world for you through their eyes. You miss a lot of life doing that and shut yourself off to wonderful and amazing knowledge and realities you would otherwise miss by doing so.

I suppose those who act special and claim special insights and callings, who pretty quick make contributions tax deductable and endeavor to attract a following due to their awesomeness push my last button with religion.

and now it is 11:11 which always tells me I am on the right path lol...amen

Douglas Becker said...

Apparently Booby Thiel needs to learn Herbert Armstrong is dead.

We've proved that church history is so much rubbish: There isn't a line from acts to the WCG under the destructive narcissist, Herbert Armstrong and there sure isn't any sort of "ancestry" from the First Century Apostles to Thiel.

Here's another news flash for you: is already online (not to be confused with The "News&Prophecy" tab takes you to... wait for it... you guessed it: Church of God News blog. Ta Da!

No use wasting recycleable garbage.

Anonymous said...

"Prophet Thiel thinks he scored big by getting HWA's grandson to join him. Dan Mattson is now part of prophet Thiel's personalty cult."

So HWA's legacy of wrong prophetic guessing over a 52-year period has ultimately resulted in his own grandson now being ensnared by a false prophet.

Douglas Becker said...

If Thiel really wants to make money, he should get in on the "Do it yourself, make your own solar panels at home" scam, claiming to save people 80% of their electric bill.

Actually, his product with empty promises is about the same.

Anonymous said...

Does Don Mattson have any additional infomration about information concerning HWA and his daughter, which I would be assuming, would be Don Mattson's mother?

Byker Bob said...

I just hope the tithepayers realize that unless you are following Jesus personally, it's always a bad move to follow someone who centers all of his teachings and activities on himself.

This is just a bad dream. There will be no benign ending to Thiel's enterprise. Expect a train wreck, either for him personally, or for those who surrender their lives to him. It can't possibly end any other way! I mean, if the dude is lucky, maybe some debillitating thing will sideline him and prevent him from causing greater damage. That was about the only thing that rescued the world from David "bent" Ariel.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Byker Bob, as I too hope the damage "Prophet" Thiel ultimately causes people can be somehow minimized. The COG's have screwed over so many people in the course of their history. The track record is plain to see. This needs to end, or at least be greatly diminished.

The older I get, the more I observe life, the more I see that human beings are simply seen for the most part in modern society as little more than cash flow organisms, either by an ultra-greedy secular corporate America as well as by super ego-centric religions led by folks who, in spite of their pleasant words, only see their followers as sources of funding for their personal vanities and delusions.

Anonymous said...


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