Monday, January 14, 2013

Weinland Juror: Ron, Laura, Audra, Jeremy, Church Elders -YOU PEOPLE ARE REPULSIVE TRASH.

From: False Prophet Ron Weinland

bags juror #199 says:
The reason I spend a little time on the blog and continue to do so is the simple fact of trying to help bring Ron and the Weinland Clan all the way down. They need to be eliminated to a point where NOBODY IS SENDING THEM ANY MONEY.

What I saw in court was enough to make anyone sick. What he does is wRONg, wRONg, wRONg!!! As I stated to Mike before just get one person out and then another will follow and another. It will be an exhausting and tedious task but I am sure followers are looking at this blog. We have witnessed this. Some may be drive by rubber necking but they are looking and maybe thinking about trying to be rational and getting ready to put their running shoes on.

I think Ron himself may look at the blog. If not he may have others keeping an eye out. Who knows? What else does he have to do all day? He may need some intel so he can gear his sermons and cover himself a bit.????? He obviously knows this blog is out there and cast some type of voodoo magical spell on people here which has not worked. Better luck next time, ya fire breathing fool!! I think the average person would look if there was a blog about them.

I want to see a huge injustice fixed just as everyone else here does. The IRS could only fix part of Ron’s overall fraudulent scheme. The IRS may have been a crippling blow to Ron but who knows what amount of money he has stashed or what amount continues coming in. You can assume it is being closely watched. The overall opinion of Ron with the jurors? It would be fair to say that he is looked at as a con-artist scumbag that should have had more charges brought upon him and his Clan. My opinion is that they should ALL be sitting in prison. Wife, daughter, son, elders and ALL! YOU PEOPLE ARE REPULSIVE TRASH.


Anonymous said...

Clap clap clap clap clap

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Juror 199 said, "My opinion is that they should ALL be sitting in prison. Wife, daughter, son, elders and ALL!

MY COMMENT - Which leads me to question why the rest of the family wasn't indicted on tax evaision charges. Doesn't Laura sign the tax return also?


MY COMMENT - And that's just the nice things we have to say about the Weinlands.


Anonymous said...

While the juror may have a point, I have to wonder about why the juror continues to go on and on about the case.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Maybe he goes on and one because the repulsive PIG and his equally corrupt family members are still not in prison.

Fletcher Christian said...

Is it legal or ethical for a member of the jury to be reading a blog by former members?
Just wondering.
Certainly Weinland isnt ethical but I am not sure this is either.
I guess someone should ask the judge on the case.

Mike (Don't Drink the Flavor Aid) said...

I'm puzzled why there would be any question as to whether it's legal or ethical for a juror to visit any blog once the trial is over.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "Repulsive Trash" could be a new ice cream flavor at the ice cream store Audra frequents with her boyfriend.
She deserves a triple dip of "Repulsive Trash"