Tuesday, April 16, 2013

James Malm Establishes Feast Site and Immediately Says Who Will NOT Be Attending

James Malm, the Chief Pharisee of Armstrongism, has finally established his first Feast site. In typical COG fashion he has to imitate Herbert Armstrong and starts his first Feast in Oregon.

FEAST OF TABERNACLES: TheShiningLight is sponsoring a Feast of Tabernacles site in the beautiful Rogue River region near Medford Oregon.

This year the Feast of Tabernacles begins on Sunday 22 September and the Eighth Day is on Sunday 29 Sept.  Because the Feast begins on a Sunday, we will be set up on Friday evening 20 Sept, for the Sabbath.
In order to attend his new cult Feast site you must prove yourself worthy to stand in his presence.  Only the best law keepers will be allowed.  All of you pagan, heretical, apostates that are into 
Sacred Names are PROHIBITED from attending.  

This site is reserved for those who have proved the doctrine at this site to their personal satisfaction and are solidly on board.  Sacred Names people and others who want to attend only to push heresies will NOT BE TOLERATED.
There will be no guest speakers at this Feast site.  Only God's most important madman since Dave Pack will be speaking.  You can expect one sermon after another on the law.  It will be "law" 24/8.  There will be no wimpy shallow sermons about "love" or Jesus Christ.  This is a law keepers site, so be forewarned!

I will be present personally at this site regardless of whether there are ten or a thousand persons coming.  At this time the site is at the beginning stage; but is open to expansion.  This site is expected to be a smaller large extended family reunion size site; but may be expanded.  Anyone who expects a large mass of people, shallow sermons and plenty of outside activities will be disappointed. 
You will be subjected from early morning to late afternoon or evening to sermons about the law.  There will be a few occasion where you will be allowed  to sleep and to meet your like minded believers. You will be told what to do, what to believe, how to believe it,  and more importantly what you CANNOT do!  All of you COG revelers looking for a boozy Feast site had better look elsewhere. 

The site will feature very strong meat of doctrine, and an occasion for extensive fellowshipping between solidly committed like minded believers.  This will not be a tourist holiday or a feast of booze; it will be a Feast at  the table of the Lord.
The apostate apostle is only interested in like minded law keepers in his presence.  If you intend to eat at a restaurant on a high day or sabbath be prepared to be immediately rebuked and banished.

We are not interested in numbers;  we ARE interested in spiritually minded people.

There will be extensive scriptural studies, Q&As and fellowship, based on sharing the scriptures, discussing the studies and sharing personal experiences and wisdom.  

This Feast of Tabernacles site is now Official.

Persons interested in attending should email me at jddm3@hotmail.com and I will put them on a Feast Newsletter list which will be sent out as information becomes  available

Doesn't this sound like the most incredibly exciting Feast site you have ever heard of!  It makes me want to start packing my car for the trip up there!  Maybe I will go and give a first hand report on how perfect everyone is.


Byker Bob said...

Can anybody say "control"???

These people constantly prove themselves to be totally unaware as to how the human mind works. Humans can never totally prove anything, and there are always inner conflicts and crises of faith, whether one believes in Armstrongism, Scientology, mainstream Christianity, or happens to be atheist.

Basically, what Malm has prewarned his attendees about is giving open voice to those inner conflicts or asking hard questions. He is preordaining that the appearance of his group will be that they all agree unequivocably with James Malm.


Retired Prof said...

Malm doesn't sound too exclusive to me. He says, "we ARE interested in spiritually minded people."

BB, you are spiritually minded. So are Dennis Diehl, Velvet, Joe Moeller, A. Boocher, and others, including a large number of anonymous posters. In real life outside this blog I also know a few Euro-Americans who attend American Indian ceremonies to experience the deep spirituality in evidence there, and obviously they should qualify as spiritually minded people eligible to attend.

I don't recall Leonardo claiming to be spiritually minded, so he should plan to stay away. Me too, since I am a philosophical materialist who is mystified by the concept of spirituality. As I wrote once, I am "blind to spiritual wavelengths and deaf to spiritual frequencies."

But if being spiritually minded is the criterion for getting together, the rest of you should have a richly meaningful and rewarding experience.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your strong meat of doctrine, I guess. i think ill go vegetarian now.

Leonardo said...

Again, I ask for a specific definition of "spiritual-mindedness" because this is one of those hazy religious terms that can mean anything, and mostly many different things to many different people. I'm guessing Malm's REAL definition would be total agreement with everything he believes, which of course is all God-inspired and approved. I know that was the very first article topic HWA wrote for the very first copy of The Plain Truth magazine, because I have a copy: "What is TRUE Spiritual-Mindedness?" I think it was titled.

Leonardo said...

Why gives me the distinct impression that if I ever were to meet James Malm in person, that somehow I'd be supremely underwhelmed? At least guys like Pack and Thiel leave us with no doubt with their many Youtube videos!

And as for Malm's proposed Q&A sessions? Well, I'll bet those will make for some real mind-stimulating times we all wouldn't want to miss.

Whenever I read one of these posts churned out by one COG guru or another, I always end up scratching my head asking the same question: "Do these guys actually take themselves and what they say seriously? Or are they just bluffing to see what kind of attention they can garner?"

Anonymous said...

For those interested, the recipe that Jim Jones used in Guyana was a mixture grape flavored Flavor Aid (not Kool Aid),potassium cyanide, Valium, chloral hydrate and potassium chloride. Which deacon will bring the paper cups? Hope you have the "Best Feast EVER"!

Head Usher said...

"I will be present personally at this site regardless of whether there are ten or a thousand persons coming."

This is the Apostle's way of letting you know how important he thinks he is, ergo, how important you should think he is. Even if only 10 people show up, that should in no way diminish in your eyes the global significance and sheer radiance of his presence, should you be lucky enough to be one of the exclusive few hand-selected as worthy to bask in it. Like god himself, he cannot allow his holiness to be tarnished by coming into contact with sinners. If you are privileged enough to have the opportunity to speak to his holiness, I bet he will carefully scrutinize every word for sinful or laodicean intent. If any is detected, you will probably be instantly shunned. All judgments should be considered final. James Malm: seize all & nose all! I feel sorry for the other people who live in his apartment building, having to put up with a god who is always judging them as their neighbor.

As Bob said, this will be a feast site for people who are used to having their ass handed to them for daring to have a personal opinion, feeling, independent thought, or question. They will all be expected to echo James Malm like trained parrots.

Leonardo said...

All I know about this guy is that he left the WCG in the mid '80's, that he is a Pharisee among Pharisee's, can't write beyond 5th grade level and doesn't know how to use spell-check. But other than that, I'm clueless about Malm. When did the Almighty give him the nod? When he left the WCG in the mid '80's? During the collapse of the WCG in the mid '90's. A couple of years ago?

Anonymous said...

We can assume "there will be QandA's" means your questions and mine only answers.

Anonymous said...

"It will be "law" 24/8." lol

I like Martin Gardner's definition of philosophical theist: "I am a philosophical theist. I believe in a personal god, and I believe in an afterlife, and I believe in prayer, but I don’t believe in any established religion. This is called philosophical theism.... Philosophical theism is entirely emotional. As Kant said, he destroyed pure reason to make room for faith."

another seekeroftruth

Anonymous said...

James Malm needs to lighten up and be more welcoming to wayward souls. From conception, the great Shining one had chosen to place his name with Malm's 'TheShiningLight',
and has given his COG stamp of approval.

A true priest of Zeus needn't worry about a small Feast. He just needs to present himself at the head of the principal table, and the followers of Gee-Zeus will fall into their proper place.

Anonymous said...

I hope he makes his sermons and Q & A sessions available for the rest of us. I will look forward to them as much as I did Gerald Waterhouse's visits.

Anonymous said...

Does this guy ever publicly speak? He blogs quite a bit but there is a huge difference. At least Thiel would occasionally put out videos and he still is terrible. I can't imagine preparing to listen to someone who isn't used to it for hours at a time. I also thought he was diabetic which couldn't help.

Lurker said...

Hahahhhaha. We need like buttons on here.

Joe Moeller said...

Malm now has a Feast teaser trailer now online at You Tube...

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvwqK2gn3S0>This is a link</a>

Joe Moeller
Cody , WY

Anonymous said...

Eight days spent with this guy must leave one exhausted just to try to keep from being condemned a thousand times a day. If you at all buy into his nonsense, it must leave you super neurotic by the end of it as well. Seems like one big stressfest.

James Malm is just a squeaky wheel with an opinion about everything. If you follow him, you're just agreeing to live by a man's opinions. Your own are just as good, but a lot better for your health I bet.

Corky said...

WHAT???!!! No booze? What are they, a bunch of Baptist wannabe's? Probably no Valium allowed either...and they're gonna need that.

Corky said...

Well, I had this good long message all written out and when I hit the "publish your comment" button I had to clock-in er, sign in, and there it went...gone into cyber space...poof!

So, once again: What???!!! No Booze? Doesn't that go against what it says in the LAW?

Well, that was the gist of my long message...

Anonymous said...

Corky, that used to happen to me too. Get in the habit of writing your comment in notepad or some other program and then copy-paste it to your comment box.

Cause, I like your posts. :)

Douglas Becker said...

For those interested, the recipe that Jim Jones used in Guyana was a mixture grape flavored Flavor Aid (not Kool Aid),potassium cyanide, Valium, chloral hydrate and potassium chloride. Which deacon will bring the paper cups? Hope you have the "Best Feast EVER"!




It would be the "Last Feast EVER"!

Leonardo said...

Corky wrote: "Well, I had this good long message all written out and when I hit the "publish your comment" button I had to clock-in er, sign in, and there it went...gone into cyber space...poof!"

Corky, the very same thing has happened to me many times before as well. Of course, the more religious among us will see this as a divine sign that Yahweh didn't want others here to read your post! I suspect it has to do more with the terrible design of this blog apparatus. I HATE this particular set-up for blogging on this website. It's one of the worst out there. It's extremely poorly designed from a graphics standpoint, being hard on the human eye because of the thin font and the small little square to type in. It doesn't allow for retrieval or editing of comments sent. I can't seem to figure out how to use the HTML tags to italicize text, etc. And often I cannot for the life of me seem to correctly read the numbers and letters below to "prove you're not a robot."

So, if I feel a longer message coming on, I just go and type it out in a Word document, then copy & paste it in here when I'm ready to send it. I'm sure this habit has saved me considerable frustration! Give it a try. Or at bare minimum highlight (control - A), then copy (control - C) the text you've written in the small box you wrote it in, that way if it somehow disappears off to "alphabet heaven" at least you can paste (control - V) it in again and give it another attempt.

Corky said...

Thanks folks, I usually do a highlight, right click "copy", in case a post gets lost...sometimes I neglect to do that simple thing.

Leo, the HTML tags are shown right below the comment box. To italicize a text use the one with the "i" in it at the beginning and end of the text and add a backslash in front of the "i" in the tag at the end of the text - no space between the tags and the text and no space in the tags.

Douglas Becker said...

It is expected that James Malm is the husband of one wife and his children are in subjection.

If he does not have those Scriptural qualifications, he is not allowed to establish and host a Feast at which he is a minister / teacher because he does not fulfill the Biblical standard.

If he is not qualified, no one should go to his Feast and he should be quiet.

Head Usher said...

Here's a little helpful hint. You don't have to enter the numbers part. If you get the letters part alone it will still publish.