Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bob Thiel Is None Too Happy With Doug Winnail

The non-ordained self-appointed false prophet was none too happy when he read on here Friday afternoon that Doug Winnail slapped him really good the other day.

Thiel writes:

05/03/13 p.m. It has been reported that LCG's Dr. D. Winnail sent out the following and, supposedly, that certain negative aspects of this writing were intended to be directed towards me and the Continuing Church of God (CCOG):
Irrespective of who might have been meant (and since CCOG has the biggest known work of a group that has such a high percentage of "stay-at-home" people, it is not unreasonable to consider that CCOG was a group this was targeted towards),

The biggest "work" of-stay-at home members???????????  Bob, Bob, Bob, your delusions of grandeur are getting the best of you.  You have no work.  You have the worst videos in the ENTIRE history of the Church of God.  You have become a laughing stock on YouTube.  Most of the viewers you are receiving are being directed there by this blog.  You could at least thank me for that!

The non-ordained false prophet has to resorts to a typical HWA comparison:

Like CCOG, the late Herbert W. Armstrong also started out with very few actual congregations, but mainly had a "stay-at-home" church that was served through the technology of the time (that is part of why he called it the Radio Church of God). He had the faith to believe and do the work anyway, despite CG7 being much larger than his group at the time. Surely, various ones have not forgotten that aspect and pattern of COG history.
Now, in the 21st century, I have tried to demonstrate a similar pattern to those with ears to hear (Matthew 11:15; 13:8-9)--we in the CCOG have already demonstrated sufficient magnitude to get the gospel to the world as a witness (Matthew 24:14). We are having significant impact on this God-given mission.
If you really think you are having a big impact with YouTube media in the 21st century you really are bonkers.

Perhaps this would be a good time to mention that the Continuing Church of God has reached millions of people in over 210 countries and territories in the past four months through the internet, radio, personal contact, and the written word.
Bob, once again you are using visions of grandeur to cloud your thinking.  Just because people from 210 countries have clicked on your site does not mean you have made a witness to them.  This blog has reached 200 countries around the world.  It is an easy thing to do.  Do I think I have reached multiple millions of pople as a result?  Not at all.  No more than you have.

Then Bob slaps Doug back with a zinger:

Integrity counts (see also Why Bob Thiel Left the Living Church of God), and I believe that integrity, love, and faith are more important than current size (though I expect, over time, major changes in size of CCOG). It appears that it will be the Continuing Church of God that will lead the final phase of the work, and that this leading has already begun.
Apparently LCG has no integrity as a church nor do the men who are in charge.  Then the visions of grandeur take over and again and Thiel thinks he is doing the final phase of the work.


Joe Moeller said...


A surprising combined effort by Bob Thiel, Doug Winnail and Rod Meredith!...

(Copy link and then paste into browser)

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

PS- Moe is Meredith, Larry is Thiel and Curly is Winnail

Joe Moeller said...

Am I the only one who thinks that COG leaders fight with each other like the way "High School Girls" do?

What a bunch of pussys!

A constant rambling of gossip, hurt feelings, little cliques, emotion, letters, tissy fits, crying etc.

They are all invited together to the ranch for some male retrofitting. It can be sort of like "City Slickers" and maybe these "ninnys" can learn to "grow a pair" and quit being such a bunch of nerd sissys.

Out here on the ranch, if you got a beef with another man, we settle it like men. We go out to the horse corral, and duke it out. If you get knocked down, the rest of us just pick you up and throw you back in there for more until everyone has had enough.

Afterwards, its a beer for everyone, and all is forgotten, for we got a hell of lot of work to get done, and no time for "bull crap" whether man made or LITERALLY! LOL!

Open offer to pay airfare for your leaders to come on up for a week, and I will pickup the expense for steaks and beans. Plenty of room in the barn for them all to sleep in too.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Corky said...

"The final phase" long last we have finally reached "these last days" (Heb. 1:2). Of course, that means the writer of Hebrews was mistaken and his timing was off by 2,000 years but, what the hey, they've got it right this time.

Byker Bob said...

Thiel's problems start with the fact that he apparently feels he is working with a timeless, eternal example passed down from HWA. We've read and demonstrated and it has been made abundantly clear that the methodology of HWA is so totally passe for conditions as they prevail today, that there is no way any effective work could be raised up by the so-called apostle in such conditions. And, this is totally overlooking the fact that God does His work not according to human business models, or based on the strengths of ego-driven humans, but in spite of them!

Thiel is totally clueless. These self promotors of their own personality cults which they name after God would be more likely to be used of God if they admitted that they knew nothing, had no particular strengths or abilities in and of themselves, and therefore deferred rather to God.

HWA was a modern day Gnostic. He really preached that people could only be saved through his church, and by the special knowledge that supposedly only he had after a 2,000 year interval. Jesus' saving power was diminished by HWA, taking a back seat to the supposed special knowledge thingie.

You have to wonder if HWA even knew that the British royal family was actually German!


DennisCDiehl said...

I also have reached millions on this site. Over 200 countries and tens of thousands of COG lurkers.

Please send it in!

Anonymous said...

Bob Thiel says that integrity, ....... are more important than size. Well Bob, at least size matters. What a heal.

Anonymous said...

"... size matters..."

Grow up.

RSK said...

So masculine to hide behind written public releases (and "Anonymous" screen names) and throw darts at each other.

But we knew these individuals weren't exactly men of caliber anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well, hiding behind initials is really masculine too. Way to go big guy.

Douglas Becker said...

Sounds like a nasty divorce.

Head Usher said...

"HWA was a modern day Gnostic. He really preached that people could only be saved through his church, and by the special knowledge that supposedly only he had after a 2,000 year interval. Jesus' saving power was diminished by HWA, taking a back seat to the supposed special knowledge thingie."

I've never heard anyone say that before, but yes, BB, that's exactly right. We were all made special by esoteric knowledge and esoteric doctrines. In principle, it's really not much different than kabbalah. Ours was just a fundamentalist Jewish mysticism. Armstrongites are all modern-day gnostics.

Anonymous said...

Bitch slap is right! Go girl!

Anonymous said...

This is getting so absurd, it's good. Maybe more people still part of the COG movement will realize what a total debacle it is. There is not a single, solitary person in the HWA tradition who can escape the reality that their endorsement, regardless of in which group they do it, contributes to the perpetuation of this disgraceful display.

Anonymous said...

I hope these COG leaders are getting their kicks slamming each other back and forth in the public eye. This is absurd, and reminds me of Junior High School.

How can anyone not be absurdly disgusted by this completely ridiculous display of juvenile bickering?

They need to be sent to their rooms without supper. Apostles? Prophets? Evangelists? HA!!!!

They're all acting like children who need to go to bed without their supper.

Anonymous said...

these groups that are constantly sniping at each other do far more damage to the Church than any website such as this one can ever do.

most people can't separate the Church from the posers, so they think the Church is all about taking shots at each other......I can't imagine that God is happy with such behavior.

Anonymous said...

The UCG ministers did indeed fight with each other "like bunch of pussys"!

Some got bitch-slapped and remained with the UCG. The other half got bitch-slapped and went with the COGAWA.

As usual with splits in armstrongist cults, both groups claimed those in the "other group" were influenced by Satan.

With the UCG and the COGAWA, Satan is the one common denominator.