Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dave Pack Threatens Ministers Of The COG's: I Will Remove You From Your Leadership Offices!

Arrogant Dave is turning the heat on ministers and leaders of the 700 some COG's.  You will soon be trembling in your shoes at my awesomeness.  Repent and join with me now or be forever cast into outer darkness where you belong.


A statement to all MINISTERS: God WILL reunite His people, and soon. Ministers for decades have been “scattering” them—and working “against” Christ (Matt. 12:30). Read what follows Matthew 12:30. Now comes a powerful word of caution to those men who at all fear God and want to remain in His ministry. Men who are known to have tried to thwart the active work of God’s Spirit to reunite His people need to know they have chosen to END THEIR MINISTRY! The government of God’s Church will make diligent inquiry with brethren now under your charge.
Most of you grew liberal in the 1970s—this was “strike one” in God’s sight. But you were forgiven by a loving and merciful God and given another chance. However, many of the same men grew far more liberal and heretical in the second “go-around” through the 90s, and all the way to the present—this was a very great “strike two” in God’s sight. But His plan is to forgive you AGAIN, upon repentance. If you fight His Purpose NOW—read “God’s People Back Together—SOON!”, and other recent announcements—the result will be “strike THREE,” and you will be OUT of the ministry by your own choosing. God’s duly appointed government will REMOVE you from office. You are STRONGLY counseled to at least remain NEUTRAL in the face of your headquarters asking or even demanding you to resist what “RCG is teaching”—when God’s Spirit in you should be making clear that what we are announcing is GOD’S teaching. Tell your flock you are “waiting to see,” and if circumstances so require, tell your headquarters that you are going to follow God not them when push comes to shove. Tell them you are “sitting this one out.” Do not trust that your current leaders will be able to save your ministry. They will NOT! Only you can do this.
Now aware of God’s awesome purpose, you should in fact desire to “get out front” of what He is doing in order to help the maximum number of people. Other ministers and deacons already have. In any event, if you are not strong enough to do this, do not permit yourself to be coerced or even threatened into a position where you are soon sorry—DESPERATELY sorry!—for your actions, much like Esau found himself when he “was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears” (Heb. 12:16-17). Esau could not turn back the hands of time on what he had done. Some mistakes “go too far.” You are warned not to repeat Esau’s mistake! Time in this age is almost gone. You stand at the crossroads of history, prophecy and DESTINY. Humble yourself in the eyes of God and He will exalt you in the near future beyond what you can now imagine. You will soon be serving more of God’s people—larger congregations. DO NOT BLOW A PRECIOUS CALLING!


James said...

So this is his dream of paying off the white elephant?

Michael said...

So, i wonder, what happens in August, when nothing happens as Dave claims?
What pray tell, will his rationalization be?
It better be pretty good, after all these crazy letters :-)

Anonymous said...

Too bad his own clones don't hold him accountable as well. I am hearing more and more in Dave's ego centric rants and specialness him accusing others of EXACTLY what has done or currently is doing.

I believe we all that projection. You know, "I know you are but what am I?"

Fascinating actually

Anonymous said...


"God is giving us more time,"

"God is giving more time for more to come to me.."

"God is giving sinners more time to wake up,"

Whatever Whinelandesque excuse that is given, it will begin with "God is...."

Anonymous said...

One thing that Jesus prayed for was unity (not uniformity) among his people (John 17:20-). Can someone tell me, perhaps in a nice chart, what are the doctrinal differences among the COG's? Isn't it all about personalities?
If the COG's are "God's True Church" their divisions have led to them having very little impact on the world (thank God). And if anyone thinks that David Pack's leadership can bring them together, they need to increase their dosage of Thorazine.

Anonymous said...

Michael said...
"So, i wonder, what happens in August, when nothing happens as Dave claims? What pray tell, will his rationalization be? It better be pretty good, after all these crazy letters :-)"

It might not be any great problem if not much happens. DCP could just simply explain that all the true Christians with the Holy Spirit did come over to the RCG, but that there were not very many of them left. After all, just look around at all the godless old perverts in the PCG or the UCG. How many true Christians could there be among them yet anyway?

Of course, it will be a great disappointment if three prominent wicked splinter leaders do not die.

Anyway, DCP's new HQ building is complete, and he might even get a couple more buildings done before this scare blows over and people calm down.

With his fancy new buildings, DCP will be able to attract new followers and simply not mention these things from the past.

Byker Bob said...

No big loss. These people never were part of the real ministry in the first place. I mean, it's all a very bogus fringe cult to start with.

I'm thinking some people may end up obtaining some new job skills and getting real jobs, but regardless as to how Dave sees that, what's wrong with making an honest living in ways that won't damage peoples' lives?


Douglas Becker said...

No, continue resisting the lies of Davey Pack -- vigorously.

Maybe you can redeem yourselves by standing up for the truth against an obvious scoundrel.

He reminds me of "Brain" in "Pinky and the Brain":

"Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I think so, Brain -- that it's going to be impossible to remove the lutefisk stains from your Argyle tuxedo?"

"No Pinky, tomorrow we'll try to take over the world!"

And frankly, which is more believable?

Anonymous said...

Man is it just me, or do others sense Hitler's SS in the way this mental case writes?

This guy is dangerous not only to himself, but others as well. He belongs in a mental hospital.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this guy belongs to the mental hospital as seemingly all the other HWA trained ministers arre. Sometime my hair stands on ends to realize how I trusted my future and my spiritual life on these people in the past.