Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gerald Flurry: Will He Set The Example For Other COG's By Stepping Forward To Assist Tornado Victims?

When this latest batch of tornadoes started hitting this past weekend, Edmond Oklahoma was the first city to be damaged.  Edmond, Oklahoma is also the home base for the Gerald Flurry cult compound.

I don't know if they received any damage to the cult compound or not.  I am sure we will soon see miraculous stories on how the compound was preserved by God from being damaged and that all PCG members homes and properties escaped unscathed.

This is also a time for Gerald Flurry to take his money and do something useful and contribute to disaster relief in his area.  Will he do this?  Don't count on it.  Flurry, like Thiel, Meredith and Pack look at these natural weather events as punishment from God for evil sins.

While their own churches are cesspools of sin, they throw the first volley of stones at their neighbors and damn them to the Lake of Fire for being such evil sinners.   As much as they all hate Tkach Sr., at least he had the balls to contribute money to disaster relief.  If the Kingdom of  God is supposed to be such a wonderful place, why not bring that forth in a hurting world around you right now as a foretaste?  The problem is, they cant.  Their kingdom of god is reserved for the elect and since they are the elect they cannot share it with the unconverted because  the world is nothing more than vile sinning pigs deserving of death and destruction.

Who needs or desires their kingdom!?


Anonymous said...

Looks like PCG is using youtube and video of the tornado to promote its magazine. Interesting comments to say the least...


Joe Moeller said...

United Church of God response to Oklahoma crisis...


(Copy and paste in browser)

Steve Meyers heartfelt commentary is featured.

Highlights From His Commentary ....

***"And so as we pray for those people as we ask God to intervene for those that have been impacted by this, we want to come and help do what we can, and we need to do those things."

***"When you look at these events we've got to understand that there are natural phenomenon, there's nature that happens. God did not cause this to happen. It doesn't mean that God's evil and that He brought this destruction upon the Midwest."

***"Let's pray for those that are affected by these storms - not only these storms but other devastating events in life so that we can look forward to those times that God will send joy and blessing and beauty.
So let's pray for that. Let's pray as Christ said, "Thy Kingdom come."

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"we want to come and help do what we can, and we need to do those things."

Darris McNeely echoed:

"May God bless the efforts of those who lend a hand".

Alright. I expect to see the Council of Elders along with all willing members head to Moore, shed the suits, pick up a shovel, hammer some nails, hand out waters, give some needed clothes and toiletries, and help build some houses - interacting with the general public and being "doers".

Otherwise, all of that is just talk.

Joe Moeller said...

Anonymous immediately above:

What do you plan on doing to help?

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Joe, that's great stuff. Almost balances out the destructive and totally inaccurate British-Israelism basis for your church's theology. Almost, but not quite. Keep at it.

Byker Bob said...

I think it is important to praise and encourage those who shed even the least little bit of communal cultic behavior. Obviously, it isn't the final destiny, but at least they are progressing towards us.

If UCG is participating in Christ-like activities such as Jesus encouraged through His parable "The Good Samaritan", then I believe we should have a standing ovulation (oops!, that should be ovation!) for them.

Growing up in classic Armstrongism, we as children were forbidden to pray for our "unconverted" relatives, were told to tell homeless to get a job, and were generally forbidden to help the people the church told us that God was punishing. This was incredibly selfish behavior, not consistent with Jesus' character, but was done with the conviction that it was God's way.

When it came time for a United Fund or UNICEF Drive, we were carefully scripted: "Oh, we do all of our charity through our church, and they contribute to the causes they deem worthy".

You know, one thing is always interesting to watch. That would be the reaction of ACOG members when others attempt to console or help them after tragedy. LCG really made asses of themselves reacting to helpful ones following Wisconsin.