Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Living Church of God Proclaims: "This IS NOT My Fathers World" - Except For When He Is Pissed Then Its His World To Spank

Wallace Smith from the Living Church of God has a commentary up today about the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  He has this to say:

God did not intend the world to give birth to devastating storms that would wreak violent havoc and bring death and destruction upon the people He created. Rather, when God lovingly fashioned and molded His world, He called it “very good” (Genesis 1:31). He did not intend the world to unleash powerful tornadoes against its weakest inhabitants and to take the lives of children. He desires a world in which children can play safely in the streets (cf. Zechariah 8:5) without concern about harm of any sort.

In the face of such tragedy and grief, Christians should pray for every bereaved mother, father and child, and that God will have mercy on those who suffer. And, just as certainly, we should pitch in where we can. Christians serve a God of compassion and a Messiah who made tangible His Father’s love through His actions on earth. His compassion and love should flow in true Christians and stir them to do as their Lord did when surrounded by suffering.
It is excellent that Wallace tells LCGers to chip in where they can.  So please start collecting money for the people who lost their homes.  Start helping people rebuild houses and businesses.  Help pay for the funerals of the children killed by your pissed off god. Help rebuild the damaged Christian churches.

The problem is, we don't believe you.  The Church of God, including the LCG, has an abysmal track record on helping their neighbor.  The LCG spends almost all of its time focused on condemning their neighbors, even to the point calling them fake/false Christians.  Every time they use the label "TRUE Christian" it means that every single person outside of the LCG are nothing more than sinful piles of human garbage destined for death and destruction.

LCG claims this is not their god's world, yet when they want to see the people chastised their god springs into action and causes earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tidal waves and floods. Their god then rules the earth.

Its hard to figure out what the god that LCG follows is.  Is he the god of this world that rules the weather or is he not?  LCG claims that God causes the storms to test and try the people in order to make them repent, yet they also claim their god has a hands off stance and sits back looking on longingly as he sees creation destroyed.

While no calamity befalls this world without God’s allowing it to be so (cf. Amos 3:6), we must not assume that He is happy that it is so (cf. Ezekiel 33:11). God has given us free moral agency, so He must witness great suffering in a world that He intends for far better things. Yet, how it must stir Him—with a passion we can scarcely comprehend—in His yearning to set this world right and to establish His Kingdom after mankind has finally learned the tragic lessons it seems we can learn in no other way. How He must long for the soon-coming day when He will ensure such calamities never occur again.
Of course he has to keep "longing" since the COG folk still cannot get things right with their god so he has to keep delaying Jesus' return.  Its your fault that the tornadoes are still allowed to happen.  If the COG would repent and get right with their god then Jesus Christ could return and fix it all.

Wallace continues:

As His people, Christians ought to share that same longing for the Kingdom. Events like the tragic Oklahoma tornado should remind us that a world apart from God will inevitably be filled with indiscriminating tragedy. They ought to remind us that the prideful path our nations are on promises only worse to come. And they should stir the hearts of God’s people, moving them to grieve with the grieving, to warn those who need warning, to reach with the truth those who need reaching—and to roll up their sleeves, wade into the rubble, and help those who need help, all while praying even more earnestly than before, “Your kingdom come” (Matthew 6:10).
 Everyone should also be reminded that the prideful arrogance of the Living Church of God and Rod Meredith caused Terry Ratzmann to flip out and murder LCG members while in church one cold Saturday morning.  We should all be reminded of the prideful path that the LCG has always been on.

Please, PLEASE set an example for us and the entire COG and get out there and roll your sleeves up, wade into the rubble and help those in need.  PLEASE practice what you preach!.


Anonymous said...

You really have nothing better to do, do you? Clearly this is an obsession of yours, even a compulsion. What did these people do to you? Did they insult your precious nordic heritage or something????

Anonymous said...

If you grumble pusses don't like it here then why do you keep coming back to be titillated?

Anonymous said...

What a tragedy, it's practically unfathomable. I saw a first responder who said, "You do what you have to do to help, and then it may hit you hours or days later."

Just human to human.

None of the "I'm closer to God so I know best about all this" crap that tends to be the ACOGer's first response.

Anonymous said...

Dennis, you need to get a life. This obsession with the COGs is getting to you. Better do what I did and ignore the COGs. They are cults of some of the worst kind, perhaps even evil. As a consequence, by you focusing on them so much and so hard, you are turning into a monster yourself. Better to find something else to do before it eats you and makes you into a very sick person. Seriously. Either become a fully fledged atheists and ge ton with your life, or become a true Christian of real faith and help others find the true Christ. At the moment you are stuck in a rut, and it's getting uglier and uglier. For your own sake please take notice.

Baal said...

What? Not intentional? But devastating storms that unleash death and destruction upon tiny humans is what storm gods do! I know it's not the greatest job in the world, but somebody's got to do it. If it weren't for this gig, I'd be unemployed.


Anonymous said...

"Dennis, you need to get a life. This obsession with the COGs is getting to you. Better do what I did and ignore the COGs."

This person is on a webpage that's about the ACOGs. Go figure.

Like I said earlier, it's what the cult-indoctrinated tend to do- trying to shut up criticism.

One of the most common methods is to say, "You need to get a life."

It's disingenuous for the commenter to claim he "ignores the COGs".

Ahura Mazda said...

Hmmmm. Everybody is "anonymous"...there must be something seriously wrong with me, what with me putting my name on my messages. How hard is it to to type in a name? It's pretty easy to do, even if you are signed in with Google.

Anonymous said...

Once again, anonymous speech is vital to a free society, and is protected by the First Amendment.

If I publish my name, then I expect to be paid for doing so.