Saturday, May 25, 2013

Michael Venish Is Back With Another Great Video About Dave Pack And His Sociopathic Tendencies

Michael Venish is back with another video and starts out with a question asked by one of Dave Pack's members to his last video calling Dave Pack out for his lies.  
Venish has impeccable credibility to the inner workings of for Dave Pack.

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with Michael Venish on some points in his little video, and agree with David Pack on those same points.

For example, I have no use for the Muslim religion. It is a large false religion. I also have no use for the Roman Catholic Church or its Protestant daughter churches. They are also large false religions. Why criticize David Pack for pointing out that these religions are false and wrong?

I am interested in finding out whatever I can about David Pack and his true behavior and many claims, but Michael Venish does not help at all by complaining that David Pack thinks that the Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants are in error with their teachings. I totally agree that they are in great error.

If Michael Venish has anything interesting to say, I would like to hear it. But don't give me such nonsense as this.

Anonymous said...

Michael is doing a great service and I applaud his plain speaking. He no longer gives Dave Pack his narcissistic supply. He does give him the hell he deserves for his assinine and misinformed views of both two OT minor prophets and his own role , which is a good term for an actor.

Dave can't stand to be upstaged or have his sacred and rather secret "for church members only" sermons let out of the bag before he wants to. It probably drives him nuts he secrets aren't all that secret and will be forced to step up his error ridden views.
Dave is as wrong in his views as Dave thinks others are wrong for theirs.

I honor Mr Venish's credible efforts as one who would know. Any diversions from the point will be cleared up I am sure as he does his presentations. He's already light years ahead of Bob Thiel
Dennis Diehl

Anonymous said...

PS The first comment sounds like a shill for DCP. The vast amount of time Michael devotes to the issue of false prophet and delusional Dave in this video far outweighs the time he said anything about muslims and catholics. Mr Venish has had his experience with the man that many of his employees ,who quit, have already attested to.

I have excellent contacts that also have no intention of giving DCP a pass on this theological bullshit.

Joe Moeller said...

Too bad "Venish" cant get Pack to "Vanish"!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

"I have to disagree with Michael Venish on some points in his little video, and agree with David Pack on those same points."

I have to disagree with your little comment and agree that you are a shill for Pack. All you've done is misconstrue a minor point. Is this the only point that you can find to attack Venish on? I don't have any problem with saying that the Catholics and Muslims are false religions, but that does nothing to exonerate Pack's other claims or discredit Venish's criticisms. It's a non sequitur. Even the biggest liar on Earth (which might be Dave Pack) still isn't going to be wrong 100% of the time.

Why have you remained silent about the major point that there is something horribly wrong with Pack, that he is a false apostle, a false prophet, he is not some prophetic incarnation of some ancient Joshua? These are ridiculous claims. Dave Pack is a liar. Venish is criticizing Dave Pack because DAVE PACK is false and wrong! You've only remained silent about this, Venish's real criticism because there's no way to attack it.

Since you characterize Michael Venish's entire video as "nonsense," I suppose this means you agree with all of Dave Pack's ridiculous claims.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

On a side note: Michael and I have been in touch Dave Pack left he and his wife financially destitute. He is currently living with relatives endeavoring to recover in some way and looking for employment. At his age, if anyone can be of practical help please contact him at his email on the video.

I'm leaving NY today and heading back through Akron etc. Perhaps I can stop in Wadsworth, which I pass through, and ask Dave to help him. I suspect it might be a bit of "be warmed and be filled," and "we'll prey for him,"

Dennis Diehl (Ipad won't post account name etc)

Byker Bob said...

Well, this is yet another example of the broken clock metaphor. Like the broken clock, Pack is going to be accidentally correct, occasionally.

As for the Catholics and Protestants, I've come to realize that they often have better founded truths, more love, and less maliciousness than any of the Armstrongist, or Adventist groups. I do have some problems with the Catholics and believe Martin Luther at least partially corrected some of these. However, I have met some Catholics who are quite obviously converted, perhaps even moreso than typical ACOG ministers and members.


Anonymous said...

Mike Venish was one of the ministers who came up and agreed that Pack was Joshua. He seems to highlight others faults, but does not mention his past of stealing tithes and having sex with a lady he was counselling for marriage.