Monday, May 20, 2013

Ron Weinland: The Epic Failure Says Christ Decided The Time Was Not Right To Return Today

Poor Ron Weinland. He is such an epic failure when it comes to predicting correct prophecies.  Every single one has has announced has failed miserably!

May 19, 2013
Since God has revealed it is not yet time for His Son to return, there are areas of our websites that must be updated to reflect what God is revealing.

Knowing he was going to be a failure and now exposed as one he quickly resorts to a typical false prophets excuse:  "God has more for us to learn."

You should find it exciting as we address several issues because it is as a result of all that we have experienced (witnessed) that God is now revealing more to us. As we go through these things that God is clarifying and magnifying for us, try to consider how God has used our experience(s) to increase our ability to more fully grasp why and how we have been molded as we have.
 Even though Weinerdude has screwed up the date so many times now that he is a laughing stock, he claims that God is STILL going to give him the exact date sometime in the near future. Then to further distance himself from his epic failure he blames it all on God.

There are always those who find fault and seek to discredit God’s servants, and undoubtedly, some will also foolishly recount their misunderstanding of “no man knows the day or the hour” of Christ’s return. They would still be wrong. God is not at this time giving me a specific year to announce, but He will. Yet for the Church, He wouldn’t even need to give that specific date now, as the Church will know well in advance when Christ is coming   to the “day” and to the “hour” because of truths God has revealed to the church.
 Ron's god changes his mind a lot.  Even though his god changes his mind and makes Ron look like an ididot, that same god will still only reveal himself through Ron.

As God molds His way of life within those who desire that and if they yield to that process then who is it that can stand before the Eternal God and tell Him what He can give or cannot give unto His own Church? Can God change what (or to a degree of what) He says through His prophets? Whenever God changes, or reveals a specific purpose, or a greater truth in any matter, especially about prophecy, He will reveal it through His apostles and/or prophets. That is exactly how God has always led and worked with His Church. Truth, however, never changes, but it is clarified and magnified to God’s people as He leads His people farther and farther out of error and into greater unity and oneness with His word   His truth.
Though this creature he calls "christ" did not come this year, he almost assuredly will next Pentecost.  Well, maybe the one after that.  Or the one after that.  Or after that....

Having said all this, if the exact year of Christ’s return is not given before hand, it will most assuredly be known once the events of the Second Trumpet occur and are made manifest to the entire world. Then the exact day and hour will be known as God has revealed it through two great truths concerning this matter. First, it is that Christ will return on the Day of Pentecost. So God’s Church is still moving forward, just as we did last year, from Pentecost to Pentecost.

Even though his created creature "christ" did not return, the 144,000 were sealed though on May 19th.

The Feast of Trumpets 2008 was the day for the beginning of the final sealing for those who would be included in the final count of the 144,000 who will come with Jesus Christ to set up the reign of the Kingdom of God on earth. The 144,000 will reign with Jesus Christ, and the reign of Satan will no longer exist over the earth.

This process of sealing all those remaining who would be added in order to fulfill the complete count of 144,000 began on that Trumpets of 2008, but was not completed until Pentecost of 2012. Some were sealed on that day of Trumpets 2008, while others were sealed throughout the following 1335 days, including the very last day. During that period of time and into the period of “final witness,” some would still be tried and tested to determine the final individuals who were yet to be added to this specific count of those who would reign with Christ.

7,000 people have been judged by Ron's god to not have made it.

Throughout this period of time, as individuals were tried and tested, some were sealed, and others were judged that they would continue living (physically) on into the Millennium to continue serving God during that time. Yet a few others were judged that they should not live into the Millennium due to their response to God regarding those trials and tests. These will be among the 7,000 “mentioned by name” who are not to enter that new age as described in Revelation.
 If you are one of the 144,000 you have now been made ready to reign with Ron's "christ."

Pentecost 2012 was indeed a momentous day in God’s great plan because it revealed a process that had now become complete in the first great phase of God’s “new creation” of fulfilling His work of preparing 144,000 people over a 6,000 year period of time. All these people through time had now been made ready to reign in the Millennium. The completion of this process of all who have been made ready to reign with Christ and have waited in faith for the promise of God’s Kingdom are spoken of in the Book of Daniel. By the day of Pentecost of 2012, all 144,000 had been sealed and God’s Kingdom had been made ready to reign. “Blessed is he who waits and comes to the thousand three hundred and thirty fifth day” (Dan. 12:12).

Ron and his cult have been going through intense persecution over the last year.  They have been through the "refiners fire."

So how was this first prophetic day a blessing and reward to God’s people? In the thinking of the world and of Satan, it is ironic, but it is by going through great trials of adversity and refining through fire (trial) that we can actually grow faster spiritually and be tried and proven in greater (growing) faith. This process has been covered in recent posts. We were blessed and rewarded beyond measure because of what we experienced in the time of witness and of our holding to God’s truth. As a whole, we have been made many times stronger and blessed (rewarded) with greater spiritual character, strength, and resolve that was molded (created) in us. This does not account for how God will reward His people once the Millennium has been established, which is far beyond what we can know at this time. Those things (future rewards) have now been set if we simply continue in the faith.
Ron and his little disintegrating cult are looking with glee for their god to wreck vengeance upon the world, particularly those that mock them.

The “day” of the Lord’s vengeance is both a simple statement that it is God’s “time” to avenge His people as well as a “time” to pour out vengeance upon the world for rejecting Him and His people. It speaks of a year of “recompenses,” as it is about a literal year of recompense for His Church that followed their experience of living the “final witness” to this world   about this world. It is also about a literal year of recompense that will follow that is upon this world. That year of recompense for the world is for the evil it has lived by always rejecting God and is the result of God’s final judgment based on 6,000 years of human history and magnified with final judgment in the time of the final witness of 3 1/2 years.

 Ron has been a liar from day one.  Not one single thing he has said has ever happened.  It has not happened in the past, it did not happen TODAY, May 19th and will not happen next Pentecost or the one after that, or the oen after that, or the one after that, on and on and on the lies will go.


DennisCDiehl said...

Ron Weinland is Dave Pack's Future. The Laurel and Hardy of religion. The Amos and Andy of Theology. The Abbot and Costello of Prophecy.

Wolfman and Dracula? I'd take a sermon from George Carlin any day

God needs MONEY!

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

When is someone going to call out Weinland directly to his face on his own words about being a false profit (Oooops, I mean false prophet) if the end didn't come as he predicted?

Oh, that's right. He's in jail - can't do it to his face. Besides, Weinland will need the income stream - reduced though it may be -from the dumb sheep once he gets out of jail.

The Ron Weinland story is a painfully sad and embarrassing story to follow.


Anonymous said...

great theologians weinland and pack are, perhaps they will learn finally what not knowing days and hours means...

Douglas Becker said...

And while we can be distracted by the comedy drama of Conald Swineland (as we call over on that other blog), it should be noted that he is helping bring down the other ACoGs -- his bad example will get some people to think about their own cult involvement.

He holds that the first resurrection will occur on Pentecost, but he is not alone. Philip Edwards of the Church of God Most High expressed that it was a possibility (but also gave the Feast of Trumpets and another feast day as possibilities).

Art Braidic of the Eternal Church of God discussed this with me after lunch in our fishing cabin during the Feast of Tabernacles in Montana in 2010. He mentioned that he had noticed the idea of Christ's return on Pentecost from James Russel and Ronald Wienland. I tried my darndest to steer him clear of the idea with the caveat that those two clowns were about the least credible of anyone we knew.

But here we are: This weekend Terry Moore gave the sermon and outlined the second resurrection on Pentecost -- so the Eternal Church of God has made the decision to continue in this first fruitless speculation.

That these and other Armstrongist groups are tied to Weinland in such ways is telling and certainly bodes no good for the Cult of Herbert Armstrong.

Sure, it's subtle and most people will miss it, but it's like British Israelism -- once you're on to it, if you're ever going to follow the truth, you will be gone.

Or you can do like one person said: "I don't believe in all this science crap". People like that have no basis of belief, just their worthless factless opinions.

Anonymous said...

Going with Dennis here...

Beavis and Butthead?
Getty and Crowbar?
Mutt and Jeff?

Corky said...

Jesus himself set a date that failed. He said he didn't know the day nor the hour but that "this generation" would not pass away until all things written was fulfilled etc.

At long last, in the Apocalypse of John, Jesus has the "revelation" (1:1) from God that the time was "at hand" (1:3). What a relief that was, huh?

Painful Truth said...

As the Painful Truth editor I too have a prophecy. I predict that Ron won't have a church when he returns home from prison and will, by the terms of his probation, be employed grilling happy burgers.