Monday, May 20, 2013

UCG Lays Out Its Plans For The Future

Vic Kubik has laid out some of the plans they want to implement to keep UCG relevant to the 21st century and to its members.

Now, my desire and plan is to build on what God built through Denny Luker and go forward with the mission to proclaim the coming Kingdom of God to the world and to care for those whom God has called. I will not be a caretaker president, but will immerse my life completely into this role. I will seek to understand God’s will and to effectively direct the affairs of the Church in this momentous time in the history of mankind.
That will remain to be seen.  Almost every COG leader ends up being a caretaker because of all the issues that happen.  Doctrinal upheavals, church splinters, personality issues, etc.  Kubik is  going to be applying more band-aids than anything else

Peace and Unity.  It is essential that we preserve the peace and unity currently within the Church and follow Christ’s lead in seizing the moment for developing the Church.

Things are not exactly unified in UCG. There are still issues of members thinking doctrine is being watered down.  Large swaths of members do not like the idea that their fellow members and ministers eat out on Saturdays. And, many are still reeling from the COGWA split they broke up families, destroyed friendships and disrupted the life of the church.

Relationships with other groups. I would like to keep an open door to those of like faith in the greater Church that God is working with. We welcome constructive and relevant discussion and interaction.

All except for COGWA.

If he really is sincere about that then sell COGWA the Texas property.  Will he reach out to Grace Communion, the people he stabbed in the back as he planned for months and months to separate from while still on their payroll?  Will he and the church reach out to the WCG members he disfellowshipped while still apart of the WCG who did not agree with the changes?

You can read the entire letter here: May 17 Letter From Victor Kubik


Anonymous said...

What's the official UCG policy on cattle rustling?

Anonymous said...

"What's the official UCG policy on cattle rustling?"

The official UCG policy is that any cattle rustling should never be spoken of again, since it tends to show the United Church of God's "Council of Elders" for what they are- a bunch of spiritually juvenile assholes.

Corky said...

All these CoG preachers have one thing in common...they all actually look like crooks - mafia dons to be exact.

Of course, they really don't, but to the robbed and abused, they do. Remember the pictures of the Armstrong gang sitting around that big conference table looking like a meeting of Frank Nitti's crew?

I don't know why I didn't notice that similarity at the time. All that was missing was the Cuban cigars because we know the whiskey and brandy was there... Ha! Preachers drinking 25 year old Scotch - that should have given us a clue.

Head Usher said...

I just hate it when I hear people say things like:
"...on what God built through Denny Luker..."
"...will seek to understand God’s will..."
"...follow Christ’s lead..."
Does he mean the same way god has been "building things" through Gerald Flurry and Dave Pack? Does he mean "seeking to understand god's will" the way Ron Weinland has been doing it? Or maybe he means "following christ's lead" the same way that Clyde Kilough was doing it? Whoops! Maybe he'd better be doing it "differently" than the way these guys have all been "doing" all these things. I am not sure how he's going to "do" these things "differently." I don't know how many different ways there are to "do" such things. I don't know how anyone can be certain if one has ever "done" any of those things before, if it was instead just an act of staggering imagination, or simply a calculating deceit.

I would think that one should be able to tell the difference between having "done" something and not having "done" it. Your boss can usually tell the difference, as can your wife. Besides, if you're going to tell thousands of people you're going to "do" something, I would think it would be a good idea to not only know the difference between having "done" it and not having "done" it, but also to have developed some competency at having "done" it in the past.

And now, please excuse me, I'm going to pull a stuffed teddy bear out of the closet and attempt to "understand it's will" and "follow it's lead." Which may or may not include ingesting some dots of LSD. You know, depending entirely on whether or not he wants for us to trip out together for a while. And when my wife gets home, I'm going to tell her about all the fantastic and totally unverifiable adventures we had together. Or at least, think we did. Sometimes it can be a little hard to tell what you've actually done, and what you've just imagined you did inside your mind when in fact you were just sitting on the couch stoned out of your mind. Come to think of it, this sounds like a typical day at work for a fundamentalist church "administrator." Except that after a day spent tripping out on LSD, most people are less likely to say, "Where did all the money go?" which is always what happens after a day spent "administrating."

Joe Moeller said...

Enough already about UCG and Cattle Rusting. LIFENETS was and is a completely different corporation from UCG. Lifenets was the provider of these cattle. I know for I was involved.

How is it that COGWA people thought they could just TAKE Lifenets property is beyond belief! Somebody was trying to move the cheese and it was COGWA. Even the civil authorities ended up backing Lifenets. It is a sad thing that the COGWA folks could not accept an audited vote of its elders, and when they didnt get their way, they figured they could wreck the place and take as many members or even cattle as they liked, all with fear tactics like "they are going to do away with the Sabbath" and other nonsensical claims.

NEXT UP-- There are not "Large Swaths" of UCG people who care about eating out on the Sabbath, as doins so, (eating out) was the policy back in the old WCG and continued on with the UCG and has always been its practice. I know MANY hundreds of people across the country in the UCG and it is simply a non-issue and not a hot button. The few who do not want to eat out, simply dont. Not a problem.

Im sure the UCG would sell the Denton property to COGWA if they could receive the price it would bare, which is in excess of $1.6 million. Cogwa has no credit, or asset base, and frankly could not afford it. UCG likely will not do a seller finance deal, and would want to cash out.

The tears over the COGWA split are dry, and there is virtually no discussion of it within the organization. It appears that both groups have accepted reality and are moving forward to new issues.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

Joe: I imagine you are dealing with a bitter COGWAite considering the number of times the person has whined about the cows.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I'm not COGWA. I'm not any COG. I just think it's hilarious that these self-styled keepers of the faith were embroiled in a cow controversy. At least there were no unclean animals involved.

Joe, if you want a "leave the UCG alone because, y'know, we're sincere and stuff" thread, you might be hanging around the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

"Enough already about UCG and Cattle Rusting."

The split was HUGE and is a valid topic.
Cult members are known for wanting there to be no discussion of topics that make their cult look bad.

"The tears over the COGWA split are dry, and there is virtually no discussion of it within the organization."

Of course not!
Cult members don't want discussion of topics that are uncomfortable.

It reminds me of those who say things like "Herbert Armstrong is dead- why are you so obsessed with Him?" and "Herbert WHO? We've forgotten about Him and are just following the truth![even though there's a big portrait of Him hanging at our church's HQ]"

Anonymous said...

What is this continual focus on care. "To care for those whom he has called" what does that mean? Care, they do not care about anyone, at least they just like to keep people busy at 'church' instead of being busy living his life. In his care, is that even biblical? Heard that an announcement was made recently about changes coming, although they would say ala Tkach that they are changing nothing.

Anonymous said...

it's been my experience that the only ones that care about eating out on the Sabbath are those that do it...they care about those of us that don't, because it makes them look bad. (deep down, they know it's wrong, but are so caught up in following the doctrines of men that they can't seem to pull away from it)

those that don't go out on Sabbath aren't concerned about what others do, as long as they don't try to pressure us to follow suit.

Assistant Deacon said...

...deep down, they know it's wrong...

You must be among those who prefer to wear two pairs of phylacteries.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong about eating a pork chop on any given Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asked "What is this continual focus on care?


If they cared, they would explain to the brethren that tithing is not required -- keep your money and use it to eat. And if you want to get together to "worship" this can be done voluntarily and with shared resources, as available. No need for a corporation to take your money and do nothing.

That would show care for the brethren. The truth.

Anonymous said...

You guys sound like a bunch of whiny women. If you have nothing positive to say, just stop talking. So sad that adult men would spend their time slamming ministers and others that won't slam back. Get a life.