Friday, September 6, 2013

David C Pack Says: We Have the NUMBERS, EMAILS, and LETTERS Even Though No One Joined Us, Are You Impressed??????

After stating three weeks ago that he was finished with his missives to the Church of God members in the various splinter groups, Dave is back making excuses as to why hisPROMISED and ASSURED prophecy WOULD be happening.

Those of us onthis blog and many others knew that Dave was goign to fail.  Every single Church of GOd evanglist and leader who has everuettered a propechy that tehy said would come true has been provento be liars, including David C. Pack.  WEveryoneknew that whenhis great reuniifcation did ntohappenhe would be backmaking excuses.

While enormously disappointed that NO ONE jumped ship to hsi group, Dave is very proud of the fact that they have the NUMBERS and letters from inquiringCOG members.  So...................
Not a single one of thes epoepel joine dup with Davey. So what ishte big deal with a bunch of "numbers, letters and emails.

Little impotent men always have to look at the numbers in order to make themselves look bigger than they are.  HWA was a short little man who had to over compensate for that by being mean and nasty.  Rod Meredith was always considered weak and small in stature, so he had to over-compensate his masculinity.  Dave Pack, while being tall and lanky and over-powering at times does not have the facilities to impress people and inspire.  He over-compensates for the rejection by being adamant and forceful in his demeanor. Scre the shit out of peopel and they will fer you, and that is what Davey does.
This is the first of about three more announcements to be posted about the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy. Thousands of brethren, literally, in the splinters have read some or all of the previous 25 announcements. (Over 27,000 of the “God’s People Back Together—Soon!” series have been downloaded) We have the numbers! It is clear that some brethren ARE “considering their ways.” We have many emails attesting to this. That is wonderful to see. The next announcements will explain additional expansive elements of the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy that none of us here had seen. They will open your eyes to things God has long intended to do with His end-time Church and Work that no one ever understood before, and you will see that His Word is PLAIN! These announcements will bring clarity to questions about “dates,” and how brethren should now view the “when” of the Haggai/Zechariah prophecy’s fulfillment.


Anonymous said...

This is similar to the time he talked about the millions of people he reached through his programs. That doesn't mean that they are really interested in what he has to say, or even actually tuning in for that matter.

Byker Bob said...

These numerous people probably do earnestly and sincerely want reunification. The reason they did not respond to Pack is that they don't want him heading it up. They realize that that would not improve the quality of their ACOG experience or their current live.

I would just LMAO uncontrollably if somehow thousands of people bought into Pack's Haggai marketing strategy but all began mysteriously flooding into another ACOG, not rcg!


Michael said...

To state the blithering obvious, this is just pathetic, absolutely pathetic, Pack.

People in RCG, look the cold hard truth in the face - this man is hopeless, get out of his group now, today.

Anonymous said...

Now that would be 27,000 people who know Dave is full of shit and vain imaginations

Douglas Becker said...

Yes, indeed, leaders of The Armstrong Mafia may die! Laughing!

You're killing us!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

well I can be counted among those that have read some of his announcements....

but just in case he hasn't noticed, I have not joined up with him, and will not join up with him....

yes DCP, a lot of us have read your announcements, which is why we are staying

the best way to expose a BS'er, is to let him talk.

Joe Moeller said...

I personally have been over to Packs site about a dozen times over the last month, have read his drivel, et al, and I HAD ZERO INTEREST IN JOINING HIS GROUP OR EVER WILL!

Going to Packs site is like watching a train wreck, a weird sort of prurient interest, or voyeurism. Pack is counting this as 'interest", when in reality, it is people like me, and those on this website, who are keeping an eye on him as lurkers, or curious spectators.

This failed prophecy thing marks the peak of Pack, and will haunt him forever. Every COG group has peaked at there prophetic inflection point, whether it was William Miller in 1844, WCG in 1972, Weinland back in 2008, and now Pack in 2013.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Sweetblood777 said...

Lies, all lies. If he were getting all these emails, etc., that he spoke of, then many of them would have joined his group.

Dave is a pathetic liar. The members should have come to this conclusion long ago, especially after he stated that God was working on this prophecy 3,000 years ago, and his ministers for the past year.

What? It takes God 3,000 years to do this, and only 1 year for the ministers?

Is his god such a wimp and idiot that he needs 3,000 years to do what lazy ass stupid humans can do in only 1 year?

Pour some hot tar on this guy and cover him with vulture feathers, then kick his ass out of town.

Head Usher said...

Oh, WOW! I'm impressed. Emails? Letters? Numbers? WTF is that?

Now all he needs is a little fulfillment, which is never going to happen.

Let's see, no COG leaders died, nobody "came back together," and Dave is no latter-day prophet/apostle/poobah.


Anonymous said...

it's obvious from the wording of this redaction, Mr. Pack was the author of the original Mr. Pack will bring 2 or 3 more announcements... of a couple days ago. It makes me think he did write and autobiography and put it in the form of an authorized one for credibility

Assistant Deacon said...

"These numerous people probably do earnestly and sincerely want reunification."

I honestly don't think so, BB, and it points to the problem that was bubbling beneath the surface throughout the WCG's checkered history.

There were always factions among the ministry, in local congregations, at the various campuses -- you name it.

There were always pastor general wannabes lurking in the organization -- as there were minister wannabes, prophet wannabes, and two witness wannabes.

When HWA died, the stage was set, and when JT Sr. gave them cause, ministers rushed to start their own churches, and people lined up to follow the one they thought was closest to their own definition of what was right.

The result was inevitable, really. There are hundreds of splinter groups because that's how people want it. It's what Armstrong theology produced, ultimately -- division, confusion, and a peculiar brand of self-righteousness and self-justification.

Anonymous said...

"We have the numbers!"--DCP

Yes, of course you do. We know you are all about the numbers.

All we get, though, is your deliberately deceitful statistics.

As the saying goes, there are plain old lies, and then there are damnable lies, but worst of all there are statistics.

Anonymous said...

David ben Ariel actually used to write to the Germans about beginning to fulfill their prophetic roles.

Somebody ought to furnish them with Pack's name, address, and the location of his complex.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I have 500,000 affidavits saying all will flock to me by next week! Ya believe me dont ya?

I can make up numbers too! Where is your proof, big-mouth?