Saturday, September 7, 2013

David C Pack: Your Refusal To Believe My 'god' Can Change Its Mind Is Proof of Your Sinfulness

David C. Pack is now shifting blame for his grossly public failure to the bad attitudes of COG members.  They criticize him now because they refuse to admit his god may have changed his mind.  Davey never made a mistakes, his god delayed the great reunification, so live with it!

Since his god has apparently changed its mind, the the people should be willing to shift their beliefs to a new time frame.  Its still going to happen, but just on a different date. 

Christians should always want God’s will in every matter. This includes matters of prophetic timing. If God intends to fulfill this prophecy in another timeframe, then Christians should want that timeframe, not their own. God’s will is to be done on Earth in every regard, and we are to be praying for this every day (Matt. 6:10). Think of the coming of God’s kingdom. While we all want to see it come tomorrow—TODAY would be better—we should want God’s timing more than our own. Seeking God’s will in everything is always the Christian path. This includes prophecy.

So then, how long will you wait for prophecy? The answer should be until God’s will is done. I realize that disbelieving accusers are never going to wait for what they do not believe. Having never believed the prophecy as it was revealed in the first place, they are certainly not going to start now. But the prophecy is true—right!—and it will occur whether or not you wait for God.


Byker Bob said...

Wouldn't it be nice to hear what God actually has to say about this, directly? I don't believe God speaks to us using a game of "Gossip" and then holds us all accountable for what filters through Dave's monumental ego. He surely didn't do a Korah, Dathan, and Abiram on Kubik, Flurry and Meredith.


DennisCDiehl said...

Dave is a "problem, Reaction Solution" kinda guy. He causes the problem, provokes the reaction and then provides the solution.

All in one easy lesson.

Anonymous said...

I thought Dave provided multiple proofs that his prophesy was happening on a certain date. He claimed God revealed to him, and the scriptures were plain that he was correct, and that he was the messenger of God to announce to us the prophesy.

He better be able to provide scripture where God prophesied that the timing would be changed at the last minute and link it conclusively to his failed prophesy. If he cannot, then he is just another exposed fraudulent liar.... Wait... he has always been that!

Nemesis of Pack

Byker Bob said...

August 31, 2013. The day on which David Pack received a vote of no confidence from Father God!


Retired Prof said...

Pack reminds his readers: "God’s will is to be done on Earth in every regard, and we are to be praying for this every day (Matt. 6:10)."

You know, this principle actually makes it unnecessary to pray every day. One short prayer can settle things once and for all, rendering further communication superfluous.

The way I phrased it was. "Go ahead. Do whatever you want to, God. You're going to anyway, no matter what I say."

After that God and I could go our own separate ways without troubling each other in the slightest.