Monday, September 30, 2013

Eric King Has Discovered The Real Name of Jesus So You Can Pronounce It Properly And Be Saved

Some in Armstrongism have flocked to the Sacred Names groups around the country since the Worldwide Church of God started imploding in the 1970's.  Some have found great benefit in their spiritual lives from it and others have been scarred horribly by abusive leaders.

Eric King has now jumped don that band wagon.  King, like most of the other Sacred Name leaders, claims that he and he alone has the truth now.

The god these end time leaders of Armstrongism follows must be one of the most incompetent gods to ever be imagined.  King's god was so weak and incompetent that it had to wait till the early part of the 21st century to reveal the "true: name of Jesus.  Since King declares that only those that called out the true name can be saved, what happens to the rest of humanity for the last 200,000 years?

  I have stated the fact that in the Tetragrammaton, “the four letters” [YhWh] there is a missing letter. We have also come to the Biblical conclusion that Jesus Christ is the God [a member of the God Family] of the Old Testament. So would it make sense that the same God of the New Testament [Jesus] would have the same name in the Old Testament? Indeed it would. There is a letter in the Hebrew known as “shin”. This letter looks kind of like an English “W”.
The name “shin” is also the Hebrew word for “tooth” or “sharp point”. Like a “lions tooth” or a “double edged sword”. It is the beginning of The Almighty (Shaddai). It has been called “The Perpetual Intelligence”. The letter shin is toped off with three “yods”, which represent fire. When this letter, which has the sound of the English “s” is placed between the Yh and the Wh of the four letter [Tetragrammaton ~ the name Yahweh] we have the name pronounced as Yeshua or Jesus.  
Granted, this is not the common spelling of the Hebrew name Yeshua….it is the sacred spelling of the name Jesus ~ Yeshua. Now this knowledge is not known properly by any other group other than the true Worldwide Church of God [COGSR]. You haven’t heard any so called “denomination” teach this special knowledge nor have any of the Theological Seminaries (cemeteries) taught this knowledge. This is very important because it puts Jesus Christ as the focus! The “Watchtower & Tract Society” crumbles to the ground because of this Truth. Those who try and pronounce the Holy Name with all their false understandings are now put to shame and must stand before the most Holy Name there is or ever shall be! That name is JESUS CHRIST!


Corky said...

So, the true name of Jesus is Jesus, right? Hmmmm, I thought everybody knew that.

Head Usher said...

Oh, yeah, so, you think you're the only the guy in the world teaching the sacred names pet doctrine? Get in line. The bad thing is that the doctrine makes no sense at all in terms of ancient cultures. Just more gnostic mysticism. Got any other esoteric doctrines?

Even if it this doctrine did make sense, the other problem is, no two guys teaching that there's an esoteric name of god that only the "initated" have, can agree on what that name is and exactly how it's supposed to be pronounced to grant you special divine access/priviledges/blahblahblah... What should we believe the esoteric name that you've latched onto, and not somebody else's?

Anonymous said...

In Germany there are hundreds of political prisoners--people who question the number who died in the "holocaust". COGs just kick people like that out and into the lake of fire.

Britain W. Stevenson said...

"By the way...Has anyone discovered the real name of Elijah the Prophet?"...
Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: Malachi 4:5
..."Just curious!"

J. Patrick said...

It spells Yehoshua, not yeshua. Guy is a hebraically impaired.
They want magic formulas it seems.

Byker Bob said...

More elitist mumbo jumbo, and very typical of Armstrongist "gnosticism". These guys act as if God doesn't really want His children in the Kingdom, and would place a veritable gauntlet in their paths.

God has more important things in mind for His children. I should think He would be orchestrating situations and simulations to develop them, as is the purpose served by the fictional holodeck on Star Trek. And arranging interactions and contacts, sometimes fleeting but highly influential. But creating uncertainty as to His names, so that when they call upon Him from the heart there would be confusion? That presents a whole new layer of spiritual dumbness. Way to go, Eric! More God-aversion therapy.


Anonymous said...

"Now this knowledge is not known properly by any other group other than the true Worldwide Church of God [COGSR]. You haven’t heard any so called “denomination” teach this special knowledge nor have any of the Theological Seminaries (cemeteries) taught this knowledge."

He may not be the most abusive, I think that trophy, hands down, goes to Pack. Of all the P.T.Barnum/HWA-wannabe wannabe-cult-leaders out there, E.W. has to get the "Least Interesting, Least Compelling, Least Authoritative" trophy. When he goes and publishes things that smack of so much desperation, things like the above quote, does he leave any room for doubt? His pleas for relevancy are so bald, so unvarnished, so transparent and tacky, well, to me at least.

Corky said...

Shades of Balaam. Yep, that was that magic man who was going to build 7 sacrificial alters to make 7 sacrifices at the same time as he called upon God's secret name and curse Israel. Of course, God was powerless to stop him from doing this so God tricked Balaam into blessing Israel instead.

Oh, and what a blessing that turned out to know, wandering around in the desert for 40 years until that whole generation died. Well, except for Joshua, the son of none (little pun there) nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

And, you know, hated by everybody else in the middle east, near east and south and north - what a great blessing that was. The land flowing with milk and honey turned out to be a land flowing with blood, especially the blood of the Jews stupid enough to stay there under the blessings of their mighty God. Even Jesus, their messiah, couldn't tolerate them and spoke to them in parables so that they wouldn't repent and let him heal them.

Anonymous said...

Am I going mad or has he written down a two tav s rather than two hei s